CBD Cannabinoids - All Medication, No High!

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Do You Have To Search For Marijuana High In CBD

  1. Yes - Hardly Any Dispensaries Carry It

  2. No - Local "D" Has It Covered

  1. ScrogBetty

    ScrogBetty Guest

    While it's true everybody within the 420 world seems to know a little something about some of the cannabinoids - mostly surrounding THC. There are a number of other cannabinoids, less well-known - that are equally deserving of the same attention, particularly on the medicinal side. In these additional cannabinoids we see active ingredients that unlike their black sheep cousin – THC. These cannabinoids do not have the psychoactive effects that should warrant any type of federal intervention, if anything it should be praised as a wonder plant.

    The CBD cannabinoid is one such compound. As a party cannabinoid one would be disappointed if your marijuana plant had nothing but active CBD ingredients in it. Conversely if one was looking to medicate after a hard day of work, filled with stress, the gentle relaxing effect, would be one of the positive outcomes of medicinal marijuana with a moderate percentage of CBD in it. However due to the fact that the CBD cannabinoid can only be found in the marijuana plant, we find it listed as a schedule one substance by the federal government.


    When a healthy marijuana plant is cultivated, it tends to produce an internal element which can convert; based on the type of marijuana strain, into either a plant high in CBD, THC, THCa, - or any of the other 80 active Cannabinoids. When one goes to the local collectives in the medical marijuana states they're likely to find shelves stocked primarily in marijuana strains that are high in a THC percentage, however they often lack any CBD value. If one looks around at the different marijuana collective menus, and the different strains offered, it then becomes much easier to locate a MMJ dispensary that will carry the extact strain that is needed for your ailment.

    CBD cannabinoids have been proven to have a myriad of medical uses, of all of the different cannabinoids that have been studied, CBD only second to THC, find themselves under the microscope as often...

    For those that don't believe Cannabinoids have any beneficial use as antioxidants as neuroprotectants -- Witness the You're own United States Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services The FED'S have a US Federal Patent on Cannabinoids ...
    Learn More
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  2. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Administrator Staff Member

    On the monterey peninsula of few of the delivery guy's carry a couple of strains high in CBD. The WAMM people up in Santa Cruz specialize in it.
  3. Hephzibah

    Hephzibah New Member

    :woohoo: Thank you, so much, for direct, informative posts! So helpful!
  4. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Administrator Staff Member

    I love finding government websites that post positive things about marijuanas cannabinoids.

    Here's more great info about CBD's incredible health benefits...

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  5. intangible child

    intangible child New Member

    They are very compassionate!

  6. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Guest

    CBD Cannabidiol: The side of marijuana the feds don't talk about..

    CBD reverses alcohol-induced brain damage.
    According to a recent University of Kentucky study, cannabidiol can prompt physiological brain changes that could help offset the damage caused by chronic alcoholism. The study found that administration of CBD resulted in a 48.8% reduction in entorhinal cortex neurodegeneration. Stoners have known forever that a few tokes provide incredible hangover relief, but this study takes the therapeutic potential of cannabanoids to a whole new level.

    CBD is a very effective treatment option for severe social anxiety.
    Many people claim to find relief from anxiety with marijuana while others say the opposite. It appears CBD content may be the deciding variable.
    A study aimed at determining CBD's impact on social anxiety in public speaking demonstrated that those pretreated with CBD experienced significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort during their speech performance. The placebo group experienced noticeably higher levels of anxiety and discomfort. The study's authors stress that CBD holds many advantages over standard social anxiety treatments such as anti-depressants due to its quick onset of efficiency and absence of severe withdrawal symptoms or side effects.

    CBD "turns off" the cancer gene found in metastasis.
    Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center found that CBD turns off a gene that causes cancer cells to metastasize, or spread. This finding adds credibility to the growing evidence that marijuana is one of the best things a cancer patient can consume, whether for symptom relief or actual prevention. It also makes UCLA's marijuana-doesn't-cause-lung-cancer study that much more interesting; is it possible the cannabanoids themselves offset the carcinogens found in smoke? Could marijuana truly be anti-cancer?

