Cool Places to smoke in Denver.

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Abbazabba1212, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    This is for coloradins only. What are your favorite places to smoke? I love this pocket park by cheeseman on eighth and high (Which alone makes it awesome). Go there all the time. Also, there is this awesome spot up at Commons Park. A Big hill that you can sit on and blaze for hours.
  2. steakii

    steakii New Member

    Wait a minute, a street intersection is eight and high? that is the most amazing think i have herd. Ever.
  3. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    its almost as good as the fact that there is a house called 420 high. but yeah, eigth and high.
  4. tinare

    tinare New Member

    What is going on in the Ft Colllins area? I am getting desperate.
  5. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    Ft. Collins Park is a great place to do it. My friend mitch lives up there.
  6. WiiD-man

    WiiD-man New Member

    I'm paranoid about smokin out in public ( I'm originally from Texas) but I like to smoke in my car and drive around. Also my apartment. The only time I smoked in public was at concerts.
  7. Iwasfn47

    Iwasfn47 New Member

    Usually i just smoke in my room or in houses. Sometimes on my roof though. I generally prefer not to smoke in public, for some reason i get sketched out about it.
  8. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    Another great spot for all you denverites is in City Park. Rent a peddle-boat, go out as far as you can in that lake thing, smoke a bowl, and then lie in the water in the boat. the water is really calming and psychadelic, almost like watching a movie.
  9. serialcultivator

    serialcultivator New Member

    sadly, aurora is a pretty unchill place to smoke. Arapahoe county is probably the harshest county in the state. You get fucked hardest (well maybe jeffco is worse). I like smoking in the woods when boarding at breck. Or in the summer, we go camping at some obscure place near idaho springs called west chicago creek. Its just too bad that the campsites often have a lot fo people. They are usually cool though and spend the night shooting guns and spittting liquor onto their campfires.

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