Cause for Vomitting?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Cthulu, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. Cthulu

    Cthulu Guest

    Does anybody know the reasons one would vomit after smoking?? It's only happened to me twice but it really sucks when it does happen. I'd appreciate any help anybody could give me.
  2. Never thrown up after a session, bu t I've drooled though. LOL :p.
  3. Panama

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  4. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I have seen it happen to people before. It usually occurs when people eat a lot and then smoke. If a hit is particularly harsh then it can make them cough enough to bring whatever they ate back up. The only other times I've seen it is when people mix a lot of alcohol and then smoke. Lord knows I've learned my lesson on that one more than once.
  5. bedhead

    bedhead New Member

    The only times I've felt the urge to vomit (I've always fought it off) is after smoking a blunt- especially if it had a rather thick skin. If you're not used to it, the tobacco can be very hard on your body... especially since the tobacco wrapped around a blunt isn't meant to be inhaled!
  6. krolley

    krolley Guest

    I'm sure it is different for everyone but I can say that in my experience, throwing up generally happens if your really full. I mean, really full. Either that or you just get generally sick, feel like crap and waste the high. It's happened to me before when I have a smoke in the morning, eat a lot (as you do) and then have another session.

    much peace
    -- krolley.
  7. Scribble

    Scribble New Member

    Sorry... I'm gonna have to disagree here with everyone. The reason you sometimes vomit from smoking herb, in my opinion, is because of dizziness.

    Through experience, I've eaten PLENTY while stoned and it hasn't caused me to vomit once. However, on another occassion, I smoked 6 bowls straight, and was totally wasted and then had a cigarette afterwards. I was fine up until the cigarette. I finished off the cigarette, and it gave me a slight head spin... nothing major. I lay down and within 2 minutes, I was sweating bad and feeling hot. Then I started vomitting for about an hour and I could hardly move a muscle. It is the WORST feeling in the world.

    So my advice is, if you're paranoid about vomitting from smoking herb, keep away from cigarettes, and avoid lying down on a bed and closing your eyes, because you will get that spinning room effect which will make you dizzy.
  8. For me, cigarettes ruin my high. I'm not a regular cigarette smoker, and my frend told me to take a drag and it totally changed the high for me.

  9. Cthulu

    Cthulu Guest


    Well, there is an incredible sensation of dizziness before, during, and after vomiting. I do smoke cigarettes, but I had one maybe an hour before. I had also been drinking-about 8 beers over the previous 3 hours, but I wasn't really drunk anymore.

    If it is from the cigarettes, what's the amount of time you should wait after smoking a cigarette to smoke pot?
  10. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest


    Vomiting is a reflex, many times. The body's way of trying to reject unwanted substances... food poisioning, bacteria, alcohol...

    Another reason could be that if it was a smoke-a-thon, maybe your brain was overloaded. Over the time on these boards, many people have shared stories of passsing out, vomiting, having long sweating periods, double vision, high pitched noises, etc...

    I agree also that amount and make-up of gastric substances could influence vomiting.. Example: 8 beers, 5 slices of pizza, 2 glasses of soda, and a bowl of good pot over a short period of time is enough to make anyone ill.

    Does cannabis alone give you stomach cramps, or abdominal discomfort?

    What are the chances you've got a "flu-bug" or allergy symptoms?

  11. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I think 8 beers might have been enough, depending on your tolerance. That might make me puke if I smoked, but I rarely drink. As far as smoking a cigarette, that has never made me dizzy or vomit with or without weed. I could see it happening the first cig I smoke a day, because thats the only one that gives me a buzz, if I was high. Unless you don't smoke cigs that often that probably wasn't it. I bet it was the beer.

    And one point of advice from experience. Do NOT drink 4 shots of 151 in 15 minutes and smoke a bowl. You will be very sick and might pass out with your head in the trash can.
  12. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    I had the worst trip of my life when i got pretty wasted and then took a few huge rips off some KB. I think they were so big because I was drunk and didn't even feel it. Anyways, all of a sudden BAM i was in another world, i thought i had been sitting there for hours (we were down by a river), and i asked if we were outside. Once I got off the initial out-of-my-mind, it was a good trip, but at first I was completely overwhelemed. It was also the first time I combined drinking and smoking though.
  13. obelix

    obelix New Member

    I have vomited 3 times after smoking weed. Only one could be attributed to the weed itself and it was because I literialy "coughed my guts up" (or at least the contents).
    The others were alcohol (wrong order) and tobacco (not a smoker of that:)).

  14. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    I have never vomitted after smoking weed, unless mixing drugs (which I dont do nomores). Doh.. there was something I was gonna say.. and I had a purpose with this post.. damn, i hate it when this happens.. i hope it comes back to me.
  15. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    I think this happens usually (to my friends anyways) when they toke off of a bong, doing large bowls.
    What happens is, part of the smoke goes into their stomach as well as their lungs (very small amounts of smoke). Anyways, doesnt sit to well and they vomit resin later in the night (if they've 'swallowed' enough)
  16. techno_trancer

    techno_trancer New Member

    Ive seen people vomit from weed, i think its in-experiance becuz the people that did it was like there 2nd time smoking major and getting f*ct, dizzyness too, cuz the guy that did it said he was really dizzy and he was pretty pale when we looked at him
  17. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest

    dizzy lizzy


    One of the effects of cannabis is the role it plays in the EARS. Ringing in ears (tinnitis) and auditory hallucinations, etc.. Also, there is a vomiting reflex held within the ears. The inner ear complex houses sensors for balance, vibrations, and yes vomiting.

    When this system is over stimulated, a result can be :puker: vomiting :puker:

  18. 0x000001A4

    0x000001A4 Guest

    I think some of it COULD be mental. I remember when I was at the peak of my anxiety problem, I'd smoke and for about the first 30-40 minutes I'd be incredibly nauseous just due to my overactive mind (thank god those days are over :)

    I'd be willing to say it was due to the alcohol. 3/4 of my friends have this sort of reversal thing with weed + alcohol.
    Weed = no nausea
    Alcohol in large amounts = nausea. You'd think that because weed is an antinauseant it'd be great to relieve the nausea during a drunken episode. However, in my experience it works in the opposite by only increasing the nausea to the point where you get nausea induced vomiting. Basically just the feeling of being nauseous makes you puke.

    Lots of loud ambient sound tends to upset me as well. By overexciting the mind, which in turn overexcites the nerves. Marijuana is (as you're probably aware) a muscle relaxer, so, the bowels and bladder sometimes tend to relax a little much after a toke, which can make anyone nauseous.

    I think alot of marijuana induced nausea can be related to overstimulation. Ive seen this so many times and experienced it myself on a regular basis. Its probably safe to say, though, that your puking was due to the beer :)

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