Crack(laced bud) is Whack!

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by RuskyNail, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. RuskyNail

    RuskyNail New Member

    I was chillin on a hill for my mid lunch toke when I saw some fellow MJ enthusiasts and asked if they wanted to sesh, which they were up for. It was a decent time till I found out they just smoked me up with some coke laced buds. I was pretty pissed 'cause my day was now wasted, we smoked a lot of "buds", and therefore a lot of coke and I felt like SH!T from five minutes after till the next day. It wasn't even so much that they smoked me up on it, it's that they didn't tell me and they smoked me up on a lot; has anyone else been 'surprised' lately by an uninvited lacing?
  2. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

    Lacing weed is such a hyped-up topic of debate for some reason, I truly don't understand it. Why would dealers (or strangers) provide you with an extra buzz by lacing.. they benefit in little to now way whatsoever.

    Are you new to the MJ scene, kind of seems you are. If so, you could be like many other people on this board and were just super baked (very probable) and convinced yourself it was laced. Perhaps placebo effect -- expected they laced it (perhaps from vibes they gave) and then your mind plays tricks on you.

    Besides, if they didn't tell you they laced it then why assume so?

  3. RuskyNail

    RuskyNail New Member

    I've been smokin headies for awhile now, right beside BC, these guys showed me the bud after and there was powder (not kief or trichromes) on it and they said it was coke when I asked, one of them thought that the other guy told me at first and vice versa.
  4. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    i've known of people that have intentionally laced weed with coke. it's not like they didn't tell me about it, either. i've never had any bud that has been laced, ever. it wouldn't profit the person selling it at all. think about it, if someone laces their bud, & they're selling it for however much they sell it for (regular price), they're selling the bud PLUS whatever else is in it. stupid i think. because if it's pcp or coke, they could sell that for an extra 60 bucks, plus the profit they make from the weed.
  5. S&MPenguin

    S&MPenguin New Member

    No because marijuana laced with cocaine has a very distinct taste and smell. The last time I came close I recognized the smell before I hit it and politely bowed out of the circle. Given the taste,smell, and difference in high you should have known what was up long before you had finished smoking. You need to more observant on what exactly you are ingesting and when in doubt never be afraid to ask.
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  6. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    whats the point isnt it pretty fucked up for the heart to mix a depressant and a stimulant and shit..
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    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    Well his friends could have laced it themselves. They didn't have to buy it that way. I know a few kids who have laced their own personal stash with coke sometimes.
  8. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Lacing with coke will do have to cook some crack if you want to GET HIGH from the cocaine in conjunction with the marijuana.
  9. Yana Usdi

    Yana Usdi Dogs best friend

    As far as I know I've never taken a drug I wasn't aware of, though I have seen it happen. I met a girl (and an hour or so later her boyfriend) one night that way. At the time it wasn't uncommon to spray pot with pcp and call it wack, you could smell and taste it if you knew about it but some who didn't just thought it tasted odd I guess. She was one of them.

    I was supposed to be just checking an area to see if it was cool or not when I ran across this lost soul who couldn't even say at first what direction her home was in, it took a bit of time to get her oriented and start her on the way there. Stopped to rest, her idea, on the way and her boyfriend ran across us there. Jealous jerk who assumed too much and started digging in the trunk of his car for a tire iron until I convinced him that would be a poor idea.

    I don't know how common it is these days, but it does happen on occasion at least.
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    There was no depressant mentioned, just marijuana and cocaine.
  11. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    bullshit. I do it every now and then. TOTALLY different, and i'm aware of tha placebo effect...which this isn't.
  12. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Totally different as in not nearly as effective as a rail? Complete waste of coke IMO. If it was true no one would be smoking crack (with weed :cool:) to get the same effects. You are adding hydroxyl groups to cocaine for one reason, to convert it so that it can be smoked.
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  13. IndiStoner

    IndiStoner New Member

    i've never had laced weed or any drug that i did not know about.. actually if i come to think of it, i've only used marijuana as a recreational drug and no other off topics.. i intend to keep it that way.
  14. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    Absolutely, your science is correct and it isn't worth it at all.

    But every once in a while, I do it...throwback to people stuntin and lacin up their weed when they got paid where I'm from. Total waste of coke, but it DOES have an effect
  15. BlindObject

    BlindObject New Member

    Hm, I once smoked with weed laced with PCP, as they said at least. The high was ridiculously different then any other high I experienced. It was extremely intense and vibrant. When me and my friend biked, we'd forget we were biking for a second or two, totally wild. "Whoa dude! We're biking!!" I wouldnt say I hallucinated, but some things were deff distorted or somewhat different. They told me it was "superb bud" which I dont hear often, or it could just be the wide vocabulary of the seller. But honestly, I loved it, and I haven't found anything like that yet. And a couple of times I did smoke weed with cocaine, it was okay, but I rather just smoke weed alone. I don't get why you felt sick.
  16. echolalia

    echolalia New Member

    most people who do this just do it because they are mean people, and want to see how you'll react to something you don't expect. it sucks, but it happens. my friend did ecstasy with two other people and it was laced with a powerful psychadelic off topic, which they failed to inform him about

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