"Cops are gay, fuck the police"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sproggs, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    I'm tired of fucking hearing this.

    MOST officers of the law just want to do their jobs. Most just want to put in their 9-5, go home, and eat supper with their family. They're not out to get you. In fact, they could probably give two shits about you, since you breaking the law equals more work for them. Cops are willing to step in and take a fucking bullet so the streets can be safe, and for that reason most of them deserve our respect.

    Now, there are the bad apples. There are the ones that claim to "smell marijuana in your vehicle". And yes, to those cops...fuck you. There are SOME cops that are out to get the "no good pot heads". And yes, to those cops...fuck you.


    I think it's important to know that most of the officers that patrol our streets are doing nothing more but making sure we're safe the majority of the time. I'm tired of hearing people (mostly dumbass kids) insulting cops every chance they get. If I see a cop when I'm on the street (and not dirty haha) I usually smile and nod. Sometimes they say hello, and sometimes they look at my with suspicion. All in all I'm a good citizen though, and would be more than happy to help an officer if they ever needed it (not a snitch though :p).

    Please stop with the hatred. Gangs would be running your street if it weren't for them. Show some respect!
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  2. SacredJellybean

    SacredJellybean False Prophet

    Ay-fucking-men. I got tired of hearing that years ago. Most cops are reasonable people. I won't say they're exactly like you-and-me, insofar that some people who become cops are officious in nature and want to be in a position of authority. If they abuse any of that power, they're assholes.

    If a cop ever busts me for weed (yes, I've been very lucky), I won't begrudge him. The law sucks, not him. He was hired to enforce the law, and if you're blatant about breaking it, he can't just look the other way or else his ass is on the line. If I were a cop, I'd try to be cool to marijuana users, and if it was within my right/duty, I would simply confiscate marijuana and throw it out with a warning, rather than arresting anyone.

    And yes, I'd throw it out, because I wouldn't smoke marijuana if I were a cop. :) In a line-of-duty that important, where precision is key, I'd quit smoking marijuana until retirement. If I screwed up and there was any doubt whatsoever that marijuana was not the cause, it would haunt me. Not to mentioned I'd be drug tested.
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  3. Indeed, my brother is leo and he's good people.
  4. High

    High as a kite

    My uncle was in the military for 20 years, now he is the sheriff of a small town where kids (and adults) say "Cops are gay, fuck the police" and such... It really just irritates me because my uncle is one of the nicest kindest guys you will ever meet, and yet he hears this constantly just because he is doing his job. It doesn't bother him at all but it bothers me.
  5. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Yes there are some nice cops that I respect. But in reality for me, most cops I have come across seem to be just fucking assholes. I find the majority or police officers to be caught up in a power trip. I absolutely hate the idea that the government can grant someone power and authority over me just cuz they go through some stupid fucking police academy training. I respect that cops keep the streets safe by arresting burglars, and murderers, and rapists, and that type of stuff. But for some person to have the power to put my ass in handcuffs and haul me down to jail and lock me up for smoking fucking marijuana absolutely pisses me off. Cops weren't born with authority over us. God didn't make them better than us. So what gives them the right to do that shit. The goal of law enforcement should be to protect the people, not fucking annoy the hell out of us and arrest us for shit that isn't hurting anyone. One thing I find to be unfair is if someone punches a cop in the face, they will be charged with assault on a police officer, which is worse than just assaulting a civilian. Why is it that it's worse to hit a cop than a person. Cops are no better than us normal people. I believe that the purpose of law enforcement is not what t should be. Police should be there to protect the people, and do that only. Now more than ever I see cops running radar and pulling people over for going not even 10 miles over the speed limit on a road where the speed limit is 15 mph to low. They sure as hell aren't pulling people over for safety reasons. It's all about making money for the government. All these fines criminals have to pay is for the government. Cops aren't out there to protect people only. They make money for the government. I understand that cops are just people, but for all these reasons and many more that are too difficult to say by typing, I have a very difficult time respecting cops.
  6. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    We live in a society of rules and therefore we have appointed a group of people to enforce those rules. There needs to be a central location where those people can be trained to enforce the rules they've been hired to enforce. Its called a Police Academy. There are other places you can get the proper training, this is just one of them.

