Chronic nerve pain.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Pillowpantslol, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Pillowpantslol

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    I have an elderly family member that suffers from intense pain daily in the lower back and hip area. She's stoned out of her mind all day on Perkasets and Hydrocodones so she can have some relief and even then she's still in crying pain often, I'm concerned that these very strong pain meds are starting to take its tole. She's been smoking ciggarettes for 60 years so what harm could a little bit of smoke do here? Can anyone tell me from first hand experience if some MJ might be able to give me some relief
  2. jwall09

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    First you do relized what is really consider chronic nerve pain as most cases people really have neurological pain.
    Haveing problems with your nerves can be a real problem it can cause paralysis,spasms, and other stuff such as uncontrollable bladder fuction. Most doctor and patient mistake chronic nerve pain with neurological pain.

    Second cigarettes can cause back pain. I would suggest she would quit smokeing cigs if she wants here pain to be better.

    Third if she's takeing these kind of pills and it doesnt help the pain. Then I really dont see marijuana being any better. Since you didnt tell me the MG of the pills maybe I could sugest she get a higher MG prescription or even change different kind of meds to like morphine.

    Please mods dont infract me if I broke any rules. Just trying to help.:)
  3. jmhereiam

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    Actually MJ could help with her pain quite a bit if she takes it with the pain pills. She's going to be a lot more stoned... but it will help. I currently am taking oxycontin daily for pain, but I also use MJ for the added pain relief, plus I don't need to take as many of them to get more relief than just taking the oxycontin alone.
  4. jwall09

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    True true she could do both and help the pain. I just know weed alone isnt gonna help that much. But i could deffently weed and some pain pills working out just fine.

    I got rods and screws in my back and neck from bottom to top. I have not meet one doctor yet that will perscribe me to pain pills. Mostly I would guess be my of 18. But still I mean come on 1 neck surgury and 3 back surgury and still no pain pills. O well I will just illegally buy my pot and smoke it because we all know Alabama will be the last place to do anything with MMJ.:soapbox:
  5. Herbania

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    I was shot through the sciatic nerve/lumbar with a 12 guage, been suffering with chronic pain(freezing/burning/stabbing) and have a partially paralyzed leg with spasms. The doctor calls it complex pain. Weed is about the best thing I've found for the long term . With weed i get relief from spasms and I "space off" my pain from the way pot intoxicates me. Being able to space off the pain is a big deal, after years of non-stop 24/7 nerve pain pot brings me away from the edge of insanity. It doesn't seem to get all the physical damage pain though, but for me the physical damage pain depends on my blood pressure and position (sitting/standing/walking/laying down). I don't take any pain meds anymore, I just bite the bullet for that since it seems slight compared to that constant feeling like an electrified knife is dissecting my leg. At the very least, pot is a mood elevator and can help with that despair that kind of pain brings for a few hours. I think it might help with the crying. Just got to get her over the whole paranoid of the law thing so she can enjoy it.

    Hell, even if it doesn't work it wouldn't hurt, right?

    If she's been smoking 60 years the stress of quitting might put her over the edge, weed can help with quitting cigs big time if it comes to that though. You just need a LOT of weed though, basically replace cig with joint or better a vaporizer.
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  6. MetallicaFan495

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    Of course MJ would help with the pain. In fact, most medical marijuana users used to take prescription pills but either they didnt work or they got addicted to them. Most say marijuana instantly relieved their pain and allowed them to function normal. Marijuana would absolutely help with the pain.
  7. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    My grandma has the same kind of condition from a car wreck. Marijuana relieves her spasms and helps to control her pain and other symptoms. She gets it medically here in Ontario.
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  8. TC Connoisseur

    TC Connoisseur New Member

    personally i would say that adding MJ to her meds would be beneficial alone it is a much weaker pain killer then Hydrocodone and percs but when added it can help take her mind off of the pain much better

    if it works the same as it did with my adderal then adding MJ should intensify the effects of her other pain killers and the MJ itself, i remeber smoking MJ while i was on adderal and being completely stoned out of my mind much more then with just MJ
  9. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    The way I obtained my injuries wasn't the same as Herb's, but I know that pain quite well. It is constant, 24/7 hell most of the time. It never goes away and never lets go. It's with me when I'm asleep, it wakes me up when it gets too bad. Herb will give me enough relief to put me back to sleep in an hour. There are some strains I've smoked that are absolutely the best for back pain, especially the nerves in the lower back.............

    Herb is a very good pain reliever. I am proof. Sure, the pills are nice, but the most pain relief I receive is from herb.........;)

    That's pretty simple, isn't it.......:shrug:

    Some Where In Ded Land.....................:wave:
  10. dirtbomb

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    Pot works as an anti-inflammatory and a mild, but highly effective analgesic. That's one huge fact at the crux in the argument for medical Marijuana. It works better than virtually anything from the 'Pharma-verse'. Add to this, that it's not physically addictive and has no overdose risk. Thousands of years of use for just those reasons and what the op mentioned...I could rant on about the benefits of Cannabis, but risk simply preaching to the choir.
    One medicine that prevents my recurring Ganglion's from growing back, relieves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, removes the pain from my Arthritic knees and gives me back my flexibility?
    My own Doctors are amazed that with those and a laundry list of severe medical conditions that I'm still standing or even have a pulse.
    Pot and Prayer. My anti-death. :)
  11. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    In my experience with back pain, the edibles seem to do a better job of moderating the pain and it lasts longer than smoking.
  12. buzz

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    yepper you nailed it..:D In our compassion most people use marijuana for pain control :hail:More and more are going with the baking route verus smoking.. It's so much less hassel to medicate with a cupcake than smoke weed in a lot of places:headbang:

    In fact some people have reduce their regiment of painkillers since using marijuana. Better for your body:hail:
  13. tonkytoy

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  14. tonkytoy

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    I myself have been a chronic pain patient for close to 25 years now, being diagnosed with RSDS/CRPS. Unfortunately I reside in a state where medicinal marijuana is not yet legal, plus before being prescribed any narcotics for pain, I'm subject to drug/urine tests, plus signing a contract stating that if any trace of marijuana is found, I will be cut off being prescribed any narcotics at all. Although there are sometimes a 3 month period between Dr. appts., I've tried & tested using marijuana, along with the morphine, hydromorphone, klonopin, plus a few non-narcotic meds I'm prescribed & found I was able to nearly cut my narcotic use nearly in half & still being able to function & have my pain under control. I don't have the nerve to tell my Dr. or Dr.'s about this & will only use it for a week or two, inhaling 2 to 3 puffs, 3 or 4 times a day. But in my opinion, "yes," marijuana does help with nerve pain & cramping, when used along with the other prescribed pain meds, being able to cut the narcotic usage nearly in half.
  15. stoneygreenbud

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    I also take high doses of morphine for my back/leg pain. but I have found that making my own edibles I have also been able to cut my pain pill consumption in half, just by eating a few edibles every day. I still smoke for instant relief, but for long term relief6 to 8 hrs at a time, the edibles come in real handy. ~Stoney~

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