concentrates/hash slide for water bong

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Calculus, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    Does anyone here have a slide specifically for smoking hash out of a bong? Right now I'm just putting a small layer beneath the bowl, put the hash on top of that and then cover it with some more weed. I was thinking about getting something like this for my roor..
  2. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    Uhh. I dont know. Maybe you could try getting a really small one-hit bowl. Smaller bowls are always easier to smoke chunky shit in.
  3. stevebeast

    stevebeast New Member

  4. KushBandit

    KushBandit New Member

    Hash Skillet.
  5. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    Interesting idea with the hash skillet. I just saw a youtube video on that. Now it makes sense why ALT sells butane torches..
  6. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Yeh I was about to suggest a Skillet, I have never used one though.
  7. stevebeast

    stevebeast New Member

    skillets work great for hash oil

    but not so good on bubble hash or dry sift, the organics tend to just slowly cook and you dont get much of a hit.
  8. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    I wound up buying this wilson disc diffused slide. That along with some no name downstem that looks like the roor diffusors that I picked up at a local shop. I never smoked with such ease. Much more quiet when I pull now. I can barely it it.

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