    Is it against the law?

    No, they were given the authority by the communities they operate out of.

    See the above answer.

    Your community has placed that on the books as they realize that the cops are symbols of authority and put themselves in danger quite frequently. If you feel this law is unjust, you can change it or challenge it in court. You'll lose but you can try.

    Cops ARE normal people just doing a job.

    Are you an engineer who can determine the proper speed limits for all the roads you drive on?
    Besides, driving is a privilege and not a right. When you get your license to drive, you agree to follow all the traffic laws. You don't HAVE to drive if you don't want to. Take the bus or a cab.

    Driving too fast is a safety reason. Thousands of people have been killed due to drivers going too fast for conditions.

    You should. They are doing a thankless job for low wages.
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  7. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Is it possible you're just pissed off that they got you in trouble for getting drunk and having alcohol in school and just being stupid in general more than anything else? Seems like as opposed to presenting any reason to not like them, you're just pissed that they rolled on you, and for good reason. Getting drunk in school is straight up retarded, no offense.
  8. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Naw man those cops happened to be the nicest cops I ever met. In the end I didn't even get charged at all cuz they turned me over to my parents and let the school deal with it.
  9. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    I understand that society needs rules to function, and there needs to be someone to enforce these rules. However half of the rules that the government imposes on us I find to be pointless, and disagree with. I mean who the fuck am I hurting by smoking weed? I am very grateful that police are out there to protect us from real criminals that actually deserve jailtime, like murderers and rapists. But in reality prolly more than 75% of a cops work is arresting people for smoking weed, busting underage drinking parties, and pulling people over for speeding or other minor traffic violations. They are more of pests to me that protectors of the peace. I mean my neighborhood has seen it's share of car breakins, and vandalism over the past few years. Of all the breakins and shit that's happened, the cops weren't able to do anything about it. I highly doubt I will be a victim of murder or rape in my lifetime although that would suck. And what I hate more than anything is how cops use their power as a way to strip people of their rights without even knowing it. People are afraid of cops and cops know that. And they do use that to their advantage. If a cop pulls you over and wants to search your car, you can deny a search. But half the people don't know that and cops will take advantage and use their power to intimidate people into complying with them, even if they have no right. And cops do that all the time in other situations to. And cops can even lie to us. If most of the laws are based on moral values, then shouldn't our law enforcers be moral and not lie. And I understand speeding can be dangerous. But seriously my friend got pulled over going 43 on a 35 wen he was the onlyy car on the road and it was a 3 lane road which I'm sure can be more than 35 mph. And if cops running radar aren't a way to make money then explain these speed cameras which are just another form of lawenforcement.
  10. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Well just go ahead and break them whenever the need hits you. But remember this...there are people who feel the same way concerning the raping of your sister, mom or daughter. There are those who would love nothing more than steal everything you own and they feel the same way about the laws they are breaking.

    Nobody, but thats not the point. The cops can't pick and choose which laws to enforce.

    Although we may be in agreement with the first item on your list, the others make sense. Have you ever been in a car accident which was someone elses fault? Do you know someone who has been killed as a result of someone not following the rules of the road? They have a purpose. Children shouln't be drinking and when they get behind the wheel its even worse. I know you don't like stopping for the stop sign or obeying the speed limit but you got to get past your own selfish wants and think of the big picture.

    You wouldn't be saying that if the boys from MS13 were kicking the shit out of you. You'd be begging the cops to show up.

    Is it realistic to think the cops can stop all crime from happening? What they can do is begin an investigation and hopefully the evidence will lead to an arrest.

    No one thinks they're going to be a victim...it just happens.

    Its an irrational fear unless you're a criminal.

    Up to a point and under certain conditions.

    Is that the cops fault?

    Cops will ask questions, its up to you to answer or not.

    As long as they don't violate your rights the cops can say anything during an investigation. Who ays they can't lie during an investigation? They can't lie at the trial but the investigation is another story.

    If you understand that it can be dangerous then why do you do it? Since you know its dangerous, then you now know why its against the law.

    You're rationalizing bad behavior. You're not the one who set the speed limit. I might think that I can go 95 on that stretch of road with my eyes closed. I guess that would be okay using your logic.

