Common Recipe Failures - "How To *Not* Waste Weed" 101

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Arsenal, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Arsenal

    Arsenal Resident Chef

    Alright, I figure this thread is long overdue, seeing as how it is all too common some poor fella gets all excited, throws on his apron, pulls out his favorite bag of buds and brownies mix, whips it all together.. and what happens?

    "**** dude! I just wasted, like, 2 ounces in those things and I'm not even high!!!"

    Yeah. We've all been there. It sucks, and it hurts your wallet, bad. So before any brave would-be chefs lose their faith, allow me to step in here with all the common pitfalls you might run across. In no particular order..

    Not Cooked Long Enough - This only really applies to Cannabudder or Cannabis oil. But it is the most common failure. People often assume that because their butter is a brownish/green tint that they are off the hook, it's all set. This is only partially true. While yes, your budder will be greenish when done, this is one of the most unreliable indicators of cooking degree. Depending on the amount, you will want to be cooking for a minimum of 20 minutes for medium-sized batches (1/2oz-1oz,) more for larger quantities. And by "cooking" I mean the pot is at/very near a simmering state, and remains that way, neither getting too hot nor too cold throughout.

    Cooked Too Hot/Cold - Another common mistake. "Simmer" means just that - not a boil, and especially with butter which gets really nasty when you overcook it. This is also part of the reason people eat their brownies and say it tastes ... :puker:

    Too cold is less drastic, it's fairly hard to do unless your burner dies. However although heat isn't really necessary to 'activate THC' as is so commonly thought, it is needed to create bonds between the fat and the THC, as well as move the liquids around so they combine.

    My favorite way to ensure that it gets neither too hot nor too cold is to use a bain-marie (also a double-boiler, so Mamabudz tells me :) .)

    Improperly Prepared Marijuana - Yep, no kidding, you have some dirty work to do to the weed itself before you dump it in. No, I'm not just talking about getting rid of seeds/stems. I'm talking about completely dismantling those nice buds into tiny, itty bitty crumbs of their former self. Anybody who has taken chemistry or even a cooking class will realize this means more even heat distribution throughout the bits of weed, and it also means more surface area for your THC to escape from into the butter. This is possibly the most important step for your success. Don't forget it.

    Bad Quality or Not Enough Marijuana - Don't think that just because you're eating it you can use schwagg! At the very best, eating it will get you as high as you would've been from smoking it, only it will happen slowly and remain for a long time. Often this makes it less noticeable, or seem less "intense" as the transition period is nice and slow.. usually.

    Similarily, if you're using those sweet dank buds, don't think you're going to get away with just using half a gram. No matter how much THC is in those buds, it's going to be dispersed throughout your entire batch of butter/brownies/whatever. That means to get that entire 0.5grams in you you might have to eat a whole batch of brownies, and the THC will be nicely padded and will absorb so incredibly slowly you might not even get high at all.

    Letting THC Escape During Cooking - A sneaky one but important nonetheless. When you're simmering that butter, all the 'steam' you see rising could potentially be carrying a THC hitchhiker on its back. Unless you want to sit there and inhale every last vapor drop (not recommended, btw,) I would strongly recommend putting a lid on the pot.

    So, follow these directions and you too can be having great times with your friends. Just listen to my buddy's testimony!

    "Thanks Arsenal! With these great tips, I was so high that uh.. I forgot! Great stuff man! - Matt

    OK then. Enough blabbering - I have some baking to do. :D
  2. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist

    Bake On Sir. Some awesome tips I think. Thanks alot for sharing them, and in a well organized manner. Peace, HN- :D
  3. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Dear Chef Arsenal of the Cordon Verte


    You have been selected to make my Birthday Cake this year...

    Please PM me for where to send the final project for consumption :D


    Mama Budz

    (maybe I should make this a sticky, whaddya say?)
  4. Shmo

    Shmo New Member


    maybe add some more faqs about cooking

    ie leary biscuits and brownies stuff, etc
  5. Arsenal

    Arsenal Resident Chef

    Alas! It seems I've missed the illustrious Mamabudz' birthday. Happy belated 17th birthday, Mamabudz ;) :D I hope your cake was splendid, even though I wasn't there to ensure quality myself (sous-chefs these days... :rolleyes: )

    As for making this a sticky - sure! It'd probably save a few people some groans and aches, or other grievous side-effects of improper marijuana culinary use.

    Goodness me, I'm talking in words that are far too large for my own good.. methinks it's time to retire for the evening. :) But before I do..

