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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Money Mike, May 6, 2003.

  1. Money Mike

    Money Mike New Member

    I am thinking of buy a cheap waterpipe for like 10-20$ and just wondering how good they should work?

    I can't see spening 300$ for a bong,But I also don't want to be stuck with something cheap that doesn't work.

    BTW any websites that sell cheap water pipes would be nice too.

    So far I only found this

    Like the prices,but not sure how reliable they are.
  2. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    you can get a ceramic bong (which I think is very close to smoking out of a glass bong) for around 15 or 20 us bucks .That's what I use.

    You can view a pic of my ceramic bong in the post your weed and pipe picks to thread it's on page 35 of that thread.
  3. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    I've got a $15 acryillic bong that works fine...
  4. Ross

    Ross Seasoned Activist

    I used to have an acrylic bong and it worked perfectly
  5. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member

    I'm not rich enough to buy a lotta glass... it's nice to have a buddy that blows glass and kicks me down some bargains.

    But if it wasn't for would DEFINITELY be acrylic. Some of the ones I've seen and had are REALLY cool!

    Just don't use a lotta alcohol or solvents to clean 'em, that's how I lost a REAL nice one! :bawl: Hot water and rice is your best bet!

    And if yer into DIY...WallyWorld has a multitude of potential pipe fodder in their housewares and kitchen departments! ;)

    pOOn :cool:
  6. Metal Militia

    Metal Militia New Member

    At a headshop by my place they used to have 1 foot tall glass bongs. Quite thin, but they work well.. price of 15 dollars.
  7. iced

    iced New Member

    some people claim that bongs fashioned from acrylic give the toke a plastic taste, but I've never noticed it and acrylic bongs are very easy on the wallet in comparison to glass, but you lose novelty points ;D
  8. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    I've never heard that in my life , PLASTIC TASTE common
  9. PuRpLeHaZe_24

    PuRpLeHaZe_24 New Member

    Cheap Pipes

    I am not sure where u r from but here a couple of canadian sites (well i know one is for sure) where u can order decent waterpipes and other stuff.:
    Hope they are useful to you

  10. iced

    iced New Member

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean
  11. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity New Member

    If its your first bong ,go with acrylic, youl lsee if you like bong rips or not. Don't waste yar money on a 200$ glass bong :p , even if they're really cool.

    You can get a nice acrylic bong thats like 1 foot tall for about 20$ in most headshops :)

    As for sites, i don't know any with real good bargains...

    Happy smokin!
  12. TimeStreamer

    TimeStreamer New Member [Mod note: Please, no direct links to commercial sites.] will be the best investment you will ever make.
  13. beats

    beats New Member

    I havn't gotten any acrylic bongs.

    I bought a cheap 20$ water pipe. Its a bottle and a hose :laugh:
  14. mexican dirt weed

    mexican dirt weed New Member

    i am personally an acrylic guy they are easy one the wallet and are just so fun i mean they look kind of like a toy.
  15. Money Mike

    Money Mike New Member

    Yes this will be my first time buying a water pipe(or any smoking hardware for that matter) so I really don't want to buy an expensive one.

    I'll be at my local headshop buying one either tonight or tommorow and then I am going to smoke until my face looks like this :eek:

    hehe,Thanks for tips guys.

    Drinking Beer and Smoking Weed :eek: :D
  16. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member

    What the hell makes Roor bongs worth so damn much?

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