clay pipes?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by cpd92574, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    my friend has very limited access to paraphenalia, and so has resorted to making pipes at home.

    he knows not to smoke out of foil, and so hes started making pipes out of other stuff (like regualr clay, and that stuff that dries in the oven)

    im not sure how safe it is for him to be smoking out of some of these things... but he doesnt seem to want to heed my advice.

    so, is it safe to be smoking from clay? from oven-drying synthetic clay? he says it doesnt literally burn... but i dont see that a necessarily a sign of it being safe.

    anyone know anything about this?
  2. PhreshwaterPhunk

    PhreshwaterPhunk Mister Natural

    I think if you fire it it's safe... Find a kiln or something. ;)
  3. lyXw33d

    lyXw33d Banned

    yeah i'm pretty sure it safe....
  4. Furious George

    Furious George New Member

    most of the time when stuff is bad i found that you can really taste it so if it starts to taste funn or weird fumes come of it then its bad buti dunno what kinda bad stuff would be in clay
  5. questimon

    questimon New Member

    should be...i have a pipe made of soapstone(rock thats easy to sculpt) peoples been using em for years.
  6. mexican dirt weed

    mexican dirt weed New Member

    it's cool in my book just think of it as smoking through mud. it may not be the most apealling but it will definatley do the trick. i dont think there would be any complications with it the only thing i can think of would be pre dyed clay but even that prolly wont hurt yea.
  7. Geeno

    Geeno New Member

    Just make sure its not clay you found outside, probably full of ants!

    So if you go to smoke with him and you know your bud doesnt have seeds, just turn around slowly and RUN!
  8. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    youre thinkiing of the wrong kind of clay!

    what he is using is the kind of clay that chemically hardens when you put it in the oven to dry... not regular clay that artists use.

    sorry if i wasnt clear on that.

    this stuff is not natural, its a kids toy made by crayola i think... or rose art or something.

    im sure its non toxic when you EAT it... but i dont think they were counting on 6 year-olds SMOKING out of it:rolleyes:
  9. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    Oven-hardening clay melts under the heat of a lighter. It's all plastic and polymerific. I wouldnt' trust it.
  10. Oo_Jay_420_oO

    Oo_Jay_420_oO New Member

    I made a clay pipe in ceramics class...and until I get my glass pipe it does the trick. I put it in my oven under HI BROIL for about an hour and allow it to cool of inside the stove and do not open the door of the stove the clay will expode. But it works really good atleast until I get my ice glass piece
  11. smoke boxer

    smoke boxer New Member

    back in the day i tried this. the first one wasnt so good though. i cooked it too long, and soon it cracked.:(
    but the second one worked well for a prety long while. just make sure you dont over cook it, OR undercook it. i know it sounds difficult, but practice makes perfect. experiment with differnt shapes and width of the clay, until you have a perfect clay peice.
  12. justin1287

    justin1287 New Member

    You must use cone 6 clay or higher and glaze it.....this clay is heated to over 2000 degrees in a kiln. My brother and I make ceramic pipes through our company called Owl House Pottery. Clay pipes are awesome. If you want to check them out, go to Happy smoking!

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