Common Recipe Failures - "How To *Not* Waste Weed" 101

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Arsenal, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. aidan

    aidan New Member

    Also, I'm going to try cooking for the first time. I'm going to attempt brownies. Of course I'm going to do a LOT of research of how and different recipes and what's best to use, but does anyone have any suggestions that I may not commonly find? I want to make these kind of special and probably as potent as I can get them because I'm baking them for my mom for her birthday. Does anyone have any suggestions at all?
  2. RohoSombrero

    RohoSombrero New Member

    Here's a good tip. Don't do this:

    A couple weeks ago I ran out of bud and still had about 4 months until my next harvest came due. I wasn't too worried, just got out the trim leaves I'd been saving for about 3 years, chopped them to dust in the blender, added some acetone, double boiled it for about 10 minutes and filtered out the acetone through a coffee filter. I repeated this three times, then boiled the acetone down to pure hash oil, a nice black tar that covered a large glass baking pan about 1/4 inch to the bottom. I then cut the heat and decided to let the whole mess dry in the pan until morning, just to make sure all the acetone had evaporated. Then I hit the basement to listen to some tunes and dream about all the things I was going to do with all that hash.

    Well, about that time my wife came home and saw a pan on the stove that someone had apparently burned something in and decided to clean up the mess.......

    Long story short - I haven't cried that hard since I was a kid.

    - Roho
  3. godfather

    godfather New Member

    Holy crap that sucks!!! I would hope that my girlfriend would smell it and figure out what it was...
  4. RohoSombrero

    RohoSombrero New Member

    Yeah it does....

    That should have been "4 weeks", not "4 months" but still. Its gonna be a long month. Can't even buy right now. Apparently there was a huge bust somewhere around here, some nut growing about 90 plants, and everyone panicked and trashed everything so its pretty damn dry right now. From what I hear the guy has a couple kids and will probably be doing some serious jail time. Gotta feel for him but 90 plants? I guess he thought he was safe because he has a medical grow license. (Like the feds care.) But 90 plants is some greedy shit.

    Anyway, its a good character builder I guess. It was time to take a break for awhile anyway. I can do 4 weeks in my sleep :)

    Sorry for the off topic rant.

    - Roho
  5. Kattaran

    Kattaran New Member

    thx much for the post!
  6. eltone

    eltone New Member

    Cooking with cannabis

    Thanks for the tip my friend. Let me pass on one safe recipe that I know of. Buy a pizza you make at home put at least 1 oz. (or a half if it is real strong) on a 12 inch pizza in the tomato sauce, cover completely with cheese cook at 350 for the time it tells you on the box usually 15-20 minutes. The cheese keeps it from going up in smoke and well, it has never failed for me. One thing, obviously the high is not instantaneous it takes at least an hour to start working on me, but it's usually very nice body stone for a long while. Plus you must follow all the weed clean up as suggested by the master chef. Peace:cool:
  7. wendyflett

    wendyflett New Member

    eating cannabis cakes - very high very fast

    ive made some fantastic cakes in my time and strangely enough the effeccts of the cannabis it me much faster these days compared to when I first started to smoke/eat the stuff. if im going out to a gig or something, i usually take a brisk walk to the destination, consuming at least 1 or 2 cakes n the way. by the time i get there (no more than 30 minutes) i am completely barking! my tollerance level had become almost non exisent.
    my husband says its great as it means im cheap to take out! anybody else had this experience? it also renders me stoned for hours. its great. if you havent cooked with it yet, its got 2 done!:cool:
  8. mjpotter

    mjpotter New Member

    does putting seeds in the batch actually make it unusable?
  9. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Not in my experience, I always strain out the plant matter after Im done cooking it so if the seeds are in with the plant matter while it is being cooked I dont see why it would be a problem. I wouldnt recommend eating the seeds though, cheesecloth or a coffee filter works great for straining. Also earlier in this thread it was stated that using schwag wont work. I have always cooked with the bs weed I get usually because using the good stuff is just to expensive. I have had great results with using schwag for my brownies and cannabutter. Though I have made more brownies than cannabutter. I just dont like the tase of the butter. I did add cinnamon and brown sugar once when making the butter and the taste was MUCH better!!
  10. thebugattiveyron

    thebugattiveyron New Member

    Anyone else think WENDY FLETT was either baked or drunk when posting? lmao

    wow, I want to try out cooking with marijuana sometime in the near future. I have a job interview sometime in the next week or so and it sucks. I haven't smoked in three weeks and its seems like forever. 4:20 is only a little ways away and if I can't smoke, I am going to be f**king pissed!!!
  11. The End

    The End New Member

    Does cooking with weed smell alot?
  12. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Yes it does. Though it doesn't smell like burning pot, in fact if you are not very familiar with the smell of pot you probably wouldnt guess thats what you're smelling. Either way cooking with the window open may be a good idea. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the smell to clear...
  13. scrumptious666

    scrumptious666 New Member

    Great Advice!

    Although I have yet to cook with the green, I feel more confident that I will do it correctly in the future with your tips! I prefer to smoke it because I want to feel it sooner rather than later, but it feels good to know how to cook with it whenever the time comes. Thanks!
  14. pathideout

    pathideout New Member

    Cooking with water

    I have a question:
    When I make my cannabutter I usually combine water, butter and bud into the same pot and put it to a simmer. Now, because water has a lower boiling point then both the bud and butter it should burn first, not the butter or the bud.... right?
    Thus there shouldn't be the problem of burning your bud correct?
  15. gratefulvideofan

    gratefulvideofan New Member

    I was just told of this method of cooking with weed the other day by a friend. I never tried simmering my weed in butter first. I have made many batches of brownies (great for trips) and never used the simmer method. I always use mid grade brick weed that I can get cheap. I clean out all the wood and seeds and grind into a powder. I then mix my brownie batter and pour it into the pan (leaving some batter) next i add about 10 grams of herb to the batter and spread it evenly around with a skewer and add the rest of the batter to completely cover all the weed. Bake as directed on the box. Always taste great and gets me just as high as the weed would have smoked.
  16. gratefulvideofan

    gratefulvideofan New Member

    I have yet to try simmering it in butter. A friend makes candy by adding sugar to the butter then letting it harden.

    sorry double post
  17. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    thanks chef!
  18. pud

    pud New Member

    burnt off thc?


    I'm new to the baking thing. Last night, I followed a recipe that said to simmer the butter mix for 24 hours. I have a gas stove and it's quite powerful- unfortunately for this incident...
    I only had it there for over an hour and it got burnt! I still managed to save the butter and cool it, however I'm worried that I burnt away all the good stuff. I'm no scientist so I don't know how it works... Hope my brownies will still work!
  19. gratefulvideofan

    gratefulvideofan New Member

    I had the same trouble keeping a low simmer temp and singed my butter also but it worked. I spread the butter on toast once it cooled and it still gave me a very good high but didn't taste so good.
  20. Chronos

    Chronos New Member


    thank you so much, i was just about to waste a lot of weed

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