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  1. Ok, since some dumb twat broke my glass pipe(then refused to pay for it on the logic that it cut his hand when he broke it- yea, karma got the dude, he got busted by the assistant principle with a 1/2 ounce) I bought a metal pipe, because I needed a pipe that couldn't be broken, and couldn't afford a glass one anyways. Regardless of it's metalness, it hits pretty damn good for a metal piece.

    Anyways, How exactly do you clean one of these? I worry that I should know this by now, but I really don't.(didn't have my glass piece long enough to merit cleaning it)
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Back in my "metal" days, I'd use a knife, paperclip, etc to scrape the resin from the bowl for later use. Some people don't mind resin, others despise it....thats a matter of personal pererence that I wont derail this thread with. Then, depending on how well you want it cleaned, it can be soaked with alcohol like a glass piece until the remaining stuff starts to come off. I usually only scraped it on a regular basis, and gave it extreme cleanings once in a great while. IMO, cleaning a metal pipe isn't needed as frequently as a glass piece. For one, a metal piece will never taste as "clean" as a glass piece no matter how clean/dirty the metal pipe is. Taste is one of the main reasons people use glass instead of metal. If the taste isn't great to begin with, I personally don't see the point in cleaning metal pipes aside to perserving their usability....meaning mine would only get cleaned when the screen on inner pipe was clogged up with resin. This way, you can be assured of getting as much usable resin as possible from the pipe. When using the metal pipe, your main concern will be keeping the screen relatively clean. Tghe same screen can be reused for long periods of time, as long as care is taken not to poke holes through it. Cleaning a screen can be done simply by scraping it relatively clean, soaking in alcohol, or using a tweezers or something to hold it and "burning" it clean with a lighter. of course, this is something you wouldnt want to do if there is any risks involved, as burning a resin cacked screen creates just as much "stink" as smoking resin does.
  3. Well, I'd like it to be fairly clean to cut down on the smell it emits between sessions.

    A question: i don't have rubbing alcohol, could I just put the pipe in some Vodka and soak it?
  4. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    LOL....that might work, but rubbing alcohol is certainly much less expensive than even the cheapest, nastiest vodka you can buy. I personally wouldn't want to waste something that could more efficently be used "other ways". Run to your local store and pick up a $0.98 cent bottle of rubbing alcohol. Not only will it likely work better, but you won't be wasting vodka either.
  5. luvthc

    luvthc New Member

    i was told by a dealer that i could use gas to clean it & afterwards to just run water through it.. i'm a bit skeptical of this so can anyone approve ?
  6. scootertrash

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    i`m with troublemaker on this one,i dont think it needs to be all THAT clean,its kinda nice with a slite marijuana coating on the inside,but for serious cleaning pocket knife,large (new)toenail clippers<<<the lil file on those is the perfect size for the inside diameter but, i dont think you need all the alcohol and (fingernail polish remover)it will just make a big slimey mess i would just leave the resin in there and when it gets in the way scoop it out an save it for times of despair,but if you insist it has to be bran new looking or something then just use (carberator cleaner) <<careful if your smoking at the time
  7. sdragon1984

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    most metal pipes ive seen can be disassembled, in which case, try that and put all of the parts into some rubbing alcohol..............
  8. Chronic_420_Bud

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    take it completly apart and boil it on your stove and alot of resin will just float right out then scrape the rest out.
  9. Dazed.Confused

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    I just cleaned my stem and bowl from a 4 month old bong..... and i just guessed, and did a damn good job.

    First, boil some water.
    Then, when it is boiling, add some salt(not much)
    Next, you will see brown stuff, then add about a table spoon of baking powder
    repeat this whole thing again if it isn't that clean, but it will probably work the first time.

    hope it helps!
  10. Vicki

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    I have one metal piece. Looks like a cigarette lighter with a black rubber tip. I always just soak the metal pieces in alcohol, just covering them, and let it sit for a while. I don't soak the black rubber piece, I just tape an alcohol soaked q-tip and clean that.

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