Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by LouReedNYC, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. LouReedNYC

    LouReedNYC New Member

    just wondering if anyone knows what a cola is.
  2. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    A cola (according to the latest issue of High Times---The Ultimate Pot Cultivators Guide) is when many buds grow together on a single branch.
  3. LouReedNYC

    LouReedNYC New Member

    ok thanks, that what i thought it was.
  4. t0ker

    t0ker New Member

    cola is the main cluster of bud on top of the plant.
  5. Hydrocronics

    Hydrocronics New Member

    Yes, toker is correct.

    If one tops a marijuana plant many times, it will have small clusters all over the plant.
    ...Whilst letting the plant grow one main, HUGE top bud, is known as a Cola.

    Anyhoo, later everyone.
  6. I_Love_Nugs

    I_Love_Nugs New Member

    Uhhhhh can I get a liter cola.
  7. AshZillA420

    AshZillA420 New Member

    At first I thought you were talking about cane...Ive never heard about the cluster of buds before tho.
  8. DailyTripper

    DailyTripper New Member

    and i thought u were talking about coca cola.. the drink..
  9. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    DT, you arent the only one
  10. bluepiz

    bluepiz New Member

    ChilleY, you aren't the only other one
  11. libertyNjustice

    libertyNjustice New Member

    cola is a pretty common pot word. haven't we all been out of weed, and gone to grow sites and heard the word cola before. or maybe that was just me..........:(
  12. bluepiz

    bluepiz New Member

    reminds me of Super Troopers. "just gimme a liter a cola!!"

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