    The cameras are a form of deterent (I hate them too) and the radar units are merely a law enforcement tool.
    99.9% of all cops are good and honorable people just doing a job. They aren't out to bully you or take away your rights. They were merely given a set of rules that they were told to enforce. They have families and friends just like you and me. Just look at them as ordinary people doing a difficult job.
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  11. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Ok ur kinda stretching things a bit too far. Smoking weed is a victimless crime. I'm not hurting anyone but myself. I don't know how you can seriously respond to that by saying rapists feel the same way about what they do. I don't even know what to say to that because that is just crazy that u wud actually compare the 2 crimes. And I understand that cops are legally allowed to lie to us during an investigation. But I find that to be bullshit. I beloved that should be illegal and it pisses me off when cops do that. It's just wrong. If police repesent a part of our government, then that says some bad things about our government if they can just go around lying to us. They're supposed to be here to protect us, not decieve and trick us. It's pathetic. And speeding can be dangerous, but only when it's wreckless. Going 43 on 35 with no other cars on the road on a 3 lane road is not at all dangerous. I'm not saying that I wish cops would just stay off the roads completely and let us drive however we want because then the roads wud be dangerous. We wud have people driving 30 mph over the limit all the time, and we wud have alot more drinking and driving. And when you tell me I'm trying to justify bad behavior, I don't understand. Noone in this world doesn't drive over the speed limit occasionally INCLUDING COPS. I've seen cops have to slow down alot before they drive infront of a speed camera. All this shit is mostly the government trying to make money. And no shit I wud be praying for the cops to show up if I was getting my ass beat by MS13. And like I said I am very grateful that cops are there to stop that type of shit. And when u say it's peoples choice to not answer questions or deny a search, yes that is true, but my point is ppl are afraid to deny that to a cop. Police know that and so they use their power as intimidation to get people to comply. I find that wrong and fucked up. Cops completely disregard the rights of citizens all the time. And I don't know where you live and what kind of cops you come across, but in my area cops are just the biggest dicks, and especially if they think you look lime a pothead. And I see so much racial profiling with cops. I always see them harassing black and Spanish people much more than whites. I just can't come to completely respect cops because they really are not out there just protecting society, they are out there to harass society as well.
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  12. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    For the most part, yes.

    Because they have the ability to rationalize what they are doing and use that ability to come up with legitimate reasons (in their mind) to justify their behavior. You and I know they're wrong but they don't.

    They may just be wanting to see your reaction to the lie. A guilty person would act one way and an innocent person would act another way.

    Well that depends on the road conditions...going 35 in a 35 zone may be dangerous under certain conditions.
    But then thats not YOUR decision now is it.

    ITA but that still doesn't make it right.

    Or they may be afraid to open that can of worms. Being detained until the drug dog gets there, etc etc.

    They can't stand it when people lie to them. They have a good deal of influence on how the investigation turns out. It can range from a warning to a trip downtown and that can be influenced on how you react to the cops.

    Its just the give and take of the cop and citizen relationship. People who cooperate are treated better than hard asses who made the cop fight for everything.

    No they don't. If they did, they wouldn't be cops very long.

    Thats your perception and that could be flawed by your attitude.

    Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with racial profiling. When looking for terrorists, are you going to focus on people who look like they came from Norway or from Saudi Arabia? There are some common sense points behind racial profiling but we're too PC to admit it.

    In typical black or hispanic neighborhoods, the cops tend to be more involved with blacks or hispanics. In white neighborhoods, the cops tend to be more involved with whites.

    Don't break the law and you won't be harassed. Its that simple.
  13. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Iv said it before and I will say it again.

    It takes respect to gain respect.

    There is a difference betwen harrasment, and concern.

    There is a differnce between an officer protecting your safety, and an officer protecting their paycheque.

    There is a difference between upholding the peace and upholding the revenue.

    Having an officer control the peace is beautiful. Having an officer tail-gate you for more than a Kilometer only to put you under presure to pull you over for a "random breath test" and shows you that he has nothing but animosity for you and talks to you like you are a piece of shit, only because you were not wearing the provisional plates on your car. And he didnt know that till after he pulled me over.

    So dont give me this shit, that we all need to respect them from the bottom of our hearts. Dont give me this crap about them wanting to throw in a 9-5 and go home and eat supper, they are not factory workers....

