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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Patman1, May 12, 2009.

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    Hello everyone, newbie here. I hope to find this forum very informative. I took my first workplace drug test yesterday and passed. I did my homework this time versus when I was young and on probation. H 5'9" W155 Age28. I would say I have a fast metabolism. I don't workout, but work two active jobs and I stay quite busy, and have very little body fat. I quit 12 days in advance, but I typically smoke between 4 and 6 grams of reg to good midgrade a week. I started taking creatine pills 1250mg three days in advance. I took time release niacin pills for a few days in advance also. I was confident I was pretty much clean. I still didn't want to take any chances. I started to dillute about three hours in advance. I drank about a gallon and half at most, I did'nt want to over do it. I drank a large gatorade with a teaspoon of salt to keep my specific gravity in range I guess. I also took to 100mg VB2 pills 2 hours in advance. I was more confident than I have ever been. My urine had a nice neon green color to it, and the test was tested on the spot. I dont think they were testing for creatine levels, specific gravity etc, because it was so quick, but I could be wrong. I think If they are suspicious of dillution or other things they send the test off for further testing. Well im in the clear for now, but there will be random testing every month. They will pick 25% of the employee pool. I will also be given a 24 hour notice before the test. I figured my best bet was to continue taking the creatine supplements 1250mg an eat red meat on a regular basis. How often should I take the creatine? Is there any other things I could do in such a short notice before test? thanks!!!!!!!!!
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    I have been taking like 30-50grams of creatine a day to load up... you were taking 1.25g. You can over use the creatine, but it's not easy and side effects aren't serious. I don't know how much to take but 1.25g is very very little.

    Load creatine and drink a dilute and you should pass.

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