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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Infinite Void, May 22, 2001.

  1. Yep, that's right. After months of daily smoking, I finally got caught. My brother and I (ages 16 and 18 respectfully), as always, went to my car in the parking lot of our apartment to smoke a J. We were just chillin' listening to music and telling stories as always. Then I see this guy in the rearview mirror. He walks up to the car and quickly walks away. Then he starts pacing around in the middle of the parking lot. Finally, he comes up to the car and knocks on the window. When I saw his buzzcut and muscular build, I knew it was a cop.

    I roll down the window, and he tells us straight up "I'm a cop. You know you two are being arrested, right?" Needless to say, that scared the living shít out of us. He asked if we had any guns in the car. I told him "no." Then he asks if there was any other drugs in the car besides what's in the bowl (we were just finishing the roach in the bowl, too - almost done smoking). I told him "no." Then he made us get out of the car and put our hands on the hood. Then he kept questioning me about where I got the bud and how much I had left. I told him that all I had was what was in the bowl, and that was the truth.

    By this time, I experienced a major buzzkill. Even though we smoked a J of fire-ass mids, I was back to normal ... scared as shít. While we were standing there, the guy told us who he was. He was an off-duty cop (who wasn't in uniform) who happened to be walking by when we were smoking. How shítty is that? So anyway, he asked where we live. I told him. He asked if we live with our parents. I said "Yes, we live with our dad." Then he walked with us to our apartment and made us wake my dad up. It was about midnight at the time.

    My dad comes out, and I could tell he was furious. Rightfully so. Just three days before, my brother had been driving that same car and was stopped by a cop. Two of his friends were arrested for possession. He was let off. The next day, he promised my dad that he wouldn't smoke ever again. And now here he is talking to another cop regarding weed. The cop explained to my dad that he was going to let this one slide, even though the state of Florida just issued a "no tolerance" policy regarding drugs. So we didn't have to go to jail over it.

    So then, he made me go back to the lake behind our apartment and throw the weed in there. Then he took the bowl and wrote up a report for the apartment complex. (He said he didn't want to because my brother and I were so cooperative and didn't lie to him ... but he had to write a report.) The report is going to be given to the office at our apartment complex, and we may be evicted because of it.

    God, this pisses me off. I'm so glad we didn't get arrested, but still we're in so much shít now because of it. Needless to say, my dad is pissed beyond all hell and we may be getting evicted over a damn bowl. The War on Drugs is just plain ridiculous in this case. It's just a damn plant, people.
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  2. SaintGreen

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    I woulda been paranoid just seeing a dood pacing back and forth in the middle of the night. Should of just started up the car and took off. But that's just my opinion. Yeah you probably will get evicted, landlords do not like those dirty filthy drugs in there buildings. Although things could have been worst. Could of got put in jail. Look on the bright side. Your not in a cell with Bubba. Good Luck.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking about that, but he was standing directly behind my car. If I tried to back out, I would have hit him. Plus, he had already gotten my plates.
  4. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    If you get evicted because of this, raise hell!! I mean it, let everyone you can know how unfair the system is! Evicted from your home because you were OUTSIDE in a car smoking a joint?? It is wrong, and stories like the IMO make the government sound like a bunch of assholes! How dare you pollute the air with cannabis, just for that, we are taking away your home..

    No wonder people call cops pigs, because sometimes that is all they are, dirty, worthless pigs! Though it isn't the cops fault things are like this, i just don't understand why they couldn't let more minor incidents like this slide instead of putting a big buldge in a familys life.
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  5. RIP JMorrison

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    Damn that is the biggest BS I have ever heard.

    The cop said he didn't want to write a report but he had to?

    Yea right.

    That sucks, but I must say that it wasn't too smart of you to sit and smoke in your apartment complex parking lot. You should have road down the local highway or something. Atleast down a main road.
  6. mirage

    mirage Guest

    did u make the cop prove he was a cop, if someone did that and says they are a cop and cant prove it i would have bolted, sorry mr judge man that cop had no idea i was to know he was not a psycho killer
  7. Litch

    Litch Guest

    good one mirage :p

    just learn to be a bit more careful, man. go for a drive and smoke or park somewhere a bit more secluded

    ****ty luck tho :/
  8. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    That sucks...

    You should asked for some ID, like mirage said, but you were under presure and that makes you only think at the worst that could happen. Good luck, hope you dont get kicked out, tell us how it ends...
    see ya
  9. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Actually mirage brought up an excellent point! If you would have asked the cop for id, and he didn't have it on him, i would have just taken off, no doubt about it!
  10. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member

    that is a damn good idea.

    good thinking mirage. I would have never thought about that.

