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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by yabyum, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. yabyum

    yabyum New Member

    i've been stressed about passng a drug test, so i wanted some advice.

    i bought a product called Clear Flush Liquid CLeanse.

    i've been a daily smoker for 15+ years (maybe 2 bowls a night).

    i quit completely 25 days ago.

    i'm 6 foot, lean, tall, high metabolism. healthy diet. 37 years old

    i anticipate being drug tested in the next 3-4 days (bringing me to 28-29 days of drug-free).

    anybody have experience with this product?

    i have seen varying opinions on how long THC stays in system, so many variables. some places say 14 days, others say 30, others say 45-90.

    also, if anyone has used to product and still received a postiive test i'd like to hear about it. i'm going to Quest Diag. this week for a test, and I MUST pass.....

    any advice is appreciated.

  2. Eustacian

    Eustacian New Member

    You may be clean already. Go to a drug store (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) and pick up a home test for around 15 bucks. Take the test with the first void of the day as that will be the most concentrated. If you pass that test, you should be golden.

    The detox drinks in general are a waste of money. It's all the water that you are instructed to drink along with it that does the magic. It's called dilution. Read the dilution sticky at the top of the urine testing forum for more info.
  3. yabyum

    yabyum New Member

    thanks for your response. :)
    i'm still waiting on that call to take the test, but it'll be any day now....
    i hope you're right about potentially being clean already.
    i actually decided yesterday to drink the Clear Flush Liquid cleanse stuff prior to test-date.... I figured at worst it would just make me pee a lot and flush my system out a little more.
    i'm glad i did this. the stuff tastes like ASS, and left me feeling bloated and nauseous. and my pee was bright orange/neon yellow for the remainder of the day. i'm out $40, but oh well.... rather do that in the comfort of my home on the weekend than just before leaving work to take a court-ordered test across town.

    i'll keep you posted post-test.

    though in the meantime: what's the deal with people taking aspirin and gatorade? i've been drinking lots of gatorade, but what's the aspirin do (besides thin blood?) ?.....
  4. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    The gatorade is mainly important during the dilution process. It help increase factors they look for to ensure the specific gravity levels are high enough to eliminate a diluted sample. The tums and creatine are other things used to cover up your dilution process. Although you are diluting, you want to cover any evidence of diluting. The aspirin goes back to "old school" days where the aspirin used to conflict with the EMIT (test strip) test and could help cover up a postive result. With technology, it's hard to say if the test have been "updated" to resolve that issue within the drug testing field, but in case it hasn't people used the aspirin as a added measure.

    To give yourself peace of mind you can either buy a home test and test yourself OR practice the dilution method as soon as you can. I STRONGLY suggest doing a practice run with dilution to see how you do at home beforehand.
  5. yabyum

    yabyum New Member

    fyi, tested yesterday. havent' yet received results. should tomorrow.

    testing did not go as i'd hoped.

    i went in 2 hours after being called for the random test. i had not been drinking a ton of liquid that morning. 3 cups coffee, maybe 10 oz gatorade, 2 aspirin, 10 oz water. had peed prior to going to test 2-3 times.

    my first sample, i fucked up..... i was so nervous i flushed the damn toilet, so they made me dump it and try again.

    sample 2 was 20 minutes later. they said it was 'diluted'. they offered to send to lab, but said it was too clear, despite me not even trying in recent days.

    i waited at lab for 40 minutes, pee'd again. same deal, "too diluted".

    i went back to work for 2 hours, didn't pee, didn't drink anything, ate a high-fiber/iron meal, and then returned to lab and gave a sample they would take.


    drug testing is miserable. i cant' wait for this to get over with.

    went in, gave a sample
  6. flyboy99

    flyboy99 New Member

    Clear Flush does NOT work

    Hey guys; just to let ya know so ya don't waste your money like I did. Clear Flush does NOT work. I was "Clean" for 16 days and followed the directions perfectly and I got that dreaded call today; sorry sir but your test results came back positive for Marijuana. I am 6-4" tall; 195 lbs; low body fat; work out all the time; good diet and drank a gallon of water every day for 2 weeks prior to the test; except for the day of the test; as recommended by "Clear Flush."
    Neadless to say...I am disappointed. I'm just gonna do what I need to do; stop smoking all together. These 'Quick" schemes do not work. I hate that feeling while you're in some office peeing into a cup...please please please come back negative!!!!
    I know that quitting smoking is not an option for some people; but for me...this whole thing has turned me off grass; good luck :)
  7. hotboy18

    hotboy18 New Member

    I agree that you may be clean already but take a practice test and drink plenty of water until your urine is clear to be on the safe side.


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