Could I still become a lawyer if I smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by SativaForAnxiety, May 30, 2011.

  1. SativaForAnxiety

    SativaForAnxiety New Member

    I've been feared into thinking that if I start smoking weed (not daily or anything) that I can kiss my lawyer future goodbye. I mean, I'll always pick my future over a plant but that would really suck if it was true =/.

    In NY, Marijuana is decriminalized so if I was to smoke and ever get caught (that's if I'm a moron) I would be fined $100 depending on my possession. Equivalent of a traffic ticket basically (not in the city, though.)

    I'd like to know now but what I feel is if I smoked it responsibley and not smoke during my job days (when I get a job soon) I should be fine. Not like I'm abusing or anything but it's also said that a law firm would question me if I ever smoked pot?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if this sounded silly. Just seemed like a great question to ask just in case.
  2. Teleo9

    Teleo9 New Member

    I know that you have to disclose everything on your criminal record to your states BAR association, so your application wouldn't look great if you were arrested for pot or something. My buddy had to disclose that he had a drinking ticket in college. That's all I really know, though. The key is to not get caught, other than that I don't think there are any other unusual things.

    As an already established lawyer, you can be disbarred (lose your license), but this is usually for very unethical things.
  3. SativaForAnxiety

    SativaForAnxiety New Member

    Disbarred for smoking weed when discriminalized? That sounds too harsh. But I strongly believe that by the time I'm a lawyer it will be legalized, plus I probably won't smoke when I am due to that paranoia of getting disbarred.

    Thanks for replying! I highly doubt I'd get caught anyway.
  4. CouchPotato

    CouchPotato Cotch Supreme

    As long as there wont be any drug tests if you work for someone or what have ya, then you should be fine, right? Just don't get caught and smoke smart and I see no reason why you can't smoke and become a lawyer. My friends Dad is in his late 60's and has smoked for the best part, and he's never been caught...

    Still, I think a lawyer with crazy red eye stinking of bud would be hilarious to watch :p
  5. Drizzle420

    Drizzle420 New Member

    My guilty is not client.
  6. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    Kid, you worry too much. Fuck it. Most younger lawyers will smoke pot. That's a fact of life. When you're paying out the ass to go to school for longer than most of the rest of us, you're probably going to have at least tried it. So if god forbid you get busted by the police, it won't make a huge difference. It's not like you were sodomizing kids, or doing illegal whaling or something.

    SfA, go ahead and smoke already. You need it. Paranoia, anxiety, they're bullshit. It may be part of a condition, but it's still part of your state of mind. Smoking weed is illegal, not immoral, so don't worry about it.
  7. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    One of my best friends is a lawyer for a very good firm (very well known here) and I smoke with him all the time.
    In fact, I just smoked a big, fat, juicy blunt with him no more than 45 minutes ago.

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