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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by arsen_36, May 27, 2006.

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    my friend who is on probation and gave me these cranberry pills and he told me to take 4 pills the day before with tons of water. he says he uses cranberry pills everytime before a drug test and he passes. he says it's what keep him out of jail..... well he convinced me they work but i just want to make sure.
  2. Buzzby

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    Cranberry is a mild diuretic and may provide some help in speeding the elimination of THC metabolites from your system. I wouldn't rely on four pills the day before the test to get you a pass. The large amount of water would have much more of an effect, but simply drinking large amounts of water usually results in a "negative dilute" condition. The other factors in our dilution protocol help to make your dilute urine appear to be less dilute.

    The only way to know when you're clean enough to pass a test is to test yourself at home. You can get THC tests at drugstores for $15 - $20 each. You can get them in batches of 10 from sellers on eBay for $2 each. If you pass a home test with the first part of the first pee of the day, you're home free.

    If not, try a dilution protocol and test again. If you can't pass with a dilution technique you'll have to go to substitution.

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Substitution techniques always work, but take some practice and can't be used in a closely observed test.

    SUBSTITUTION: Tips, tricks and guidelines by N2

    and look at

    Fooling the Bladder Cops
  3. i honestly think this will work i had to make an account on here to give you some information that i read that was actually wrong, see i just found out my good friend tamitha who is on probation does that same thing but she only takes two cranberry pills and is safe, and her uas were testing for creatine levels/ dilution so i read buzzby's posting and realized how can this work so i did some research on creatine and cranberry's and learned that cranberry's contain a preety good amount of creatine especially in the extracted cranberry pill form is what im predicting. but i have a link of this website to prove it contains creatine. i also thought mybe thats why cranberry juice makes your mouth dry. so do a lil research of your own not just drug tests but cranberrys, urine, natural resources. and this will all help you pass i have been doing research for atleast a year now to pass my uas because to me ganja is the best feeling to me it allows me to view the world threw a neutral perspective, if only we were all neutral and diddnt spend time taking sides and killing each other.
    go down to creatine found in food. hope this helped i am new but i have read 1000's of comments on these forums

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  4. i meen to fix some information that was wrong
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    Lots of foods contain creatine but not in the quantity that you will get when loading supplements and that is why they are recommended and not cranberry pills in N2's dilution guide.
  6. DrugTestDave

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    If you plan to "water load" as N2 calls it, you'll need to ensure you're getting the level of creatine that will pass integrity. Nothing wrong with a good flush! :)
  7. Ruckus

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    That is unless one would consider the scientific fact that one cannot "flush" fat soluble THC from one's person and then one would rightly decide that it is simply not worth the time, effort and expense.
  8. DrugTestDave

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    I didn't mean flush THC out, and that's not what I said. I meant that cranberry is known to be good for the kidneys and bladder. That's it. I am aware that THC is fat soluble. Love you Ruckus!

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