Chicago Peace Fest?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by PolishPablo, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. PolishPablo

    PolishPablo New Member

    Did anyone go? I decided to go last min because I'm 15 and I had to ask parents. So i got to go (they dont know what it is)

    The first 5 min we are there we get some sticky bud. We got Lollipops made of thc. They worked very well. We got some more bud. And the thousands of people there were smoking dank ass kush and the cops couldn't do anything! Everyone had pipes and they had stands selling bongs and pipes. i had a lot of fun.

    The best part i had? I got to smoke with people supporting norml and had a stand asking people for donations and sign ups. he smoked and it was awesome.

    Did anyone else go? What happened?
  2. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    If I was there, I woulda gone. And I'd love to be in Chicago right now. Gonna try and go to college there. Applying this year and all...

    Sounds like an awesome thing. I have a hard time believing NORML would light up with kids, despite being pretty cool dudes who promote pot, just because it's bad PR when it comes to non-tokers who'd be appalled at that. But who cares, I believe you man, not questioning that at all, I'm not even surprised.
  3. Parker1023

    Parker1023 New Member

    This sounds fucking amazing. I would do more than I would for a klondike bar to go to this festival.
  4. PolishPablo

    PolishPablo New Member

    First off, NORML people are like you and me, they are volunteers so we asked if he wanted to light up, he said sure. I'm 15 and he told me (i asked) he started when he was around 13. it was fun.

    Like I was surprised so many people smoking pot, selling bongs pipes, pieces and all that. There were a few people even selling pot lollipops! They worked pretty good too!

    All this illegal stuff, and the cops just watched. They just stood around the park and didn't even go inside haha. From all the smoking there was a huge cloud of pot smokein like the open are going into the city along lakeshore dr haha.

    What a night
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  5. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    That sounds awesome. I like how NORML's main rule is responsible use of cannabis for adults and he tokes up with a minor :)
  6. PolishPablo

    PolishPablo New Member

    Remember, like I said, its normal people like you and me. I'm sure 90% of everyone here would smoke up with a minor for some free part is? Cops dont care! (I heard they were worried about little kids, but they all left and the cops just stood on outside)

    Haha so if you wouldn't take a couple free hits if a minor asked you...You are that 10%

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