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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by jaymzbond, May 28, 2004.

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    I have a pre-employment test screening in about 2 weeks. Is it OK to start taking creatine as a supplement to get my levels higher right now????Is there anything else I can do to start removing THC from my system???I know about red meat and exercise, but is there anything else I can do, or take to start bringing my THC levels lower. Ive stopped smoking yesterday after 6 months straight of smoking daily.
    Thank you to all.
  2. melanotaenia

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    you can start taking it now but the creatine really only helps the test for the few days prior, so you can load your body with creatine in order for it to be turned over to creatinine which is what will show up in your urine. Since they test for creatine levels, if you dilute they will naturally fall, but if you take supplements then you have a better chance of keeping them above the level where they would label the sample dilute.
  3. ziggeh

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    I wouldn't recommend taking it right away unless you plan on doing some heavy weightlifting and training because it will definately cause weight gain. Theres quite a few ways to help remove THC from your system at a faster rate, some very simple. Here are some ways that will more than likely help you out.

    -Cardio exercise, and a lot of it. This is probably the single best way to help remove thc. Get your heart rate UP!! (stop exercising 2 days before the test, as it will release more-than-average amounts of thc in your blood and urine)

    -Sweating, take an hour long steaming hot bath everyday with a gallon of water next to you (to prevent dehydration). (do this as much as you want, until test day)

    -Weight lifting / Muscle training, stretching can all benefit, not a great amount but everything helps. (stop exercising 2 days before the test)

    -Dieting, this will make much of your fat burn up especially with cardio exercise. The more fat you burn the more THC is removed from your body. (stop dieting 2 days before the test, as it will release more than average THC into your blood and urine)

    -MULTIVITAMINS. take 1 a day with your largest meal, it will keep your metabolism in good shape as well as clean out your blood (niacin). Even though you do not have a blood test, the blood carries the metabolites to your urine, so if your blood is clean then your urine will show great improvement.

    -2 days prior begin taking creatine supplement, eat hardy and sit on your ass. Your body will use food as fuel instead of fat, that way the THC is not released at such a high level, also if you take in an extra amount of calories it will cause the body to STORE the fat instead of burning it. Again, the principal is to lower the amount of THC released into your URINE, even if its in your body.

    Test day: follow N2's dilution tips

    Good luck man, don't let those straight edges get you down!
  4. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    while that is good advice, steam rooms have no evidence of removing THC from your system.

    Exercise is the only way to speed up turnover since it will cause more fat cells to be broken down in order to feed your muscles with energy. Weight lifting is better than cardio since lifting weights causes the body to constantly use you excess energy to feed the muscles during recovery.

    Please, if you are going to make suggestions please only use the ones that have scientific evidence to back them up.

  5. ziggeh

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    melanotanae or whatever, your information about weight lifting burning more calories is wrong for two reasons.
    1. your muscles only account for about 15% of your daily basal metabolic rate (basically sitting on your ass)
    2. Average person burns 2,500 calories a day, simply biking for an hour with a moderate effort burns 500. Weight training burns about 100 calories an hour, and the amount it burns afterwards is very small unless you already have large muscles.

    Also, sweating does remove THC because it contains fatty acids and we all know THC is fat soluble.

    So before you knock my information, get your facts straight. Thanks, bye.

    edit: sorry about the trolling
  6. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    while cardio does burn more calories during the actual exercise taking place, the calorie burn is only effective during the exercise. With weight lifting, though you may burn less calories during the workout, you are going to burn calories all day long after lifting weights because your muscles are going to constantly need to get energy from the body to help recover from the workout, which is why people are not advised to work out every day. Part of the weight loss involved in lifting weights concerns the recovery time....while I do recommend cardio after your weight lifting regimen, the weight lifting is going to burn calories 24 hours a day, while cardio only really burns calories during the 30 or so minutes you are doing it.

    If you do not agree with these methods, than we can agree to disagree. I have been through these methods a long time, and N2 can vouch for me that we both spend a lot of time answering questions about these tests with as much precise information as possible.

    And large muscles? It is true large muscles burn more, but muscles burn fat constantly and that is just a fact of the human body. ATP is needed by the muscles after a workout, and the breakdown of fat cells enables ATP production for the muscles to recover.
  7. ziggeh

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    actually cardio makes your metabolic rate speed up for the rest of the day, (mostly in the 2 hour period after the work out). Your muscles repair the greatest amount while sleeping using carbs and protein. 1g carbs = about 5 calories.

    And yes, the size of your muscles has a huge impact on the amount of calories you burn during the day. Im sure this person will not be able to get the effectiveness of the "muscle repairing itself using energy" with only 2 weeks. Unless he is already a muscular person.

    "If that doesn't seem like much, consider this: If a 150-pound woman changed her exercise habits and converted 10 percent of her body fat to muscle, she would be able to consume 300 extra calories a day without gaining weight. Looked at another way, the right change in your metabolism could mean you can eat three chocolate chip cookies every day, without gaining weight. "

    Yeah try converting 10% body fat to muscle in 2 weeks.

    So yes, in the long term muscles will help, but it takes months to burn as much as you've been trying to tell me.
    By bicycling an hour I burn 500 a day
    If I weight train for an hour a day for a year then I'd burn 500 a day

    oh and dont forget, your heart is a muscle too ;)

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