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  1. ComfortablyNumb

    ComfortablyNumb New Member

    Now, the reason you cough is obvious. Inhaling hot, iritating smoke into your lungs. But what I would like to know, is why people say "the more you cough the higher you get". I beleive in this, because it happens whenever I smoke. But, why does it happen? Can some of you experts explain this, or maybe direct me to a thread that will explain this? I didn't find anything when using the search button, thanks.
  2. broomhdj

    broomhdj Sr. Member

    One argument for that idea :

    Coughing is a signal that you have inhaled a lot of smoke deep into your lungs (and so a lot of THC is absorbed).
    Therefore, if you cough, you must have absorbed a lot of THC, because the coughing was caused by deeply inhaling a lot of smoke.
  3. bing bong

    bing bong Banned

    alls i know for sure is you dont get off, until you cough. I guess it makes you higher, because it is more than your body will let in without resistance. like you have to be purposly smoking a lot, or really harsh stuff. and your body knows when you want to get f u c k e d !!!!
  4. Jaycrills

    Jaycrills New Member

    When you cough you are also beginning to blow out smoke then you inhale it deep into your lungs again as you keep coughing.
  5. beats

    beats New Member

    Your looking at it wrong. It isn't the coughing that gets you higher. Its the more smoke you inhale irritates your lungs and throat more, causing you to cough. More tar makes it burn more.

  6. copesettic

    copesettic New Member

    smoke hookah

    Beats hit it nicely. If you smoke some leaves rolled in a joint you're gonig to cough, but not necessarily get high. It's true that internal stress caused by coughing opens up your lungs more and allows all the little air sacs to get more blood. Also, the quality of the weed you smoke affects how much it irritates your lungs and throat. So smoking ****ty, harsh weed and coughing a lot won't get you any higher than smoking hydro white widow through a bubbler and not coughing. cough before you take that smooth hit and you'll get the most out of your lungs. Of course, ingesting it is always the most efficient way of getting all the THC out of your weed.
    I've smoked hookah with 3 other friends packed with some molasses tobacco and a little bit of keef (pot dust) sprinkled on top and it gave me a nice mellow high. no coughing required. =P
  7. Skater dusto

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    I hardly cough anymore. I smoke a lot of joints, so I supposed that my lungs are pretty conditioned for smoking weed. :D

    Last night was the first times in weeks that I've coughed while smoking. I was skating around, trying not to look like an idiot with a joint in my hands and I inhaled too much, too fast and coughed like a dork. It felt kind of embarassing but oh well. Coughing has nothing to do with how stoned you are, or how stoned you're going to get. It's more about the amount of smoke that goes in and comes out. No need for coughing, holding your hits, or any of that junk. It's been said here time and time again, and if you don't beleive us then try it for yourselves.
  8. freemonky

    freemonky New Member

    Head rush.

    You could hypothetically cause the same reaction by holding your breath and standing too fast... Coughing like a nut doesn't let you breathe normally (duh!) and you get all dizzy and foggy really quickly because of low oxygen.

    yes? no?

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