Colorado vacation take 2

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by troublemaker420, May 11, 2008.

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    Ok, as many of you know, I spent the 4/20 weekend in Ft Collins, Co. Well, I went back for all of the past week! I originally had some plans to meet up wioth some fellow loungers that were traveling to SD to hang out, but, to make a long story short, it didn't work out. I was bummed, naturally, since we've been planning this for almost a year, but the situation was out of our control, and I was left with a difficult decsion. I had already taken 6 days of vacation, and there was no changing that at the last second. The wife and I brainstormed for a bit, played around with our finances as much as we could manage, and realized that another trip to Colorado was possible. So, on a whim, we headed back to Ft. Collins bright and early monday morning. The Fort Collins scene was fun, but we wanted to do a bit more this trip. We spent monday evening and Tuesday in Ft Collins, but spent Wednesday in Rocky Mountain National Park, and thursday, my wife, future bro-in-law and his 3 yr old nephew went to the Denver zoo. Thursday night, the reality of coming home set in, and quite frankly, we didn't like it. We had originally plannned on coming home friday morning, but instead got a room in Estes Park and spent the day in the mountains again, ad came home saturday instead.

    Weedwise, this was again a great vacation. I bought a couple new chillums, and one of them was my constant companion throughout the week (you should have seen the drastic color change...started out almost clear, and was dark blue by the time we got home). Sionce we were on a budget, instead of piucking weed up there, we brought a 1/4 we had already at home. We smoked all the way there, and constantly throughout the vacation. We wound up buying an 1/8th while we there too. I smoked some of the stinkiest weed I've ever encountered as well. It was quite possibly the strongest scented weed I have ever smelled. My brother in law could smell it outside his buddy's house, even though it was sealed in tupperware in the fridge!!! It was DEFINITELY a diesel strain of some sort, and was potent as hell. If I thought I could have somehow gotten the smell situation under control, I would have boought some, but quite honestly, the idea of transporting that stuff through 3 states scared me!!!

    I strongly suggest anyone getting a chance to to check out Rocky Mountain National Park. I've always hada weakness for mountains, but the beauty of this area was just unbelievable. We took almost 500 pics in the 6 days we were there. Highlights included watching a herd of 150 elk slowly wander out from the trees, no more than 20-30 yards ahead of us, in a remote area of the park off the beaten path, as well as some absolutely amazing scenery. I didn't want to ever leave. As I'm writing this at work, my mind and spirit are still in Colorado, hiding from reality somwhere in the mountains
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    yeah I heard about the misfortune of the trip...

    Glad to hear you had a good time though dude! That weed sounds killer, I'm assuming its smell was just as good as its smoke? Post a picture of that chillum, I've been still wanting to buy a chillum, its practically the only type or paraphernalia I don't own. You could share 1 of those 500 mountain pictures with us too, right? :p

    Glad to have you back TM_42 :wave:
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    As far as pics go, those with me as a myspace friend will be busy.....over 200 photos posted this afernoon! None of the chillum yet, but I like it....its inside out, so only the inner part is turning blue, encased by clear glass. Its got lip/teeth notches, so you can hit it on the road, or anywhere "one handed" toking is necessary. That weed was just rediculous. I said that if I was naming thwe strain, it'd be called "Alien Poo" becuase the smell was not of this world!!! Lets just say the smell was so pungent, had it been anything but weed, I'd be trying to ESCAPE the smell instead of EMBRACING it
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    :rofl: I laughed so hard reading 'alien poo'. Hahahahaha, thats good shit.

    Well upload pics of that chillum when you can man. :D

    Oh and did you stop at Cheeba Hut again? :p Or should I ask, how many times did you stop at Cheeba Hut?
  5. troublemaker420

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    No pics of the chillum yet...maybe this weekend. Only one trip to Cheba hut this time! But it was still as good as I remembered it being on 4/20!!
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    Haha, righteous dude. Upload those pics of the chillum when ya' get 'em. I have been meaning to invest in a chillum, afterall its practically the only smoking device I don't have...

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