CNN Anderson Cooper Marijuana THC Levels with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by king cola, May 15, 2009.

  1. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  2. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Man the news is crazy for some weed these days!

    I bet more people are trying weed because of it, it is not outta sight any more!
  3. yoman3

    yoman3 Has boobs as an avatar

    what debate? There's not one good reason to keep weed illegal.
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  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    The expletives were flying from my mouth during the course of their discussion last night on the news.
    It was nothing less than pathetic, especially now, and coming from two individuals I would have expected had much more intelligence than what they displayed...:(
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  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    What a crock, seriously. It has become widely known that Americans are in favor of legalization/decriminalization, so what do they do? Let's shove the propaganda down our throats, and lie about potency to stir up fear. I mean really, do they even have a decent argument, backed up with facts, that they can show everyone why marijuana is so "evil." :rolleyes:

    What is really sad is that people actually believe this stuff. :(
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  6. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    Sanjay Gupta is a shill for the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA, his and every American doctor's union, arguably the most powerful union in the nation. Pot legalization means fewer people taking Oxy and other poisons for their pain, fewer people needing arthritis meds, fewer people with stomach problems, maybe even lower cancer rates, the list goes on. They know legalizing pot means they'll lose money. And money is all its about now, isn't it?

    Funny, the popular thing now in Cal is trying legalization at a 50% an ounce tax? is tobacco taxed even close to that?
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  7. McGruff

    McGruff New Member

    "may" "could" "should" "might"
    clearly a clouded issue.

  8. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    I couldn't get past laughing hysterically at Cooper's Hoosier pronunciation of "Mariwauner" to accurately track the debate.
    Need to locate the transcript on CNN, if there is one.
  9. SweeterHoney

    SweeterHoney New Member

    that's right, the pharmaceutical companies are actually going to be the biggest competition for legalization. The most widely abused drugs right now are Benzodiazepines, "sedative hypnotic psychoactive" drugs like Valium (#1 I believe) and Xanax. Why would they want to give up their big profits just so that we can legally use the safest sedative hypnotic psychoactive substance there is?:rolleyes:
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  10. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    You hit it squarely on the head :)
    Not to mention that Pot is the only sure-fire way to stop an addiction to these substances, without the severe withdrawal symptoms.
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  11. mrsuperstereo

    mrsuperstereo New Member

    honestly, i dont know why you guys are so up in arms about this. CNN is just doing what they do, which is to report facts. They never lied, and, frankly, I'm ecstatic about that. There was no BS about brain damage, etc.

    They were speaking off of scientific evidence, and everything they said has been supported with studies and isn't bad for the pro-weed cause at all.
  12. yoman3

    yoman3 Has boobs as an avatar

    That wasn't a debate, that was just an explanation. Also he seemed to have a relatively unbiased viewpoint on it (the Dr.)

    Also people who are shouting "where are the facts!"...didn't they do scientific studies to show that marijuana potency DID increase?

    I'm not saying "OMG THAT MEANS MJ IS BAD" I'm saying that ...'who cares.' really, it's time to prove that it DOESN'T MATTER that marijuana potency has increased.

    Three good points I saw were:
    1) Alcoholic beverages' varied alcoholic content. You don't see people pissing themselves over that. Just because something is stronger doesn't make it bad, ESPECIALLY in the case of marijuana. (Alcohol, yes)

    2) People are said to prefer the more mild brand of marijuana, just like people drink beer and whine at dinner instead of scotch.

    3) If marijuana were legalized, the experienced users could still buy the high quality stuff and just smoke less, and the less experienced will know not to buy that high potency stuff, because everything would be labeled n' stuff.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I thought the video was fairly unbiased. Facts were presented as facts and things that are in dispute were treated as such. It would have been great for them to get into what those disputes are about, but that wasn't the purpose of this broadcast.
  14. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    seems that way no matter who broadcast it. Wounder when CNN or some other station will actually debate it LOGICALLY and TRUEFULLY with nothing else but dedicated to marijuana? you can't debate something in 5-10 mins, no matter what side you take.

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