Concerned about loss of sex drive NEED ANSWERS

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by realdepressed, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. I have found previous posts on this matter but none have really given any answers what so ever.I am a 21 year old male and have smoked pot regularly since i was 17.After about a year of smoking pot i noticed a substaintual loss of my sex drive.I have done searching in google about marijuana causing loss of sex drive and many web pages said that long term use can cause this to happen.I am really upset about this and dont know if its permanent or not.I really love smoking weed but im unsure if i stop if my sex drive will come back or if this is unrepairable damage.I really need some information and a true answer someone please help im begging you :(.I can still get erections but not as easily as i used to be able to.Im real sad!Ive been a reader of the board for along time so I know that you posters will have an answer.Thanks all for your time.BTW has anyone else experienced this please dont be shy any info is welcomed.
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    I've never heard of loss of sex drive categorized as "irreversable." so if i were you, i wouldn't worry! Why don't you stop for a month or so and see what happens? or you can slowly change your smoking habits to a lesser degree and see what happens that way. If you're really concerned about it, maybe you should talk to your GP?
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    When did the depression start...before you noticed the diminishing sex drive or after? Was it gradual or all of a sudden?

    Dikminished sex drive at your age can be caused by a number of problems and issues.

    The good news is once the problem or issue is addressed a return to normal sexual functioning is usually expected.

    Keep the faith and we'll see if there isn't something that would help you.

    If you want to PM on this discussion that would be fine as well.

    ...have a cookie and try to relax ;)


    Mama Budz
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    What makes you think its the marijuana? Oh, the web pages and the long-term use. Hum, I don't really even think one year is long-term use. If it was the ganja, it should return shortly after you stop.... but honestly, I seriously doubt it's that.

    I'd examine the stress in your life first. Changes in your lifestyle. I'm no impotence expert by any means, but marijuana has never done anything except INCREASE my sex drive (unless I have couch-lock.)

    Well, good luck with that.
  5. Reason i think its marijuana is because i haven't changed anything in my life since i started smoking up. I eat healthy get good exercise and really have no stress in my life whatsoever so i think i pretty much pin pointed the problem. At first whenever i used to smoke it made me really horney but after awhile it stopped doing that. I really think its some kind of psycological problem rather than a physical but i think smoking up caused it. I also heard that other drugs cause sexual enchancement at first but lead to sexual dysfunction after continued use im really not sure though if it applies to marijuana as well. Marijuana has different effects on everyone i heard though. Im just worried that they may be permanent but im not sure im probly just being paranoid. Other side effects i experience with use of the drug was short term memory loss, weight loss and being tired alot.
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    If you want to do a quick check to ease your mind one way or the other, stop smoking for 30 days. If your marijuana use is actually the culprit your drive should return.

    Having said that, there are so many other things that cause male sexual dysfunction, even in men your age, that I'd strongly suggest considering other possible issues. Mamabudz is right - depression can definitely cause a loss of sex drive [in anyone]. If you had a little 'difficulty' one night, and got caught up thinking the pot was the problem, stress and depression could easily have made an isolated event become a trend. There is also the potential for a physical ailment [like an infection] or simple stressf [at work, for instance] to limit your sex drive.

    I generally encourage a visit to a urologist, but as soon as you mention marijuana a urologist is going to suggest that you stop smoking long enough to determine whether or not the pot use is a causal factor - so do consider laying off the weed for a couple weeks just to see if that really is the issue. If you're still having problems, see a doctor.

    [fyi: the number one cause of male sexual dysfunction is stress.]
  7. xxdr_zombiexx

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    see a doctor

    If you are this concerned, you really "should" go see a doctor - and be real open. I'd be judicious about describing pot smoking beyong something you do sometimes. Make a list of all your concerns.

    Id suggest not gettting to further worked-up until you because you can't do a whole lot about something when your are unsure what is going on: shooting into the dark.

    Id NOT go takin viagra or herbal stuff from GNC or something.

    do you have a family history of heart conditions/blood pressure/circulation issues/depression? Might want to find out - you aint gettng any younger.

    Aside from psychological/emotional things, circulatory problems are suspect. Viagra is a medication originally marketed under another name and used for the treament of circulatory problems - its famous effect was this medications side effect.

    I'd not half-ass it and see a doctor if I was losin sleep over it. Then decide what to do.
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    Try not to think or worry about it so much. It's my belief that young age impotence, majority speaking, is psychological. It happens once, makes you worried, it keeps happening because you worry. Could be you're just trying too hard ( pun not intended). If you weren't desiring sex then it'd be a different story but it sounds to me your libido is in check.

    Temporary impotence is normal in men. Re-occurring is not. Let me ask you this, a little personal maybe but a good way to find out if it's psychological, do you have erections upon awaking or during sleep? Try and notice. If you do then the plumbing is working properly, it's just that maybe you're convincing yourself it's not.

    Try and remember that impotence and loss of libido are two different things. The time for concern is when the lack of desire is not there. What comes natural needs no interferrence with the psyche. Maybe just take a break from sex awhile. Most likely pretty soon you'll be waking up looking at a pup tent. This will be all you need to gain back that confidence.

    Good luck and stop worrying.

  9. Conine

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    Hm, weight loss? Ahhh, if only....

    Stop for a month and see how you feel, that's good advice. Note your changes and go from there.
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    many things cause a loss of sex drive, one of the most frequent causes is zinc deficiency, zinc is required to produce sperm, when you cant create as much sperm as you want your body conserves it by lowering your sex drive, try taking a zinc supplement pill
  11. Mamabudz

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    I hadn't heard about that, any /url we can add to that info?


    Mama Budz
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  13. Plainsman1963

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    Well said.

    I second the taking a break advice.

  14. Ross

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    noish, that site is pretty funny while at the same time providing useful information. I like it...
  15. Hm! I never knew that not having enough zinc could decrease sex drive! Anyhow im sure thats not my problem ive been taking multi vitamins daily my whole life! Currently i take centrum protegra daily.
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    True.. well I had this kind of problem too in the begining. No I mean when stoned it was harder to get an erection so I thought it may be because of the pot and thinking like this when stoned is not recommended. But a few tries later I convinced myslef I was just the pot that make me paranoid about that and it began to work and having an erection and making love stoned is damn exciting because I 1st feeled more deeply all the physics about penis introduction so same hapenned, stoned I was conviced it was this special because of the weed then I was set! Now when stoned I know I can feel more and be more in control of everything, it's going smooth and all so it's damn great!
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    marijuana and sex. marijuana has chemicals that tickle the nerves a little. sexual nerves too. that is much fun. some of the best sexual experiences of my life have been while stoned, because i was stoned. without weed, i would say there have been a few rare sexual experiences that i rate at 13 out of 10. but while stoned i have felt 15's out of 10, and 13 out of 10 is semi-common.

    i do not know if marijuana reduces sex drive. it certainly spoils me. it's like eating lobster and then having to deal with burger king. but even if it does reduce sex drive thats fine with me, i've got some to spare. it's like medicine because i can't possibly imagine having as much sex as i would like, and i don't have the social skills for it anyway.
  18. I have been smoking pot for 17 years and at 33 years 22 year old boyfriend can't keep UP with me! :laugh: Marijuana hasn't stopped me from wanting sex at all. My suggeestion to you would be to maybe lay off (oh, the HUMANITY!) the weed for a while and see what "pops up" ;)

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