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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Arsenal, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Mr.Weedy

    Mr.Weedy New Member

    So Im gonna attempt to make Pot Brownies for the first time tommorrow using the Canna-Oil method. So the betty crocker brownies i bought call for 1/4 cup of water 3 eggs and 2/3 cup of oil. I dont really have a lot of money so I was wondering if a Quater Ounce of REGGIE not dank or high grade weed just reggie. So i wanted to kno if a Quarter Ounce Reggie woulf get me super high for a whole batch or if i should just cut the recipe in half EXCEPT for the oil part and keep it in the recipe to get totally blazed? Need ur advice!:mj2:
  2. n0va59

    n0va59 New Member

    Cutting the recipe in half EXCEPT for the oil may be tricky because it will be too much oil to be absorbed by the dry ingredients in the mix (unless you add a bit of flour to stiffen it up)
    The batter should be somewhat stiff...brownie batter should be fairly stiff to be fudgy in the middle, and btw for the liquid (water) they call for you can substitute strong, cold coffee for a mocha brownie.

    Now for the herb amount. That should work ok one thing tho you will lose some of the orginal volume of the 2/3 cup of oil due to straining. So that should help with the batter consistancy as well
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  3. Mr.Weedy

    Mr.Weedy New Member

    Thanks nova i think i'll just make the recipe the regular way dont wanna screw anything up. Btw how long do u think i should simmer it for im gonna use a double boiler. Some people say 20 minutes is too long. But others say 45-60 i just want to extract as much thc as possible without burning it. :D
  4. n0va59

    n0va59 New Member

    I personally prefer the longer method (with-in reason) an hour is ok. There is little chance of you burning the oil brcause you are using a double boiler.
    I personally have found to be certain all the thc is extracted, longer is better
  5. Mr.Weedy

    Mr.Weedy New Member

    H man dude! I totally did the pot brownies! Haha I ate like 3 at 1:30 and im still high

    Thanks dude :hail:
  6. n0va59

    n0va59 New Member

    lmao glad it worked out for you....I like eating pot because it really helps with sleeping and minor aches and pains. Also really good for headaches I have found.

    well once again congrats on becoming a baker....
  7. Mr.Quiggly

    Mr.Quiggly New Member

    ok so if i were to set my batch on fire and lost some of it because i read this all after i did that. if i still have a lot of what i was simmering in the oil(and i was simmering for about 13 min) will it still get me high when i put it in the brownies or do i have to start over or just buy a new batch all together? please help
  8. Zunz

    Zunz New Member

    I just wanted to comment and ask a question. For THC to be effective it needs to be separated from the carboxyl group. This happens at roughly 110C. THC starts to degrade or become destroyed at roughly 180C. So for proper extraction wouldn't you have to keep the temperature between 110C and 180C? Then once it's extracted wouldn't you have to use it in recipes that do not exceed 180C. Otherwise all or a significant portion of the THC will degrade or burn off into the air rather bind with the oil/fat/alcohol.
  9. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray New Member

    Wow you sure do know a lot about cooking with mary- jane!! thanks for the tips, i will be keeping them in mind for my next batch :munchies:
  10. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray New Member

    Wow you sure do know a lot about cooking with mary- jane!! thanks for the tips, i will be keeping them in mind for my next batch :munchies:
  11. AmandaLashbrooks

    AmandaLashbrooks New Member

    Do you recommend oil? I tried this for the oil. My Crockpot is older and only has off, low, and high setting. I tried this using the most resinous trim from our last harvest manicuring. I put the trim in the crockpot for about 3 hours on low. Also wondering if that is okay or should I only use actual crushed bud? This is my first time trying cooking.
  12. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    How far would 1g get me in making something like stew or soup?
  13. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Tokemaster General Staff Member

    About to play with some fresh trim... and I've over cooked my Cannabutter before -nasty.

    So this was a timely tip:
  14. MiamiVapes

    MiamiVapes New Member

    hey Arsenal you rock! thanks for the awesome tips. let me ask you a question? for making oils do you recommend using vegetable glycerin or do you go with the normal grain alcohol approach typically?

    anybody with any answers regarding the oil please reply
  15. HolySmokeStore

    HolySmokeStore New Member

    Have you made cannabutter in a crockpot?
    I am looking for a cannabutter recipe to make it in a crockpot.

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