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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by LoAnnaLove, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. LoAnnaLove

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    24 inch Water Pipe with Inside Out Section

    22" Glow In The Dark Metallic Water Pipe

    fouraces one is only $20.99 which im leaning towards more. :)

    im looking for a dirt cheap bong, with the best quality possible under 100 bucks. i want one thats 20 inches or more tall. i also want something that can sit on my desk and look pretty and girly. i dont like the completely clear ones and im rather picky.

    are these sites good, and will these bongs come to me quick looking the same as the pictures and not damaged or something? first time buying online. got any other site suggestions even though i have looked at most posted on this forum?

    thanks. and i have reviewed many threads on here around this, never found a strong enough answer to these sites.
  2. goodmilk06

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    Hey did you try a local head shop? sometimes they have a better selection there then they would online. M gf got a pink elephant bong no name at a random head shop. So ur best bet is look around at head shops and some on line.
  3. LoAnnaLove

    LoAnnaLove Active Member

    closest shop to me is about a 45 minute drive away. and i have already been there, prices are not wholesale, all bongs i considered were about 200 bucks. crossing the border would take a good 45 minutes too, and i dont want to come back with the bong and get taxed again at customes. next shop is probably torontoo, and i do not want to do that drive, exspecially with no air conditioning in my car. =[

    i have bought tons of shit off ebay, oh god its my bestfriend.
    but i really just need to know if these sites are legit.
  4. High

    High as a kite

    I wouldn't call them girly, I would call them artistic.
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  5. Le0n

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    They both look good, I personally cant decide.


    "im looking for a dirt cheap bong, with the best quality possible under 100 bucks"

    To bad you dont like clear the better quality bongs in that price range are clear, you could get a nice EHLE from EDIT for that money

    EHLE Glass Bong - Hollow Base / Extreme Height - Online Shop

    Like this one which is glass on glass and pretty cool as the base is also the chambler for the water and it's a quality piece. If you want girly I have once done buisness w/ NWGA Alahoy Vortex GonG, but it's youre bong you got to get one you are happy with
  7. LoAnnaLove

    LoAnnaLove Active Member

    I dont read this forum often. Ended up doing a drive to toronto with a few friends two weeks ago. 22 inch, sand blown rough style thats lime green. basic bowl and tube style. $55 pretty plain but i love the texture and colour.

    I love the bold bright coloured ones really, i classify it as more girly, artistic works too. But that Alahoy green, im really liking. Haha, i just got a nice check in, i think i will consider that one very much in the next week. Not liking that EHLE at all, the style, and the fact that its more as a brand name thing.

    I personally wouldnt like Hollister across my check on a shirt, and same as i wouldnt want the style/brand name on my bong either.

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