    Brownies - the most important thing with brownies is to bake them enough. If your oven is set properly (165°C sounds about right) then there's should be literally no risk of destroying THC. Undercooked brownies are less potent than properly cooked ones, mostly due to the excess moisture slowing the absorption of THC into your body.

    Leary Biscuits - I can't say I recommend this method. However, if you choose to use it, the idea is as follows: take a cracker, spread some peanut butter on it, pop your bud on top. Again, breaking it up is a good idea. Also if you can without wasting any weed, spread it into the peanut butter. Then put it in the microwave for about 30s-1min, or until the peanut butter starts to ooze. Let cool and consume.

    Now, I don't recommend that method for a couple reasons. First, it really tastes strange. Not bad, but strange, and if you have weed of a questionable cleanliness... this is not the way to go. Second is that it tends to absorb a little slower for some reason, I'm not sure why but in my practice this has always been the case.

    OK folks, take care and I'll see you on the flip side. :sleeping:
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  6. SexyNStoned

    SexyNStoned New Member

    HEy great article but quickl question

    Its 9 o clock here am and my dad is gonna come home about 1pm.. Do you think if I sprinkled some bud on top of a premaid pizza (frozen) covered it with more cheese and cooked it in the oven that it would work? and also do you think it would smeel that bad? and how long do you think it would take for the smell to disipate. I don't have much bud right now and i don't want to waste it. PLEASE HELP!

    Oh and if you ahve a better idea for fast easy, not bad smelling pot food hook me up!
  7. Bluee

    Bluee New Member

    Just wanted to chime in. While I have no experience cooking with juicy buds (just not economical at the moment), I do have experience making delicious desserts and frostings.

    Double boiling is important! The lowest setting on many gas stove tops is usually too hot to simmer anything safely. If you have a gas stove top, I highly suggest you double boil if anything requires a "small amount of heat over a decent amount of time".

    Double boiling is easy. Take your biggest pot, the kind you would use to cook a lot of noodles in. Make sure it is safely wider than your smaller pot which will have your tasty substance. Put in enough water in the big pot, bring to boil, then put your small pot in the big pot so it floats. With the double boil method you should really be able to monitor the temperature in your small pot quite easily, I love it.
  8. Phantazmagorea

    Phantazmagorea New Member

    haha i know this is like half a year late, but yes that will work. quite a while ago me and my bandmate used to always smoke, and he had these frozen pizzas and we had more weed. so i sprinkled chunks of it all over the pizza. by the time it was done the weed we smoked was wearin off pretty fast. then his ****ing mom came come right when the pizza was done so i took it out and rushed up stairs and we each shoved half of this 12'' pizza in our mouths so fast haha. the weed kind of made it taste better too because it wasnt that burnt and it tasted like just another spice/herb in the pizza sauce.

    i need help here:
    i've got that easy brownie mix, where you just add water, eggs, and vegetable oil. you need 1/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and 1 egg.

    One tablespoon of vegatable oil has 14g of fat, so you think instead of butter, (since i use premaid brownie mix that you add oil and water and egg for) i should fry up the vegatble oil with weed, and then strain it till i have 1/3 a cup, and then use that like regular brownie mix and itll work good?

    and should i use a lot of not so good weed, or a little of very good weed? im gonna make enough brownies for about a 9 or 10in diameter pan of brownies.

    and a question:
    does anybody else feel the brownies more like 5 hours after they eat them and have digested them? i made some before and ate them in school at lunch, then i felt it just a little bit cause i only ate a little (cause i just put the weed in and it tasted as described in the first post). then i got home and later at like 6 oclock i was watching t.v and then it just got in surround sound and i felt high as hell
  9. GanjaGirl420

    GanjaGirl420 Banned

    :D Those are some awesome tips. ^^ I'll make sure to smash up my green into practicly dust before putting it in. That actually makes sence, we were learning about surface area in science. xD -wont kill your buzz with my lesson- lol.

    Thanks again! -darts off to make some brownies-
  10. Yaznaki

    Yaznaki New Member

    I know this is like 4 months late.. but I use about 10 grams after being deseeded/stemmed of super shwag (brown nasties) for a 9x9 batch and make 4-6 brownies outta it.. I just use the betty croaker or potsbury brownie mixes you add oil/water/egg to

    grind the herbs up in a coffee grinder to a powder.. should only have a couple teaspoons worth then.. dump the water/oil/egg into a bowl and dump the powdered herbs in, then follow the rest of the directions on the box.

    of course better herbs means use less herbs.. last 13x9 batch I made I think I used about 5-6 grams of dank for 9 brownies (I'm eyebaling the weight.. I have no clue.. I took nearly half of the 14g's I bought)

    I just got done eating pot-aroni and cheese.. damn tiny stem in my tooth
  11. AxemRangers

    AxemRangers New Member

    Question about the, uh, Leary Biscuts, are they called? Whatever; weednutbutter, if you will. One, I assume you could just whip up the peanutbutter by itself, minus the cracker or biscut, like if you wanted to put it in a sandwhich or somthing? And, second, could you make it and then store it in a container for another day? Cuz most of the time I have the ablility to do even a little cooking, it's not a good time for me to be getting blazed. (Blazed? What would you call it when it's minus the blaze? I'm not good with all this marijuana terminology. Bah...)

