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  1. PeacePipe

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    I got a question for all yall experienced smokers, ive been smoking for just about 4 months now, i realize im still a newbie, ive smoke about 10-15 times, and still when i take a 3 second hit i cough loike theres no tomorrow, is this b/c my throat is not used to smoke (i dont smoke cigs), is it b/c my weed is bad, or is it b/c im taking to big of hits, and i doing it wrong? i cant figure out why i still do. but if yall could tell what it probly is and how long itl take to get used to smoke....sorry if this is hard to understand but im kinda baked so.... sorry.

  2. Randøm_

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    Peacepipe, all the possibilities you mentioned, individually or combined could be the culprit. My suggestion is to take smaller hits. :p
  3. FullyBaked

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    Or it could just be that your going to be a coughing type person.

    I've never taken to the fact that to be a good smoker you have to have them Iron lungs.

    Just think of it this way.

    Everyone will cough sometime.
    Some will cough often.
    Some hardly at all.
  4. It took me a long time to get used to the smoke to the point where I didn't have to cough. Maybe it just took me a while to refine my method. In the middle of my hit, I will sometimes breath in a little fresh air through my mouth to cool off my throat, then continue with the hit.
  5. Greenman

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    Don't feel bad, been smoking for 6 years and I still cough when I take a hit, sometimes worse than others. Having lots of water around and food helps because the throat doesn't get dried out a quickly, so you don't get that harsh, cashed feeling. Take a hit, take a drink, take a hit, take a drink. When you start coughing more than normal, lay off the pipe for a little bit and let your throat recover.

    THC is normally absorbed in the lungs completely in 7 to 10 seconds. Holding it any longer than this does not increase the high (that wah wah feeling you get sometimes is oxygen deprivation, not a surge of THC) and causes you to cough more.

    Also I have found that taking a hit, and then taking a breath in on top of the hit makes the coughing worse. Take a hit and a small a breath as possible to get the smoke into your lungs. Huge inhales will only make it worse, in my experience.

    You don't need to take large hits either, small puffs are actually better for you than large ones because there is less burnt plant matter in the lungs at a given time. The trick is finding a balance between your own preferences and the sense to be macho and show you ability to "handle your stuff" with your friends.

    Hope that helps.

  6. PeacePipe

    PeacePipe Guest

    ya it does, thanx everyone for responding, ill try taking the food and drink thing see if that helps.

  7. Crow

    Crow Guest

    yeah....im a big cougher and even though its gotten better with time, i still cough alot...

    It definately helps to have some water and like a moist bready kinda food.
  8. AMPEnergy

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    i have asthma but i didnt even cough my first time... I have a high tolerane to alot of things, kind of good, kind of bad (overdose). Yeah if i mess up or take it in wrong i'll cough, but i don't on a normal basis. Drink water. Cold water. Sometimes my throat tingles and i wash it away with water. Gargle it and swallow. Also helps get the smell off of your breath. :thumbsup:

    Edit: Only about 8 years late... ME FTW
  9. GMD

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    hhaahhaha water and moist food close by. what is wrong with ya'll!? only time I coughd like I was gonna die was taking huge bong hits in college. I've been smoking 16 years cough like anybody else. u are smoking u know? either the weed is shit, the weed is killa, ur taking too big of hits for u, ur a pussy. j/k peace.
  10. Buds_Of_Steele

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    of course i suppose peacepipe has been smoking for about 8 years now and should be fine lol.
    *cough* 2001 *cough* xD
  11. euphoric dreams

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    There can be many reasons. I've been smoking for 4 years and sometimes I still find a reason to cough. Wether it's because it's weed of lesser quality (or equally really good bud), dry weed, a harsh hit, a big hit, tired lungs, etc... there can always be a reason to cough even when you are experienced.

    To make things easier for you (allowing you to get used to it while cutting down on the coughing) take smaller hits but more at a time... Hard to explain but take like 5 small hits all at once faster then you would normaly take them? Helps cut down on the coughing however it's easier to be demonstrated with a visual example.... you can probably catch the gist of it anyway. Also have a beverage handy because it will help cut a coughing fit.

    Either way there is nothing wrong with coughing... it doesn't mean that you're "too new" to it or anything... nothing to be shy or embarassed about if that was one of your concerns. Sure it's a hastle and kind of irritating but as they say "the more you cough the more stoned you get" (which seems to be valid in my experience) and it will settle down all on its own good time.
  12. gabiiscool

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    the more you cough the higher you get.
  13. D.0.B

    D.0.B New Member

    harsh^ but meh, i wouldnt say im a cougher but just drink water between,before and after hits
  14. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    did you mean question?

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