Christians can't smoke pot?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by cloudburst, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. scofieldr3199

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    Anything you smoke will alter your body in same way... So everything you can smoke is a drug. Does that mean plastic should be illegal just because if you smoke it it hurts your body.
  2. demonic

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    Every time I take a toke of some good ol cannabis I feel as if I am having a spiritual experience and always end up feeling more connected with my belief. Considering where some of the first marijuana was ever used, and where religion formed, I see marijuana and religion going hand in hand.
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  3. Le0n

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    I drink gravy.
  4. superman420

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    With todays technology, you can process anything into anything.
    But the authors of Genesis had no concept of our technology so when they said "Eat it like meat"....they meant for you to shove it into your pie hole and chew it up.

    Hot or cold? Do you put it into a coffee cup as slurp it down like a Starbucks?
  5. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Fair enough - but did the ancients have any use for these things at all? Perhaps boiled in a broth for medicines or something along those lines?

    Straight from the plastic container that KFC gives you....
  6. Cassius62

    Cassius62 New Member

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments Merkabah. I have been searching for some senseable discussion on the subject on line as I am a Christian too and have recently taken up the practice after thirty years. I quit after realizing it was not a good time to be doing so but I always had a good feeling in my conscience about using it responsibly but it was the over use that comes through immaturity that was sin. I did a lot of soul searching and fact finding that made me realize that this was a reasonable medicinal choice for my now chronic pain problems. Fortunately, my state allows me to use without the struggle of going outside of the law to do so. Of corse, it is a tough decision to make for those who do not have that luxury especially when I know, and I agree with you completely, that Cannibis is a God created useful substance that the deceiver as done his best work in demonizing such a wonderful, all purpose material. I am definitely about keeping my practice to myself. Only my spouse and my accountability partner know and support my decision to use. I have a respectable place and service in my church and in local education and I Would never want to offend my brother or nieghbor by causing them to stumble. As an interesting side note, I can honestly say my walk with God has never been stronger. I too have realized a kind of reset of my spiritual relationship with God that I would never had imagined or was even looking for. If a Christian chooses to use, we must have this peace and with a clear conscience.
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  7. Zuro155

    Zuro155 New Member

    Hey I am a christian and I smoke. Originally, I thought it was a drug, but then I decided that I was wrong and that it's just simply a plant that is genetically enhanced in order to get higher levels of the natural ability that it has.

    How I look at marijuana is this:
    1. It shouldn't be illegal in America simply because its going to grow here anyway.
    2. God created it and placed it on his earth among all the other things that he created, so I consider it more of like a gift from him I guess?

    If it was actually legal, the Christians would have a tough time adjusting, but then they would more than likely get to the point where cigarettes are in their eyes. It would just be a personal choice.

    Another thing: it has been said that the 'visions' that religious leaders and icons have had over the years have actually been caused by mind altering drugs (history channel, but who knows they could be lying) and the only thing that I could think of it being against Christianity is if you loved pot so much that you ended up worshiping it like a false god.

    In conclusion: I would not look at others that smoke pot as going against Christianity or look down on them in any way. It's a personal choice in my opinion and the plant should be cut a little slack. It's just doing what it's supposed to do (even if the original purpose was not to be smoked)
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  8. AnotherHighGuy

    AnotherHighGuy New Member


    The key is, "was wrong according to his interpretation"

    As long as what is best is augmented, instead of what seems to be a good idea because it seemed to be in harmony with place and time, no harm, no foul.
  9. AnotherHighGuy

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  10. Skidrowfan91

    Skidrowfan91 New Member

    I am an atheist and I smoke. You only live once and there is only proof of one life you get, so enjoy it while it lasts. There is no objective proof of god, and even if you think you have proof of god, it would give you deism at best. It is your life and your choices so do what you think is right.
  11. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    In the bible it said we can only put natural things into our body, So pot is not a sin.
  12. mrsmitch2

    mrsmitch2 New Member

    I struggle with the same thing guys! It really gets to me because I have bipolar disorder, and have grown tired of taking pharmaceuticals that have been known to shorten lives. Mj helps me waaay more than any ant depressant or anti anxiety drug ever has. I trst that the Lord knows this. I am taking it a day at a time in my walk of faith.
  13. FreddyC

    FreddyC Pot is a better drug than alcohol. Fact!

    I smoked when I was a Christian.....I smoke now that I'm not. I can't even begin to imagine a creator of the universe and the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of galaxies in it giving a single shit as to whether you and I smoke pot. Religion is a concept of man.

    mrsmitch.....I used to take anti-depressants and that sort of thing and all it did was make me feel bad physically, while making me half numb mentally. I quit that stuff and used pot. It's been since November that I've stopped pharmaceuticals and I feel really good. Not saying that is the answer for you or anyone else. But it's an option to explore and even talk to your doctor about.

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  14. mrsmitch2

    mrsmitch2 New Member

    Thanks Freddy!
  15. lonelyjimmyg

    lonelyjimmyg New Member

    Beer and wine are NOT natural substances. Both would not appear w/o mans' intervention. God allows them BUT ONLY IN moderation(see your definition of a drug) whereas the hemp plant is naturally occurring... If used in the the worship of any false god it is wrong. Plus it possesses medical uses which are very beneficial for some. :silly:
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  16. lonelyjimmyg

    lonelyjimmyg New Member

    Think of the possible uses of it during a time of war....::rocket::::camper:::whipped:
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  17. In the original scriptures you will see that Moses uses it, The Wise Men bring it to Jesus as a gift, and you will see Jesus uses it in his healings :) God said I give you a herb that can grow all over earth, and can be used for food, fishnet, relaxation, and medicine, whats that sound like to you?
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  18. mrsmitch2

    mrsmitch2 New Member

    Man, Shaman, that sounds so great!!!! Please tell me where it is in the scriptures! That way maybe I can stop feeling guilty about it! I notice they never discuss it at church. Why is that?
  19. Check these sites out the text in Bibles have been altered from the real teachings :)







    We have been lied to the government uses radiation on their tobacco crops and pesticides on our foods which helps cancer cells grow in our bodies GOD gave us this plant for healing its the only plant with cannabinoids and humans & animals have them as well :) Why would it be bad if we are born with it and why would Jesus use it to heal? Because its not bad nothing bad about the herb marijuana!
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  20. mrsmitch2

    mrsmitch2 New Member

    Once again, you have answered my question! I particularly like the one that is on number 3, in PDF format. It gives specific scriptures supporting this. Thank you!

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