Cleaning a Wood Pipe

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by imported_Day Dreamer, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. First, the story that led up to me getting my first pipe: On Firday, me and a couple friends went to Hermosa beach, searching for headshops that would maybe sell to us minors... Walked into several shops, but pretty much the same things happened:

    Me: Uh, I like that glass pipe right there...
    Shop Owner: Do you have any I.D.?
    Me: No man, I don't.
    Shop owner, with a sympathetic look: Well, I can't sell anything to you without an id.

    That happened at 3 headshops. Then my friend gets the idea to ask some fishermen he knew who smoked. But... The rain starts, and with a vengence! When we get to the pier, there is only one lone fisherman, and not a person we reconize.

    Then, Saturday, we decide to go to this local flea market, called the "Roadium". But, of course! As we drive there, what should happen but yet another rain storm? So, no one was at the flea market.

    Annoyed, tired, we decided to chill at the local mall, and picked up some pretty decent chinese food at the food court.

    As we were walking throuhg the mall, my buddy said, look man, that cart venodr has pipes!

    I walked up to the vendor, bought the pipe, and then proceeded to smoke out my buddy and another guy that night. The pipe hits excellently, and is rather enjoyable to smoke out of. The weed stayed cherry throughout the whole session. It was rather enjoyable, actually, all huddled together out in the rain so the wind wouldn't put the weed out...

    Anyways, now the question: How to clean out a wooden pipe?

    I'll post pics of the pipe later today.
  2. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    Just throw it away and get a new one.
  3. Its alright for a first pipe but yeah you should def try and get a niice glass piece. Once you get glass that is all you'll ever use. Know anyone that has a fake id? I'm sure you'll figure something out.
  4. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    is that a pipe or a shoehorn?

    It looks like one of those cool wooden pipes that people..but its been cut in half, flattened and just generally screwed up. No offence, my first pipe wasn't anything special, it was one of those crappy metal ones and Im sure that hits alot better than anything metal.

    It seriously looks like a shoehorn though
  5. Damn, a little heavy on the criticism there... I have been looking for a good glass piece, but I've had absolutely no freaking lucky in getting one. So, unless one of you guys want to send me one... It appears that this will have to suffice.
    I've been trying, unsuccesfully, to obtain a decent pipe, but, because I am a so called "minor", most of my efforts have been in vain... noone who claims they can get me a pipe ever seems to come through on that promise....

    Damn, I'm just doing the best with what I have, guys.
  6. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    i had a wooden pipe for a while until the stem was snapped, i never cleaned it, to unclog it a paper clip will work fine.
  7. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    dude im 17 and i could pass for 14-15 if i had a high voice. all of the shops ask for id, i give them my id that says im 17 and they say ok. at least TRY to give ur ID dont say u dont have any. they'll just look at it and say ok. no ****, try it, it will work. this works at like every headshop, successfully for me at at least 4 times.
  8. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I've only had one wooden pipe, and it only got used for one week. I bought it to use in jamaica, as joints weren't working to well (the bud was so sticky/resiny that joints would clog halfway through). I just used q-tips with the tips broken off to clean the stem/unclog the pipe. I wish I could have brought that pipe back with me, as normally I am also a glass man, but I grew really attached to that pipe. Next time I get down there, I'm picking up similiar pipes for all of my friends, and of course, buying myself one that will remain unused until I get back!
  9. Dude! The only Id I got is my school id... don't even have a driver's license, man.
  10. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    go to the DMV and get an ID. doesnt need to be a license
  11. easier said than done. I live in a kind of remote area, and, as such, can go basically no where without an adult. I'm afraid that, unless someone on this site is willing to sell me one, I'm going to go for a while without a proper piece.
  12. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    ur wood piece isnt improper just not great =D dont feel bad
  13. Restricted

    Restricted New Member

    Damn thats a nice lookin wooden pipe :thumbsup:

    Sure its not as good as glass guys, but don't be too quick to underestimate a good wooden pipe!

    As for cleaning it, I bought this wooden pipe in Jamacia (like troublesmoker) and ive had this beast for about 3 years now and its a pain in the ass to clean! What i ended up doing was breaking off an old Radio antena, yeah seems wierd but its a little more sturdy than your standard paper clip.. Oh and on your pipe, if the part with the S on it comes off it would be perfect to clean it with.

    Another thing is they sell wooden pipe cleaning kits at headshops. Now I know this isn't useful for ya now but if you find in a couple years that you still enjoy your wooden pipe then go pick one of those up they are under $5.

    Happy Tokin :silly:
  14. NickciN

    NickciN New Member

    i buy a 4.99 corn cob pipe at the local tobacco store maybe 3-4 times a year because after a few months of smoking with the pipe, i can crack it open and get about a gram of resin from it, not bad for only 20$ a year

    i have a glass sherlock bowl as well
  15. Thanks man. I finally have a glass pipe coming to me, this guy is going to give ti to me on wenesday... but I won't forget about this little wood pipe, as it's rather pleasant to smoke.
  16. HarshCelluloid

    HarshCelluloid New Member

    Make sure you hang on to that little wood pipe even after you get your glass. You will thank yourself later on when you drop the glass pipe. Last summer, my mom caught me smoking and threw out the glass bowl that I was using. I had another bowl but was afraid she would search my room, so I threw out the other bowl, and now I'm kicking myself over that choice. Oh well, I guess its homemades and joints for me until I can locate a headshop. Maybe I'll pick up a little wooden pipe like yours at the local tobacco store.
  17. Dazed.Confused

    Dazed.Confused New Member

    Sweet pipe man, and that is good news that you are getting a glass one, just hope that it isn;t one that gets hot after 1 session, try to make sure it has thick glass.

  18. Almost Bliss

    Almost Bliss New Member

    Heh...yeah, that **** works. I work at the box office of a movie theatre and I have to card 15 and 16 year olds constantly. Every once in a while Ill get a card that says they're not 17 but I just give them a good wink and an OK.

    :) BLISS:)
  19. imported_jdude

    imported_jdude New Member

    I have wooden pipe and the like the spout where u smoke from comes off the bowl, and then u can once again seperate that in two pieces making it easy to clean

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