Cigarettes and weed.

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by RoldGold27, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. RoldGold27

    RoldGold27 New Member

    I am guessing that majority of the people in this forum smoke weed on a regular basis or have at one time. Do any of you also smoke cigarettes and if there is any connection between the two do you think that cigs brought you to smoke weed or weed brought you to smoke cigs. I and NOT saying weed is bad and leads to other things. I am just wondering if weed led you to smoke cigs or the oposite....or neither.

    I myself have smoked weed on a rugular basis since 8th grade and then i started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I smoked cigs on a regular basic up until now and i am in 11th grade,(16 days without one:D )I don't think weed brought me to smoke cigs i think its because i grew up with my mom smoking them....anyway do you think they are related?
  2. blingdog64

    blingdog64 New Member

    I smoked weed before I ever tried a cigarette. I've tried like 5 in my life and I don't see how anyone smokes them
  3. RoldGold27

    RoldGold27 New Member

    I love smoking cigarettes. There is just somthing about them.(besides teh nicotine,thats just a plus) The only reason i am trying to quit is because im an overweight kid who smokes weed and doesnt take care of himself. So until i get into better shape i cant start up again. I dunno why its just a personal thing i have to settle with myself. :laugh:
  4. Frojoe

    Frojoe New Member

    Most people I know that smoke weed smoke cigs, and I wish they didn't because they are nasty, and I used to be addicted to them so its hard to ba around a lot smokers without craving one. I think most started smoking cigs first like me.
  5. imported_Coconut

    imported_Coconut New Member

    i have never, and will never smoke a cigarette. not my thang.

    and i don't really see how one can lead to the other, they're quite the different substances. but, i suppose if you're smoking weed with a bunch of people who smoke cigarettes too, you may pick up the habit. but that's not through weed, it's more through influence and peer pressure or whatever.
  6. Logitech

    Logitech New Member

    i've tried cigs but they are just too nasty. theres no point to smoke somthin thats not going to get me high. plus, i'd like to look 30 when im 30 :p. marijuana keeps me away from cigs, no point in smoking cigs when i got the green herb to cigs are nasty.. and soon ill be able to vape it, so now i can get high and not hurt my lungs =)

    saftey first
  7. the piper

    the piper New Member

    Yeah same.. I would never even try a ciggarete.. and if you are smokin with alot of people..your bound to get offered one.. which happened to me like 20 times.. each time i rejected it.. which im proud of myself for doing. This is my little thing.. Im never gonan try a ciggarette cause i kget addicted easily.. nd would much ratheer just smoke weed.. and sometimes cigars.
  8. tekkenlaw

    tekkenlaw Sr. Member

    I smoke corn cob pipes, after smoking :mj:WEED:mj:, it makes me feel cool.
  9. bandito

    bandito New Member

    eating a huge meal or blazing then having a cigarette = life. :)

    i tried cigarettes before i tried weed, but it definitely picked up a lot more after. i usually smoke close to a pack a day unless im back at home, in which case less.
  10. thedarkknight

    thedarkknight New Member

    cigs aren't my thing.

    I view pot smoking and cigarette smoking as two different things that don't belong together. However alcohal and cigs are more of allong the same type of thing for me. Only time I smoke them, is when I'm drunk at a party.
  11. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    In the UK we often smoke rolling tobacco, so the two come hand in hand.

    Where in the USA the classic stoner material is visine and a bong or a blunt wrap, in the UK it's a tobacco pouch and skins. Shit, if you turn up to a party with tobacco and rizla you can guarantee you'll get blazed up by somebody mooching off you.

    Did one lead me to the other? Nah - not at all. Pretty much as soon as I realized various substances could get you fucked up I had my grubby fingers in every pie on the menu. :p
  12. chip2004uk

    chip2004uk New Member

    I started smoking cigs before weed. i wouldnt say it led me on to smoking weed but i would definatley say it made it easier to smoke weed. You know how it is, alot of people decide against smoking weed because of the smoking part of it.

    And Ferret, I completely agree with you, smoking a cig after a meal is goood:D
  13. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    I smoked cigarettes and cigars before I smoked weed, and my smoking cigarettes and such had no bearing on my decision to smoke weed, except maybe for already being comfortable with inhaling smoke. I started smoking cigarettes when we all decided to try them one day (cigars were earlier- I grew up in cigar-heavy household. Still didn't smoke cigars until I was 17, though), and I still smoke cigarettes because I am addicted to them and, yes, to a degree, still enjoy them other than their nicotine. I started smoking weed because several of my friends were established smokers, and I was curious what it was like, and I still smoke weed because it is awesome... one of the things that my being addicted to cigarettes has taught me about weed is how awesome it is when I don't have some and don't feel miserable because of it... I want it, but I don't feel a NEED for it, like I do for cigs.

    Nicotine addiction is harsh, but considering I planned on dying in a skydiving accident or something anyway...
  14. Breez

    Breez New Member

    I started smoking cigs a few years before any herb, I supouse that smoking eased my lungs in to getting use to taking masive hits but other than that
    cigs had no connection to herb for me

    but i did use to think that smoking a cig after a few bowls would increase the high but after the years ive thought about it. And i really feel that it dosn't but i still do have a smoke after i spark some bowls.

    but i hate smoking cigs i wish i could quit if i could take it back i would
  15. RoldGold27

    RoldGold27 New Member

    :rofl2: hahahahha im pretty high but i gota say that the wording in that sentence was great
  16. teog

    teog New Member

    i smoked weed before i tryed cigerettes and i was going to do both either way
  17. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    I started with weed. I was always hesitant about cigarettes because of their addictiveness and also because I didn't want to display a bad image of myself to my friends who didn't smoke.

    But eventually I tried them. I wouldn't really call myself a heavy smoker. I smoke about 2-4 cigs a day and I'm not even sure I'm addicted as I've gone days on end without one before and didn't have any withdrawl effects.

    I'm taking a break after I finish the pack I'm working on now just to see if I can comfortably. If I start getting bad effects I'll probably cut down and maybe quit eventually.
  18. zigzag420

    zigzag420 New Member

    ive smoked weed since about the 6th grade, smoked few cigarettes in my life, idk ive never really gotten into it or anything
  19. smokeymcchronic

    smokeymcchronic New Member

    I smoked weed before i tried a cigarette and when i tried the cigarette i was like "Wtf? Weeeeaaak *gives a thumbsdown*" I think pot strayed me away from tobacco, because it offers such a better reward for such less damage on my body.
  20. TheKnowledge

    TheKnowledge New Member

    So true. Cigarettes are a great ending to anything enjoyable.... hitting a bowl, eating a meal, paintballing (went the other day for the first time) sex...

    For those of you who dont enjoy cigarettes, consider yourselves lucky.

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