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  1. JaketheGranger

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    Does smoking Marijuana have any affect on my cholesterol levels? Will my LDL drop if I quit smoking it?
  2. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    I doubt it , :rolleyes:

    your cholesterol levels are mainly the result of your liver production , and the food you eat , possibly cholesterol may be effected a little by THC , but I don't think so . If you have elevated cholesterol and you have already tried to change it by your diet (and that wasnt enough) and the doctor wants to put you on a prescription drug , it is my advice to go on a cholesterol lowering drug . Most of the time there is little side effect and then you can smoke and eat pretty much what you want although a good diet is highly recommended , these drugs can get and keep you in a good level 200 or under so that you don't have to quit smoking weed or eating a hamburger from McDonalds
  3. teufelfisch

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    I doubt that there is any serious effect, because cannabis is pretty harmless in most other respects. If it negatively affected cholesterol, I'm sure we would have heard it from the prohibitionists by now.

    I've done a crude search on the topic, and the only article I can find states that cannabinoids reduce the body's ability to form cholesteryl esters. The authors speculated that "Evidently cannabinoids compartmentalize cholesterol and make it unavailable for regulating cellular cholesterol metabolism."

    Cornicelli J.A. et al (Arteriosclerosis 1 (6). 1981. 449-454.)

    I don't really understand what this means, cause I don't know much about cholesterol metabolism. I hope it helps you, though.
  4. nerphroll

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    I think the answer is yes, to a degree. Depends on your body. I searched Medline and cannot find any conclusive data one way or the other. Before I was smoking marijuana regularly, I was a regular tobacco smoker. My cholesterol was pretty high. Without changing my exercise or diet habits, but just by quitting tobacco and maintaining the same weight, my cholesterol dropped a LOT. Tobacco and marijuana when combusted release a lot of chemicals we don't know about, and I'm assuming that they share at least some in common. If your cholesterol is high you have several options including diet, exercise, or even medication, but if you're willing to give up toking to see what it does then do it. :mj:
  5. Tapeball45

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    I think Cannabis definitely lowers cholesterol

    I've done very little research on this topic....

    I actually found this thread through searching for info.

    Here is my experience that leads me to believe marijuana helps to lower cholesterol.

    For my whole life, well since I was six, I was diagnosed with Athlerosclerosis... it's the slow but steady clogging of your arteries. it's genetic. My grandfather had it, my dad has it, I have it, my children will probably have it..etc...

    I routinely go for blood tests, and my cholesterol count is always SKY high... like 270-285 range... Yes, I know that's bad... but anyway... even when I diet, and eat right and follow a nutritionists schedule, the number never varies.

    I havent had a blood test in just about a year now. In that same year I started smoking marijuana. About, once or twice a day. I just recently donated blood, to get out of jury duty... yes it works...

    I got a letter in the mail from the American Heart Association letting me know that they screened my blood and it seems that I have an elevated cholesterol that falls above the national average. It also states that this sampling was taken NOT after a fast, so the number may be a little higher than the actual number because of the food I had already eaten that morning.

    So, as I'm reading the letter I ask my mom what she thinks my number is, as determined by the American Heart Association. She says, "hmm, probably about 275, that's what it always is..." She was shocked to see a number of 234 staring her back at her...

    See now, 234 is still high yes, but it's the first time in my life that I fall just above the average, which I think is like 190 or something... I am no longer in the AT HIGH RISK category. And absolutely nothing in the past year has changed about my lifestyle...

    well, except for that one thing...
    I mean, I dont have full proof. But my proof is in the pudding..
    or budding for that matter. ;)

    but yea, if it is true though... we're looking at a break through..

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