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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ChocolateTY, May 7, 2008.

  1. ChocolateTY

    ChocolateTY New Member

    alright so one of my dealers/cousin has this new bud called chocolateTY.

    I never heard of it before and it smelled delicious so I was like hell yeah and he gave me an eigth for 10. he also said that it is somehow grown to be like chocolate.

    It smells exctly like hersheys. Chocolate and tastes the same as chocolate and one bowl pack of my zong got me messed up pretty bad .

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this bud is awesome.
  2. steakii

    steakii New Member

    Chocolate TY is anything but new. I have never smoked it, but it has been around for a while. I remember hearing this in a Dr. Dre song from the Chronic, and that came out in in 1991 i believe.

    $10/8th sounds pretty shady though. Its probably worth 6x that amount.
  3. ChocolateTY

    ChocolateTY New Member

    Yeah I figured it wasn't new but it was new to me
  4. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    10/ 1/8th? Sounds like you got some mids with chocolate flavour dripped on it.
  5. ChocolateTY

    ChocolateTY New Member

    Na hes my cousin he always hooks me up with stuff like this and I hook him up when I get stuff.
  6. Darkflan

    Darkflan Sr. Member

    I've had some Chocolate Ty before. Was really good and cost a bit more than usual. But it smelt just like a Hershey bar. Made a perfect valentines day gift for my girlfriend at the time.
  7. Truffle1988

    Truffle1988 New Member

    Y'all must no be from Jersey? Cause in Jersey we got nothing but some middy shit. I wish I could get my hands on some of that choclate ty
  8. Darkflan

    Darkflan Sr. Member

    Nope. Im a little bit down the coast in Virginia. If you know the right people you can find anything though :p
  9. Truffle1988

    Truffle1988 New Member

    HAHAHA Well looks like I need to find these people
  10. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Sorry, but... 10 dollars an eighth? If this stuff is as crazy as your making it sound, then down here in TX it would go for 60-80 an eighth. Lucky

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