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    DS Expert- I hope DS doesnt stand for Drug Screen Expert-

    There is no magic potion, drink, capsule or anything that rids the body of THC. Only time and exercising will rid your body of metabolites. All that stuff is a form of dilution, which is very costly. Read the dilution sticky posted above, you will save money and achieve the same effect.
  2. RandyR

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    Hope I did that right. Just wanted to thank the people who offered helpful advice to me.:) Thank ya'll!:)
  3. needsomehelp79

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    Hey Randy

    So how did you do man? What exactly was envolved in the physical?
  4. RandyR

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    I diluted. I didn't want to risk subbing since a physical was involved, plus I realized yesterday that (thanks to some home tests) minor dilution was passing the home tests for me. I guess I'd rather have to retest or even possibly fail because of dilution than get caught trying to sub, so at this point I don't know if I passed or not.

    But anyway, they did the physical first. And they made me take off everything and put on a underwear either. He checked me for hernias, squeezed by balls a few times:confused:, checked my breathing/heart rate/ears/poked my stomach too. He did not give me a rectal exam. Then I was sent to the bathroom to pee in a cup wearing the gown only. The way this went down today there is no way I could have subbed, UNLESS...I would have tried Sec's idea of saying I had to pee bad and hoping they let me before I had to put on a gown. That might have worked, I don't know. The idea there WOULD have been to sub, put the empty bottle in my pants pocket, then put on the gown.

    Just a simple drug test without a physical is a cake walk when it comes to subbing, but combined with a physical it is a whole different animal.

    Sorry I'm not more help to you, but that's how it went down for me. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
  5. needsomehelp79

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    Hey man its cool. I'm sure every physical is different anyway. And actually I found out that they don't even use concentra, they use a place called choice care. Anyway, I tried dillution last night. Drank 4 16 oz gatorades in the span of about 2 hours and passed with a very faint line. I've been taking double doses of creatine twice a day for 5 days now just in case I need to dillute.

    However, I went prepared today and it was never mentioned. Although the boss will be out of town till tomorrow or Wed so I know its coming. When or If they do bring it up again I plan on asking our HR girl exactly what kind of physical they plan on doing. If its more than the hieght, weight, blood pressure kinda thing I plan on telling them that I will go take the drug test but I prefer to have my own doc do the physical due to personal/medical privacy issues. I honestly think that they would have a hard time saying anything to that. Especially since my job is solely and office position, not like i'm a truck driver or anything.
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    Not so much an expert.

    They don't test for protein in a drug screen. If there are no drugs in the synthetic and it passes the integrity checks, it won't be non-negative, it will be NEGATIVE.

    There are ways to keep the temperature up to requirements. If you were an expert, you would know that.

    Golden root is useless.

    Oh, and truck drivers are NOT the only ones taking DOT drug tests.

    Airline pilots, flight crew and mechanics
    Railroad conductors and engineers
    Flammable and/or pressurized pipeline workers
    Bus drivers/transit workers and dispatchers
    Coast Guard

    To name a few...

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