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    This man tells no lies. Do you deniers of this honestly believe that the government would pass up a multi BILLION dollar industry like the opiate trade? The answer is FUCK NO THEY WOULDN'T.

    The fucking invasion of the Middle East is all about heroin.

    Here is the Wikipedia Link to the CIA plane Liberal was talking about.

    First of all, there is a chance that HAARP is capable of weather modification. Weather modification is extremely real, there is no conspiracy left for that. For example, I think they made it rain for 40 days in Kuwait from cloud seeding, though that value could be off.

    One thing I can assure you HAARP can't do it affect plate tectonics. I'm debating whether I should start a new thread proving why this isn't possible.
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    I'm a big conspiracy theorist, and I'm not going to go in depth, But I believe America is the real evil empire as opposed to middle eastern countries. I also believe your typical Americans are THE MOST complacent and obedient beings on the planet, And they are akin to a flock of sheep, Hence the term American Sheeple. In Europe and the Middle East people are rioting and raising all sorts of hell, and here in this country we all just sit around and get lazy & fat, All while our constitutional rights our forefathers fought and died for are being raped on a daily basis. If you question the powers that be, You WILL BE harassed, you WILL Be made an example of, And pretty damn soon you WILL BE labeled a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer if resist the tyranny.

    Aside from all that, I invite all of you to visit one of my favorite websites, A forum dedicated to conspiracy theories and denying ignorance.
    My handle on this website is Epiclulz2012. Feel free to join, but be aware they do not tolerate trolling, mocking, or personal attacks of any kind. If you do, they will drop the ban hammer on your butt so fast it will make your head spin.
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    Join this site if you want to fear the end of the world about every month.

    In all honesty, there are some fucking goldmines of information on that forum, but I wouldn't recommend joining because you'd have to weed through the 95% bullshit. I usually look at what ATS has to say about specific things so I can avoid all the shit about Elenin, Asteroids, Supernatural shit etc etc.
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    Lol, I ready almost every thread on the main page whenever I login, But I don't ever let the fear mongering get to me.

    Nibiru, 2012? Even if it was real what the hell makes people think we could do anything about a celestial object supposedly four times the size of jupiter?
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    People can comment on there though so people call out fakes right away. So that weeding processes isn't long. Still that sites always good for a laugh :p some pretty ridiculous shit on there.

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