Chances of Passing Oral Drug Test and Receiving Worker's Comp

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    The other day, I smoked weed 2 hours before work, and I was given a drug test. It was the oral eze test, where the indicator is supposed to turn blue once your finished. I didn't know I would have to take a drug test for worker's comp, even though I was injured 3 weeks before hand. The indicator on the test never turned blue, yet very small part of the cotton had a light bluish tint to it. During the test when my HR manager wasn't watching I took the test out of my mouth and wiped it on my arm. I didn't really keep the test on the sides of my cheeks, most of the time I kept the test between my teeth, so there wouldn't be much saliva on it. And right before the test, I was chewing on mints so it would affect it. And during the test, I slipped a mint into my mouth wiped it over the swab and took it back out. I'm wondering what are my chances of even passing, if I smoke weed on average about 2-4 times a day. Oh yes and before I went to work after smoking, I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with water over and over, right when I found out I had to take a drug test.

    I'm waiting for my results, do you think I even have a chance of the test coming back inconclusive or passing. And even if I didn't pass would I still receive worker's comp. I was injured over 3 weeks before the drug test, so they can't prove I was even intoxicated at the time of the incident. I'm employed in the state of California. I would much rather have them give me worker's comp and fire me, cause my health is much more important. Even though I wouldn't find a job that gives me 13 an hour while I'm still a student.

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