Cleaning the bowl for resin.

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Hemp_Baggy, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hemp_Baggy

    Hemp_Baggy New Member

    I really hope I'm on the correct area of this site, if not, my apologies :( .
    I was wondering, if you want to smoke resin, does using rubbing alcohol make it bad so you can't smoke it? I've only cleaned my pipes once and I boiled it in a regular pot.. for hours... The gunk wasn't coming off and I was hoping to be able to gather the resin and put in the in the bowl and smoke it. Well what could have been taken out of the pipe weas evaporated in the water..

    I was wondering.. what is the best method to clean your pipe while at the same time gathering the resin inside it to smoke. And also I was wondering, is smoking resin a good thing and will it get you high. I repect you people a great deal from the articles I have ran across and learned much from so I know I'm coming to a serious source with answers.

  2. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    This is the wrong forum for this question. You posted in the hemp section of the activism forum, the question should be addressed in methods of use.

    I have tried collecting resin in a number of ways, and every way I've tried is both ineffective and disgusting. I've tried using isopropanol, ethanol, cyclohexanol, diethyl ether, and petroleum ether.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Pipe residue is really disgusting. It's mostly tar from the incomplete combustion of vegetable matter, the same stuff that filters on cigarettes are supposed to remove.

    The best way to clean pipes is rubbing alcohol or rubbing alcohol + salt.
  4. Tweed Master

    Tweed Master New Member

    May I ask why the addition of salt is better and in what amounts should it be used. I'm guessing it just provides a texture to take it off better? Does the black stuff come off like butter if it is soaked?
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Yeah. The salt is an abrasive. And osmosis forces salt water into a soluble substance with a lower concentration of salt.

    Alcohol is a solvent for the tars that make up most of pipe residue.
  6. shortie420

    shortie420 New Member

    best way to clean for resin

    i heard the best way of getting resin out of a pipe is by using something to scrape it a paper clip or something like that. You are going to be able to scrape out the sticky resin, ball it up and put it in the bowl to smoke it. Resin is concentrated THC so you get higher faster and it is not as harsh as straight up herb. its not bad for you either. i thought that using rubbing alcohol was when you wanted to CLEAN your pipe, not to gather resin...

    Hope this helps!
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  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    It also helps to heat up your piece and then scrape off any residue, the microwave works pretty good at loosening up the tar.
    It's sticky because it's mainly tar.
    What you are smoking is not resin, which is found naturally on a lot of plants, including cannabis. You can call it pipe residue, residue, or anything else you want, but just be aware you are not actually smoking resin, or hash, or kif. Pipe residue consists of (1) ash, (2) plant particles, (3) tar, (4) aldehydes, (5) hydrocarbons, and (6) cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, which are at unknown levels. The overall voice says smoking residue is not the best thing for you, nor is it recommended; however, if you must smoke pipe residue, flatten it out (for maximum surface area) and soak it in some warm water.
    It is, and you want to clean the tar out of your pipe.
    I hope these help:

    Got Resin? Differences Between Pipe Residue & Resin

    Pipe Residue: Also Known as Tar or Pipe Resin
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Safety note: This procedure should not be used with any piece that has metal parts.
  9. Hemp_Baggy

    Hemp_Baggy New Member

    Wow, you guys really are a stunning help. I got impatient and went away and boiled it in a huge pan. My bong pipe (Friend gave it to me a year ago and it was filthy with residue. I'm assuming they smoked some good herb in there because the high was potent. But then I also heard form friends that resin gets them higher then the actual marijuana.)

    Overall, I know it's worse off to smoke when weighed against smoking marijuana but this would be my first time smoking resin and I wanted to do it just to see what it's like. No I'm not gonna use that excuse for crack or anything LOL, I'm happy with pot and one day plan to do Salvia, see how the tripping goes.. And perhaps shrooms someday. No LSD or E, I want to stay away from the man-made things as much as possible, embracing what the earth has to offer me. No.. not the deadly poision plants.. LOL I don't think I'll ever have to honor for Peyote, but it would be an experience I would not pass up. Tribal drums, tent, and all. *Chuckles.*

    Sorry for putting it up on the forums section, being a'bit high gets me lost easier and forcing myself to concentrate is unpleasent :(.

