Chest/Stomach/Anxiety Problems when and after smoking

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    I'm from Holland. Male, 17 years old.

    Introduction. (Skip to get to the main point*).

    Started smoking tabacco 2 years ago and started smoking weed 15 months ago.
    From last year July till January I smoked everyday, all day. Had no school, no job. Basically I was sitting at home all the time.
    In the evening I would go out and chill (smoke..) with some friends. In the weekends I was always partying. Drinking, smokin..
    In November I was at my peek of my weed ''career..addiction'' w/e U wanna call it.
    Around December I cut down on weed. Was a big step down.. I also started to feel some negative effects when stoned; Some fear and thoughts about life.
    I had also found a dealer, around that time, who was living nearby me. But he had some crappy weed man.. No happiness from it. But I thought ''Hey, I do get stoned from this shit, so fuck it''.
    I was smoking good weed and bad weed..
    January 2012: Not happy about my life. Playing some games, smoking (bad) weed.. Rotting away.
    25 January 2012: Evening: Home alone. I wanted to get fucked up.. So I grapped a beer, rolled this huge joint. Smoked it fast, drank my beer fast. BAM! I was stoned as fuck!
    But it wasn't enough. So I grapped this.. weed pipe and lit it up. As fucked as I was.. I accidentaly inhaled too fast. The pipe had no filter in it. So, it felt like some weed was going directly into my lungs.
    It scared the shit out of me.. Told myself to not freak out and just relax. Then I was lying on bed. Looking at things.. tripping.
    But I was scared and felt distressed. After 2 hours my parents came home and the weed ware off.. Still pretty scared though.

    Next day, 1st joint after this bad experience: While smoking, I got these chest pains and kinda like a sore stomach.
    Chest: Sort of numb feeling, tightend chest, inflamation of chest walls.
    Stomach: Too much air in it. Feeling like.. you've eaten too much.
    In my head I was all chill, but my body wasn't.

    Ofcourse I tried and tried.. But these problems always came back when smoking weed.
    After 3-4 weeks of trying, smoking wasn't worth it anymore.. :'(
    So I decided to stay clean for a month.. And Oh my god.. I fucking did it! ;) But kicking the addiction is a hell.. Stomach, guts.. Was all messed up. Also I was very restless and had personality issues for about 2,5 - 3 months.
    Panic attacks. Especially in the evening.. I have overcome my fears about 2 months ago. ;)
    Conclusion: some professional people gave me: I'm a kinda sensible person.

    *After that month clean. I picked up smoking weed again. But the problems were still there. They were less but still I had to learn to live with them. This is what I try/do/tell myself when I'm having these problems:
    - ''These pains are mostly mental''
    - ''You're not gonna die, and nothing bad is going to happen''
    - ''Just stay calm''
    - ''You are way too much aware of your body, just focus on the trip, not your body''
    And some more..

    I used to be drunk and stoned at the same time (during the weekends). Something I forgot over the last months. Cause then I'm having way more fun, for some reason..
    So.. I drink alchohol when I smoke weed. It makes me more relaxed. And then the problems with my stomache and chest are less..
    Been to a docter and a psychologist. And they both put my problems on anxiety, stress.

    At first I could believe it. But I didn't know where the anxiety was coming from. I was always excellent relaxed when smoking weed..
    But I've caught myself stressing out before taking a joint. My body does that..

    Seems to me that I'm in this kinda circle of anxiety. Like.. ''When I smoke weed, my body does that'' It has to do with my thinking progress. But I can't figure out how to calm myself down before smoking.
    Tried some breathing excersises (Worked relaxing on the mind, but not the body..) and, I'm gonna try some EFT.

    Thinking of visiting my doctor again next week. Maybe she could give me some.. pills or.. I don't know.. Something to relieve the anxiety a little more.

    I just want some opinions on what I should do. Or maybe someone really knows what my problem is?

    I'm sorry for this long thread. I would appreciate it very much if some people read a part (or the whole thing, haha)
    Hope to hear from anyone soon ;)
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    if the weed went down the wrong pipe you should have severely coughed it out naturally. your lungs could naturally corrode it. if it lasts a little bit longer you could try to ask a doctor using the name "tobacco". you should take an extended break from cigs and weed and try again. do it when there is absolutely no worrys or paranoia preferably when your alone.

    marijuana is natural. i highly doubt that it can cause permanent damage. your immune system may engulf the particles to protect the lungs i believe.
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    Thank you for your comments ;)
    2 weeks after the ''bad experience'', I went to the doctor and told her I was afraid something may have gotten into my lungs. She told me the lungs would heal and clean itself eventually. The less I smoke (tabacco, weed), the quicker the healing process.
    So you're absolutely right about that ;)

    Extended break from cigs and weed. This is probably one of the best ideas. Because like I've told.. After my 1 month clean, the pains were less. Or, well.. pain? Discomfort.
    Normally I'd smoke like 8 cigs a day. In my ''clean'' period I smoked like 3-4 a day.
    Also, the longer I was clean, the better I was feeling mentally and fysically.

    Thank you for the response and advice ;)
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    :D no problem good stuff

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