Cool Guy needs Test Help Please - dilution vs synthetic?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by co64trouble, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. co64trouble

    co64trouble New Member

    Hope you all can help me decide what to do:

    Me: 135 lbs male, fairly fast metabolism, last imbibed yesterday 3/1, single hit, but also regular smoker before that (generally 1 hit/day)

    I will likely be tested for preemployment next week, can possibly hold back until middle of week?

    Should I go w/ dilution or with synthetic Quickfix? I'm worried about trying quickfix since it would come back to them that I'd used fake pee right?? That would not be good.

    Also tips about fatty foods and exercise are welcome regarding the dilution method. Should I avoid exercise? I have access to sauna but not sure it that's going to help with such little time.
  2. co64trouble

    co64trouble New Member

    More info:

    What about zinc? I passed 3-4 ua's in early 90s with it, have they caught up with that technique??

    For those in a bind and not much time, taking large dose the night before seemed to do it. Again in the early 90's....

    and I think the dangers of zinc poisoning should be considered.

    Still concerned with this uric acid test i'm hearing about too.

    One other thing: is it standard practice for testers to ask you to list all substances you've taken recently? Like aspirin...vitamins etc etc? And/or prescriptions?

    All help appreciated!
  3. co64trouble

    co64trouble New Member

    Ok update:
    took 1st dipstick test and I got dark pink positive line and pretty faint negative line. Instruction says no meaning to line intensity, but damn that one is dark! But 1st go of day too (did go at 4am), so what are you all thinking? Good news?
  4. co64trouble

    co64trouble New Member

    Oh well, took different job, maybe next time?
  5. IPass

    IPass New Member

    I was hoping you tried the fake pee to see if that would work.

    However, I definitely wouldn't try that.

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