Clean for 100 Days. Hair test. Really need some reassurance!

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by NoMoreTrees, May 24, 2011.

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    I just need someone else's opinion on this, please. It's for a VERY important job (internship) this summer.

    There was a period from January 30th to around February 17th when I would smoke every 2/3 days. I only purchased an 1/8th and ended up smoking HALF of it over that period. Never got extremely high. Just pretty hungry. I was using a vape pipe (genie) and only smoked a (small) bowl every session. Never more. Before this I was clean for probably 7-8 months. Today is very close to the 100th day of being clean.

    Anyways, my head hair is 3/4 inches. I have basically trimmed everywhere on my body to the point where it is unusable in a hair test (at least shorter than my head hair). Called the testing facility (employer is mailing me a kit) and they said they would take from multiple spots on my head for aesthetics. I would much rather prefer this over body hair (slow growth). Also, I have shaved my head twice to about 1/4 inch over this 100 day time period.


    I'm sorry if it's redundant in this forum, but it's REALLY important. I have read through a huge, huge number of threads in the forum on results. I just need an answer for my precise situation.

    I'm sorry to say that, once I am done with this hair test, I will never touch green again. Simply not worth the stress. More for you guys :)
    Thank you for the help
  2. Tet

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    Sounds like you should be fine with no treatment. My experience with many days clean (140+) and still failing was because I hadnt cut my hair at all.
  3. NoMoreTrees

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    Thanks, were you a pretty heavy smoker beforehand? I'm not even sure the amount I smoked would register. Plus I have shaved my head twice.
  4. NoMoreTrees

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    Just called in today to make sure everything was good to go with my employer. I passed! :hail: Such an insanely stressful time, though. It was a Psychemedics test (106 days clean), and the person doing my hair test thankfully said I had enough hair on my head (it was near an inch at the time). She cut from about 4 spots a little above my neck so it "wasn't noticeable" (B.S.). Anyways, I hope everyone realizes big opportunities can really be ruined by a test like this, and there is no way I am ever doing weed until its O.K. by my employer, or is fully legal in the US. More for you guys! Good luck

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