Cleaning a Pipe with Bleach?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by 4/20, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. 4/20

    4/20 ARRRRRR!

    I'm not quite sure about this, so I thought I'd check first. Is it okay to clean a pipe with bleach? What about windex. The reason I'm asking is because I do not have any alcohol or peroxide. I don't have the money to pick either of the two up, and all I have at my disposal is glass cleaner and bleach.
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    How can you not afford a $0.59 bottle of rubbing alcohol? I've never heard of anyone using windex or bleach to clean a pipe, so I'd hold off on doing that.....just use hot water and salt if notyhing else
  3. IIDX

    IIDX New Member

    I wouldn't want anything that can kill you when drank to get near my pipes...I've done it in rubbing alcohol but reading enough online about how it evaporates very quickly assured me.

    Either way, I'd rather use hot water with salt or rice in it to try and losen that up than use anything that is toxic :S
  4. 4/20

    4/20 ARRRRRR!

    Alrighty, thanks for quick replies...I'll hold off on that. Wouldn't wanna do something stupid and get sick. Thanks again.
  5. Itzamna

    Itzamna New Member

    yea avoid bleach and windex.
  6. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    UGH... dont use bleach

    you need a fast evaporating solvent, or hot water

    Bleach is a highly basic solution that will leave a residue in your pipe. It is also extremely toxic, of course.

    I also suspect it would prove much less effective than a good solvent at dissolving the tars and oils in your pipe resin.

    Salt, or other minerals, can be added to water to aid in 'scraping' the resin from the pipe surfaces as well.

    But your really need a good fast evaporating hydrocarbon solvent.

    Basically, alcohols, ketones, etc... isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (everclear), acetone...

    EDIT: with cleaning solutions you will be left with residues containing many of the functional chemicals in the solutions. For Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) you would primarily be getting a mixture of chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and bleach together.

    for windex you'll get ammonia, etc...

    for the solvents you get nothing
  7. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    Bleach is prolly a bad idea. Bleach is poison. It doesn't take much to kill ya either. Bleach is so strong one drop of bleach will sterilize 5 gallons of water. I would screw around with bleach if I were you. Rubbing alcohol is available all over and is super cheap.
  8. IIDX

    IIDX New Member

    I also found when using rubbing alcohol a good couple hour soak gets almost everything loose in there...stems and pipes will ooze black sludge once you soak em in alcohol and then rinse them under water.

    It's pretty nasty seeing how much stuff gets built up in a small pipe over time.
  9. Itzamna

    Itzamna New Member

    its really nasty if you smoke it!
  10. teog

    teog New Member

    i use half a bottle of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of coarse salt for my 10cm bong and finish by rinsing it out with hot water it only takes a couple mins and leaves it 100% clean

    i soak small pieces and bowls in a dish of rubbing alcohol
  11. chunk

    chunk New Member

    rice? Have you ever made rice before?

    Hot water + Rice = sticky mess

    Puting rice in your pipe would cause even MORE trouble
  12. RollingStonedZS

    RollingStonedZS New Member

    I have actaully cleaned my pipe with bleach... well let it sit in a water/bleach solution for about a half hour. I rinsed it all out and shit so i wouldnt be smoking any of it, but it didnt do anything. Doesnt work at all, didnt loosen up anything or disolve anything, it really doesnt work.
  13. 4/20

    4/20 ARRRRRR!

    Ah okay, thank you for the thorough answer.
  14. IIDX

    IIDX New Member

    Haha you are totally right, I never even thought of that. I've read before that a certain type of rice is good for cleaning your stuff with, but maybe it's a type that doesn't absorb water so easily or something, and maybe in cold water it won't be as bad.
  15. CodiGanja

    CodiGanja New Member

    Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide are such bad ideas and you shouldn't use either of them.

    Rubbing alcohol is in most houses that have girls/women in them as they use it to remove nail polish. Use either rubbing alcohol and sea/rock salt OR hot water and sea/rock salt. The only other thing you should really use is 420 cleaner if you are feeling rich enough to buy it lol.
  16. Criard

    Criard New Member

    Bleach is essentially liquid chlorine (I actually bought mass amounts of cheap bleach as a substitute for the liquid chlorine my pool store was selling for twice as much for half the amount). If one didn't rinse out their piece with water well enough after cleaning with bleach, they'd have chlorine vapor left in it (which is known by man to be deadly, and that's about it).

    You'd be fine with hydrogen peroxide though. As it's just water with another oxygen atom it's quite safe to handle. After all, it is used as a disinfectant, a mouthwash, and is often used in the growing of your favorite flower. However I've heard it doesn't even work that well as a bowl cleaner, so you might as well use water.
  17. JsteRmX420

    JsteRmX420 New Member

    jus thought i would chime in to share how i clean my pieces.

    hot water, liquid hand soap, and que tips

    rinse it out several times, squirt some soap into the bowl and through the air hole there to clean the inside. squeeze the Q tip through all openings and force it around the bowl.... just scrub it all off. rinse it out well so that all the soap gets off.

    bleach sounds like a bad idea.

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