    I have a regular 4 in glass pipe and a 3 1/2 in bong ((Huge bowl)) pipe. Through trial and error I got the resin out out both bowl. I found out that boiling it, taking off a coat, boiling it again while taking off a coat from the other pipe, and then getting it back out for the other pipe to boil some more and get another layer of resin out was working best switching in between the two. Problem is.. it took me 2 hours of straight resin scrapping. But I got like.. 9 bowls of resin from it all :O. I used an unfolded paper clip and a Q-tip, ((I cut the cotton ends off of it)) to get out the big stuff and I had to keep getting more Q-tips so mostly, I used the paper clip. *Laughs*

    So first off.. I started smoking underestimating the resin and unbeknowest to myself that there was some good shit smoked in there, I started to go nuts. lol. Right away, I am a light weight, have been for 2 years straight of potheadedness. I get all giggly and bounce around, use lots of body language and tell jokes, say bizzare things, come up with new ideas, and just act goofy. I can not sit down and watch a movie or anything, I have to be either in a constant conversation or out and about touching and playing with things. Lol. So as irrelivant as that is for what I'm about to say now.. LOL

    I went to the bathroom while I was high on not even a full bowl of resin and next thing I know, it feels like this icey cold hand reached up and yanked me by my snatch. (No, I didn't take a dump, was just a #1 lol) And it feels like my entire body is suddenly, from the crown of the head down, being pulled out my vagina into the toilet. I freak out and jump instinctively off the toilet and stare at it. Not to mention I was hearing whispers and camoflauged voices with the atmospehere I was in. So all in all, it was fun and it did get me high.

    My only real complaint other then it was the nastiest thing I've done. (Gathering the wet shit-like.. sticky under the fingernails rock solid resin X.X) Was that the high felt hollow. And tired. It did feel like used energy and when I slept I slept for 12 hours X.X

    Welp, that's that. Time to fill out the profile now lol.

    ***And P.S.***

    How come when I go to change my avatar.. into something, anything, there's just the option -leave avatar blank-? :eek: *Smiles.*
  10. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Straight from the FAQ:

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  11. Tweed Master

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    Avatars's Forum Policy States the following:
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    Haha, No!!! Higher Logic, you beat me to it (avatar question). Anyhow...Has anyone ever read information regarding the concentration of thc in pipe residue? I see people saying that it gets them higher than a regular bowl of bud and that it is more concentrated but I doubt its actually been studied. Opinions?
  12. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    I meant cyclohexane, not cyclohexanol.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    A word of warning: it is against the Posting Guidelines of this site to discuss the use or effects of any drug other than marijuana. Please follow these guidelines in any further posts you might make.
  14. ntiaga

    ntiaga New Member

    I collect my resin...into the trash can! :p Lol.

    Seriously, it's disgusting and it won't even really get you that buzzed. Don't bother...

  15. Dimebag-Dave

    Dimebag-Dave New Member

    I disagree. If it is scraped ontop of a fresh bowl, it helps give it an additional 'pop' in my experience.
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Well you're wrong :p Tar is nasty, don't smoke it, dispose of it! Heh, it's like an after-school program.
  17. ntiaga

    ntiaga New Member

    Sticking your hand into a mouse trap will also give you a 'pop' but I wouldn't recommend doing it. :p Lol.

  18. ganjadude

    ganjadude New Member

    comeing from a daily smoker of over 8 years, glass blower, and headshop worker,

    boiling your glass = bad. it weakens the glass and overtime makes it more brittle, = prone to breakage. (also dont use blow torches to try to burn out the resin, same thing weakens the bowl and if you hold it too long you can melt the glass, it takes a while but its not imposible)

    using a paper clip or metal to scrape can and sooner or later will chip your glass.

    use real pipe cleaners for safty reasons (for the glass not you)

    use a degreaser of some sort, from home, nail polish remover works the best, soak it for an hour than take a few pipe cleaners to it.

    adding salt, or formula 420 cleaner = bad for glass. yes it will clean it faster, however it will tarnish the colors, especially if its color changing, (color changing is done by fuming, turning gold and silver into fumes and it bakes onto the glass.) using abrasives will ruin the art after many cleanings. stick to degreasers without grit

    if you must, use the resin from the bowl part, dont try with the inner part of it if you like your piece you dont want to ruin it to try to salvage resin... its not worth it

    i hope this helps you
  19. drain bamaged

    drain bamaged New Member

    ive only tried smokin 'resin' or bowl residue once, it popped out of my home-made bong last year when i was fixing it, i really didnt get high and it tasted pretty nasty :vomit: , oh well
  20. qqhyeah

    qqhyeah New Member

    Clean that bowl!

    Being a complete idiot when it comes to this sort of thing, I performed a Google search and came up with this site. I must say I was slightly amused at the threads about the difference between resin and tar. At any rate, I discovered a great way to get my glass bowl looking like new! First off, I need to tell you that you can stop reading now if you want to actually keep the sh** that's in the bowl. Whether you want to think it's resin, or if you think it's tar...either way...this cleans it out but it will obviously NOT be fit for consumption (I doubt it EVER is!) Car brake cleaner! You can pick up a can at just about any store in the automotive section. When you're done cleaning your bowl, you can use it to kill wasps! (or any other unwanted bug) Brake cleaner comes with a red straw so you can get down inside the bowl and the sprayer is designed to create a stream. Finish off with Q-tips and a pipe cleaner (the one you get next to the tobacco products, not the arts and crafts...although they're not THAT much different) So now my bowl looks brand new!

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