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    hi, i have a meeting with my rehab counselor on tuesday, and seeing how i failed my last UA with flying colors, i know she will assign me another one which will probably occur sometime at the end of the week or beginning of next...i have started to take cranberry pills because i heard it will clean out my system the last time i smoked was the 21st and 22nd, 21st being half a blunt then thr 22nd was a refry of that half blunt...i use pretty often, am 5'5" and 140 you think that these pills will help (along with abstaining from now until my test)?
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    Cranberry Pills, Good But Not As Good AS You Would Like

    Cranberry juice or cranberry pills are often recommended for women (and an occasional man) who get urinary tract infections quite often for a couple of reasons. Cranberry juice can act as a very mild urinary tract antiseptic and as a mild diuretic. As far as I know the antiseptic properties will not help the body to eliminate or flush the THC any quicker because THC is not a bacteria (little humor there). The diuretic effects are really only good the day of the test as drinking lots of water and diuretics will not flush the body of THC. It will cause you to go to the bathroom more, which is helpful if you want to dilute your sample. You need to read one of the first 2 threads in the urine testing section about Dilution and Substitution. This will help you more than the cranberry pills. I have heard of people using the pills but they just don't seem to really do much other than make you pee, which is good if diluting.

    FYI: women are subject to more urinary tract infections than men because the urethra in men is about twice as long and it that helps keep out bacteria. This post was not meant to be sexist or misogynistic in any way.

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