    Yeh there are "some" bad apples, too bad its the condition of the cart that produces these bad apples.... Or perhaps its the apple picker himself tainting those poor idealistic apples....
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  14. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    @happyboy. The fact that you are seriously trying to compare the mindsets of pot smokers to the mindsets of rapists absolutely blows my mind. Rapists think it's ok to rape people because they are mentally fucking deranged!!! They are pyscopathic motherfuckers! Potheads think it's ok to smoke pot because God made the fucking plant and it harms absolutely noone!! Yes cops do somewhat protect us from criminals, but not nearly as much as you think. The real big criminals like major gangs are often times handled by FBI and swat, not your local police. And I can agree with you that racial profiling is ok at some point when it comes to terrorist activity, because at that point, lives are at stake. But racial profiling to make a simple drug bust or something of that nature is just pathetic. It really shows how diminished the moral values of this country have become when it's coming from law enforcement. Seriously you act like cops are nice people all the time. If they think you look like a pothead when they pull you over then they will treat you like shit. I have found that most cops are just caught up on a power trip and think they own the fucking people. FUCK THE POLICE!!!
  15. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    You're missing the point. Its the concept behind rationalization that allows these nuts to commit these crimes. Rape and murder are okay (in their minds) as long as THEY have a logical (in their minds) explanation for their behavior.
    You've said that there are laws that you feel are pointless. Well the rapists and murderers and robbers feel the same as you do. You can explain away your behavior. Well guess what, so can they.

    They try and thats all that matters.

    Because the local cops don't have the resources to handle large organized criminal enterprises.

    But its logical.

    99% of the cops are. You do have the rogue cop who breaks the law and when they're caught, usually the book gets thrown at them. They were supposed to know better.

    If you treat them with respect, you'll get it in return.

    You say that until you need them.
  16. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

  17. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    Once the dog hit on the car, thats all she wrote. They were busted. Is it the cops fault because they were stupid and drove around with their smoking gear?
    Its the cops responsibility to investigate suspicious behavior. Not everyone out there is a boyscout. Until the cop gets done with his investigation, for all you know, those guys could have been gun toting axe murderers.
  18. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    OMG dude I really don't know if I can take you seriously. THEY WERE CLIMBING A FUCKING TREE DOING NOTHING WRONG AND STILL THE COPS HARASSED THEM. how the he'll is climbing a tree suspicious. Like seriously I don't know how you can defend the cops in that situation. A nice cop would tell the kids to be careful and let them go on with their day. Not call over 6 fucking other cops and a k9 unit cuz they were climbing a tree. Seriously like I don't even know how to respond because what ou said is so stupid. They could have been murderers??? Give me a fucking break you fucking whacko. Go hang off your local sheriffs ball sack. Like are you being serious about all this or are you just like messing with me dude cuz everything you've said is just crazy man.

    Mod note: No flaming. Infraction issued......
  19. Ringedredbullet

    Ringedredbullet New Member

    happyboy your delusional if you don't think cops completely disregard the rights of citizens everyday never have a met a kind of person that gets off on fucking with random ppl everyday for (NOTHING!!!!) its true they get a fucking kick out of straight harrassing ppl its wrong, you say that they wouldn't have there jobs very long if they did this it happens ALL THE TIME!

    When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson
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  20. HappyBoy1981

    HappyBoy1981 Senior DEA Agent

    I'm not saying there isn't police abuse or that there aren't rogue cops out there. But they are extremely rare and don't last long in law enforcement. They do have third party peer review agencies within law enforcement that weeds out the bad ones.

    They were 18 year olds up in a tree and the cops came to investigate a call from the neighbors about some young people smoking weed.

    They happened to be in the vicinity and the cops chose them to initially question.

    A professional cop would ask them what they are doing and if they have anything illegal on them that they should know about. Afterall, they are investigating a call from a concerned citizen about MJ use.

    When the police respond to a call, they have no idea who they are dealing with.
    How many police have been killed during simple traffic stops or investigating suspicious activities?
    They can't read your mind. The initial call was from a neighbor who said people were getting high and guess what? The cops found a bag with residue in it and then they found a bong. CSI didn't need to be called in to solve this case.

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