chest pains?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ADR531, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. ADR531

    ADR531 New Member

    whenever i smoke some good bud or even a decent amount of schwagg in one sitting i get chest pains, where it tightens up and feels like i can't breathe even. i'm sure i'm over reacting to it and need to relax. but my heart sometimes races and was wondering if it is normal, or just a panic attack. is this something i should worry about or could die from a heart attack or should i just chill? thanx:wave:
  2. ChronicBrownie

    ChronicBrownie New Member

    I doubt it is anything to worry about. If you die from smokeing MJ, you would be the first. My abs tighten and release uncontrollably sometimes, but thats usually only if I just sit there for hours. A faster heart rate is common and expected. As a matter of fact, I read that MJ simulates/mimics heart exercise among teens and young adults.
  3. Da_JaCKaL

    Da_JaCKaL Guest

    well it's not really chest pains but does it feel like you can't take a complete breath? not sure if this makes any sense... if it does, then it will eventually go away....i had this trouble of breathing for about a week and a half...just don't smoke up for a bit
  4. ADR531

    ADR531 New Member

    yea like i can't take a full inhale. it's just that i sometimes get these pains and end up finished early. all my friends are toking up and after 4hits im done. it's crazy. maybe it's all in my mind and i should relax about it i dunno
  5. Mamabudz

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    Get a physical, sounds like you might have a bronchial problem, or something else that needs to get looked at. ALso it might be an anxiety response which, once a physical reason is ruled out, can be adjusted with either therapy or a low side effect pill (such as paxil) or a combination.

    Get a full physical though to make sure that you are 100% physically, okay? for Mama?


    Mama Budz
  6. chron1k

    chron1k Guest


    If MJ mimics heart exercise for teens and young adults. What does it do for Older adults and the elderly????

  7. chron1k

    chron1k Guest

    When you smoke pot your heart rate will slightly increase and your breathing will be more slower and thats is probally why you are having difficulty breathing, or are not used to breathing slower. YOu probally freaked out and that even increased your heart even more.

  8. LittleC

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    I've been having breathing problems lately with chest tightness and pain. I've had asthma for several years. my doctor recently put me on singulair b/c of the problem so you might want to check that out. My pain was due to my bronchial tubes tightening up and making it harder for me to breath.
  9. same here but for normal fag but i havent tried ganja yet i was thinking to try out during summer holiday :D

    i dunno if it safe to try it or it is better to stay out of this trouble...

  10. LittleC

    LittleC New Member

    If i've gotten my info correctly, I due believe marijuana is a bronchial dialator so that if anything it might help. My chest problems were due to the change in season (i have bad allergies) and also a great increase in excercise during that time so it was like a double whammy.
  11. AndieBear

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    I get that, just about anytime I try to run, hehe. It's from my cigarette smoking though. But I will get it, even if I'm not being active, if I am smoking a lot. By a lot, I mean constantly smoking something, either a cigarette or the bong. If I get the chance to party hardy, I usually overdo it with the smoking and can wake up feeling kinda sh*tty. Moderation is the key!!! Try taking a break for a while as well as seeing your doctor.

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