    CBD is a potent anti-psychotic medicine.
    A clinical trial in Germany found CBD to be as effective in treating schizophrenia as common antipsychotic medication with far fewer side effects. This further clarifies the yin-yang relationship of marijuana, since THC has been shown to trigger psychosis in high doses. CBD is what offsets the negative mental effects of THC alone, and thus, should be the focus of any marijuana user with a history of mental illness.

    Last but not least...it's LEGAL!

    That's right! If you're an American reading this right now, you can have a CBD-infused product sent to your home safely and legally. CBD is consumed in a variety of forms including oil, tinctures, edibles, capsules, lotion and even chewing gum. My personal favorite place to shop for CBD isBayshore Botanicals.
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  7. Lab Rat

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    Hi, I have a vascular mutation in my brainstem and I've been making my own RSO with influence from my dad who is a chemist. From the first video I see that the CBD decarboxylation temperature is 80*C (176*F) but what is the time?
  8. mpona

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    10649998_weed.jpg 10649998_weed.jpg 10649998_weed.jpg 10649998_weed.jpg
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  9. 4th Street Medical

    4th Street Medical New Member

    CBD produces many of the medical benefits of cannabis. It's also a great alternative for anybody who finds today's cannabis too strong.
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  10. Cannabis contains over 100 currently identified cannabinoids working synergistically for our benefit, with THC and CBD headlining the dope show. As new recreational pot smokers hop on board the marijuana party train, searching for that perfect strain, it's important to understand that strains high in CBD can help counteract the overwhelming effects of today's potent THC-rich strains.
  11. supermike

    supermike New Member

    I'm all in for CBD. This is a way to medicate I'm looking for. Got some severe insomnia and CBD makes it much, much better.
  12. CautiousSean

    CautiousSean New Member

    I am one of those people who do not like an increased heart rate. Do you think I would experience that in a CBD 20:1 THC tincture?
  13. smellyhead

    smellyhead Member

    CBD has been bred out of some of the 30% thc strains they tested here purchased in cafe/ store settings openly on the streets. My homework tells me that isnt something good, even for the recreational user. True what Bruce touched on, One active effect of CBD's is it counteracts the heebie jeebies that can be brought on by THC, and the stronger it gets, the more people seem to be having panic episodes. I can see this happening more and more because its officially legal here next April, and all the corporations are getting locked and ready to flood the market with potent marijuana, potancy will be a maijor factor to many naturally, since CBD's dont get you high it gets easily over shadowed as far as most big businesses and the mass market goes.

    The true healers will want them
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  15. buzzmobile

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    The MDOERATOR is not here. Ban your own ass. Choose one:

  16. buzzmobile

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    Nice first post. See above.
  17. MamaBudz (original)

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    Hey Buzzmobile... I have to concur...

    In fact I can tell you unequivocally that the majority of "new strains" with groovy descriptions are ...bupkus. And I make that statement because I have been requested to put my name to a bunch of hookum oand hokeum from sites that want the MamaBudz stamp of approval and want me to pretty much make up descriptions and such on their websites. I told them to blow smoke.

    Those of us from back in the day...and you know I am from back in the day... know where the genetis really came from and the cowboys and growers who grew when things like SOG and ScrOG were being developed and we were still tying to keep the grows from being discovered by helicopters flying over to read heat signatures from the garages where we had the grow room tucked away.

    So...um... no marijuanadoctor...and by the way at this point I can come out from behnd the curtain and let you know, I am a doctor...of juris prudencia but they call me Doctora Abogada here in my new home of Ecuador where I live now and here the smoking is pretty cool.

    I should have an avatar back in a few more posts and you can see me again... til then...

    ... have a cookie ;)
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  19. Rollo345

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    Is there any legal bud that is just CBD? And can it be ordered and purchased in a state that hasn’t legalized medical or recreational? I want something for my pain without the high. Oils haven’t done it!
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