    Thanks. Peace.

  12. 2kynd4u

    2kynd4u New Member

    How to know when its done...


    So i have my cannabudda in the frig to let it set up, now how will i know when i can use it? Is it supposed to separate?

    Thanks for any advice or input! :wave:
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If you didn't filter out the plant material it'll settle to the bottom if the CB stays liquid long enough. Is that what you mean by "separate"? Once you cool it off in the fridge it should turn back into a greasy solid.
  14. dangerous_squid

    dangerous_squid New Member

    Actually THC does need to be "activated". While you might get high off raw ingested weed, weed that has been heated will be more potent:

    "Activation of THC acids in cannabis (decarboxylation);
    this occurs at around 103 degrees Celcius with vapourization at around 180-200 degrees.
    Smoking performs this process but is reported to destroy between 40 and 98% of the THC (Korte, Miras etc.*)."

    * from The Botany and Chemistry of Cannabis, Joyce and Curry (1970)

    Not sure how up to date this source is, but I've read articales similar to this from mutiple sources.
  15. Wheeeed508

    Wheeeed508 New Member

    Mmm... Cheese!

    Hey guys! I'm a long time smoker but this is my first time cooking with MJ. I was trying to find a recipe that would be quick and easy, and after reading about Leary Biscuits, I thought, What about MJ Grilled Chese?! Now, I'm here. I was wondering if you guys had anything to say about that, i think it should work, but I'm not positive. I'm thinking (cause my boyfriend and I are cooking together for the first time) that I'll just make like a half a sandwich (one slice of bread) and then split it into two, but I don't know how much pot to use or if there's a certain amount of time I should cook it for.
    Any advice or suggestions would be very very appreciated! Thanks everyone!!


  16. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Wow, that sounds good. Really good.
    To start with the one half sandwich you're planning on making, I'd probably try two pieces of Velveeta, the one piece of bread, and about 2 grams of crushed weed.
    Butter/Spray the sides of the bread as usual, make the sandwich with the weed sandwiched between/in the middle of the cheese slices. Cook it warm and long, rather than hot and fast, to give time for the weed to heat up and really mesh itself with the fatty cheese, to help with absorption in your belly.
    I'd eat this on an empty stomach for enhanced absorption, oh, and may want to consider using a thin bread, like rye, to minimize the amount of bread so it doesn't block the cheese/weed from gettnig absorbed.

    P.S. Your post is more appropriate for the culinary or cook book forum. Perhaps it will be moved...Though we did just comment on how to get the most out of the weed. SO we'll see. We shall see what becomes of it....:yikes:

    P.S. Searching for grilled cheese, in titles only, will bring up three old threads on the grilled cheese topic, though they're not too specific. cheese cheese cheese
  17. bobo_micgruvins

    bobo_micgruvins New Member

    is it possabal for me to make canibutter from a half 8th and a half stick of butter? if so how much would i need to eat to get high?
  18. Jezebel

    Jezebel New Member

    my best known method: use a crockpot.

    i'm 34 now, been smoking for 20 years and cooking for 17.

    use that crockpot; you'll get deep army green butter and more ripped than you even know how to be.
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  19. prclayfish

    prclayfish New Member

    ill have you know that when you said at best eating herb will get you as high as smoking it is simply not true, when thc goes through your organs it gets chemically broken down into th4 (i believe you can look this up on wikipediea im just too lazy) which is more pschoactive, figure it this way, a batch of my brownies usually include an eighth, and in each batch comes out ten brownies, each brownie will get me as high as if i smoke a dime (mind you that i am a medical patient and always use very very good weed 80 to the eighth approximatley, of course i dont pay that because i by in bulk)
    so figure im investing roughly sixty dollars (how much it costs ME for the eighth) and coming out with a hundred, a good enough reason to cook ganja for me
  20. aidan

    aidan New Member

    Just a quick question to anyone who may be reading, could you grind up some weed(by some i mean quite a bit) and make it like you do coffee? Or should you put something else in?

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