    Now I pray if I get busted by a off-duty cop and he doesn't have proof.

    But wouldn't he just chase him? He also has the liscenes plate #.
  11. Re: that is a damn good idea.

    Yeah, I was afraid of that. I was also not about to ask him for ID, because this guy was the biggest asshole cop I've ever met. Even though he let us off, he still treated me and my brother like shít. He also must have asked if I had weapons like 10 times. So, if I tried him by asking for ID, he probably would have seen it as disrespect and would have canned my ass. He had every right to. And that's not to mention what would happen if I jetted.

    P.S. The apartment complex hasn't said a thing yet. Hopefully they'll just send a letter in the mail to my dad.
  12. mirage

    mirage Guest

    its follows along the same idea as this if your on a dark road and a UN MARKED cop flashes you you have the right to pull over in A POPULATED LIGHTED AREA. its for safety.

    no judge well no judge who follows the law legitaly will give more punisment if they run cause the cop dint id themselves cause how was the smoker to know it was a legit cop, u know no id no proof of that person being a cop.
  13. Keen

    Keen Guest

    Example of someone who's parents like marijuana...

    "Ive never gotten caught before, but Im sure if I did that my parents wouldnt mind a whole lot. My mom thinks it should be legal, and Im sure my dad does too"

    Example of someone who's parents don't like pot...

    "I was getting ready to go to a party tonight, when my Mom rudely stomped into my room with an angry look on her face. She held in her hand a test tube with half a joint in it. "What's this?" She said. "

    Perhaps parents know more than we short-lived humans would like to think. It seems that potheads who's parents are adamently against weed are always caught, whereas those who's parents are lacidaisical regarding the great herb are not found out. Maybe the truth is parents catch nearly every adolescent if they smoke the cheeb, but only some parents bother to speak to their kids about it.

    My mom blames the breakup of her marraige to my dad on "the drugs" - and she CAUGHT me. I was putting my bong into the stash spot, and it's been hell ever since. I even had to see a psychiatrist.

    So in closing, don't get sloppy. Hide that sack, use that mint (or, my newest method of concealing bad breath - eat one of those shwagg seeds every few minutes after the smoke :eek:), don't get caught. We heads all think that since pot is great, others could be convinced of its worth as well. However, politics is fraught with emotion, and modern pot smoking, because of its criminal nature, is all about politics. Therefore, peoples views on marijuana are very emotional, and therefore hard to change with facts.

    Oh, and does anyone else feel slightly disjointed the day after a long smoke session? I certainly do, and my writting reflects my mental confusion.

  14. Keen

    Keen Guest


    After hitting the back button many times to get to this reply box, i forgot what i was going to write. Instead, I am going to ask the moderator, why there is such a long pause between hitting the back button and seeing that initial page (usually the one with the threads listed)...i find myself having to open threads with the 'right click-open in new window-move back to initial window' method. I'm going to clear my mind in the shower,

  15. Panama

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    After you post a thread just click the forum link at the top of the page and your new topic will be on top.
  16. Yea.. .

    Yea, that's how it is with most people. They know but they never really want to bring it up with their kids. That's how my mom was, imagine how surprised I was when she wasn't surprised that I told her I smoked. Hmmm, wierd.
  17. OverDrive

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    Well, for me... Mom caught me back in February, and took away my car for 6 weeks. A few days ago, I came home 2 hours early and she was toking in the bathroom! :D

    So now I am permitted to smoke as long as I don't do it in the house, and the car must be parked at home.
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  18. Huge

    Huge Guest

    That's comical!
  19. Hold up. . .

    She's allowed to toke in the house but you're not? That seems un fair. But hey it's her house eh?
  20. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist


    when you opened the door
    did you say "what are you doing?"
    and she said "uhm..... nothing"
    you: "have you been somking pot?"
    mom: "noooo"

    looks like the roles got inverted heheheheheheheh
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