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  1. I heard people say they had a few cones and were ****ed up. What the **** is a cone. I know a lot about smoking but have never heard of anyone ever using a cone. So could someone just clear this up and tell me what a cone is.


  2. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    I think some people call a bowl a cone. Me and my friends refer to a cone-shaped joint as a cone. Could be either?
  3. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    eX is correct. A cone can be both.

    A cone however is more commonly viewed as a Bowl with a stem that you put in 600ml. plastic bottles. Its an easy Bong. Keep the stem, Find a bottle.

    A cone is also a cone shaped joint, like a spliff.

    Take it easy, Up In Smoke
  4. Thank u its just that people around here never use that term. So I was just wondering what it was. Thanks .

  5. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    I've never heard of the bowl "cone", here cones are just a joint that is fatter at the end you light than the end you hit, it's a wonderful cone shape and the roach gets super-resined. I'll never forget this cone my friend from B.C. rolled one time, but, that's a different thread. :)
  6. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I rolled up a cone earlier today. It was nice.
  7. portablefriend

    portablefriend New Member

    They actually have a certain type of premade joint "cone", it comes in packs of
    3 and says cone on the box, you just poor bud in it and pack it, then twist one end.

    It even has a rolled "Roach" at the base, so you have no "Other type of roach"


  8. NeoArcadian

    NeoArcadian New Member

    The only thing I've heard of is an ice cream cone.

    I can understand why you would call the bong stem thing a cone but why a joint?

    I mean, they look like a tooth pick or a cig, not a cone. :cool:
  9. RollItUp420

    RollItUp420 New Member

    actually there's a lot of variety in what joints look like, and a slight cone shape is pretty common. i know there's a little joint guide ive seen somewhere on the net that explained how to roll over 10 different joints, some of them were crazy looking and id never seen anything like them before.

    by crazy looking, for example one looked like this:
    ......| |
    ..../ /\ \
    ../ /....\ \
    / /........\ \
    \ \......../ /
    ..\ \..../ /
    ....\ \/ /
    .....| |
    .....| |
    .....| |

    others had multiple roaches extending off them so you could hit it from 4 different parts, etc.

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