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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by cypress1492, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. cypress1492

    cypress1492 New Member

    Anyone know how well they check for pot when boarding a cruise ship? I would like to travel with a samll quantity and was wondering who has any experience taking a cruise. Thanks for any input! The cuiseline is Royal Carribean if that helps.
  2. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Bon Voyage!

    Sound's like fun! This topic comes up every few months and so in addition to my brief answer, you should do a search on the topic.

    The consensus is that screening is similar to that of airports, and with the same intent - preventing weapons and other mayhem from going aboard. With that, my recommendation for airport screening (and hence cruise ships) is never place it in your luggage, checked or carry-on; always carry it on your person and mine's in my whitey-tighties.

    All this is related to domestic travel - smuggling on international travel and thru customs inspections is not recommended!
  3. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    Bon Voyage!

    With my wife anatomical advantage and good sealing I passed a lot of borders without a problem.
  4. olemisstoker

    olemisstoker New Member

    I went to the Bahammas on that same cruise line when we got off the ship at Nassua we bought a good amount of bud. Well then we started hearing people saying that they had drug dogs search you when you get back on the ship. So what i did was take the weed i bought and hid it in some bushes in downtown Nassua and went back aboard the ship to see what security was like. All they make you do is walk through a metal detector and that was it. So i just turned around went back off got my stuff and we would smoke up on the very top deck at night when everyone was to drunk to know what was going on. Also there were alot of workers on board the cruise that sold it. Alot of my friends bought from them. Sorry this is so long but i hope it helps
  5. Screwston

    Screwston New Member


    Never have any dogs around. So all you got to do is put it in your pocket in a baggy. Then you simply walk through the metal dector and take all the medal stuff out. Not very hard. Cheers!
  6. jewishjake420

    jewishjake420 New Member

    I have taken two cruises on royal carribean and plan to take my third this winter vacation. On all three I have done the same thing: tape it to my boxers and walk it on. It is the best and safest idea and I have always been successful. Bring bud back is alot more risky and I have only done that once again it was taped to my boxers. When I carried bud onto the ship it was only 3.5g each time but I brought back only 1g.
  7. LAsMoker17

    LAsMoker17 New Member

    I took a cruise...awesome. I just bought bud wherever i went. I just asked the taxi guy.

    Just be a smart traveler...dont keep ur passport on you...dont take a lot of $....just be smart. I don’t find it dangerous...

  8. rockitgrrl

    rockitgrrl New Member

    Just be careful

    I recenlty came back from a 3 day cruise to mexico. i heard that some kids got busted the moment the boat docked back in the us. they got a knock on the door at like 6am by the feds and dogs. i don't know what they found or what happened, but i do know they sent in the dogs that morning. rumor has it that the stateroom attendant ratted on them.
  9. ibtokin

    ibtokin New Member

    Need recent info on cruise ships please!!

    ok I have read all 90 pages and tried the search function, I would like RECENT info on cruises. My plan is to get a little (1/4 0z) on the ship so i can toke at nite, never taking it off. My question is what is security like at Port Canaveral for Carnival cruise lines. How is check in, I was told it is not like at airports. Any info is appriciated. Leaving Feb 4th. :-/
  10. ItsHollyWoodyo

    ItsHollyWoodyo New Member

    It'll be fine

    They cant search you. Oh ya and taping it to your boxers is a damn good idea if I do say so myself.
  11. ibtokin

    ibtokin New Member

    thank you, what is your expierience? I am really looking for more specific info!!
  12. gotenough

    gotenough New Member

    Hey to site.

    Going on cruise from NYC...planning on bringing cig 1 hitter and pack the case full for personal use. To get on the ship I was thinking of keeping it on me. I'll wear baseball sliding pants and put it in the pouch where the cup goes.
    Anyone familiar with the nyc boarding process..dogs etc?
  13. LunaLights420

    LunaLights420 New Member

    I'm new also- I did browse through other cruise related threads, but as someone pointed out earlier, most of them were a bit outdated.
    I'm going on a cruise to Mexico over the summer and would also be interesting on hearing more about security boarding and such, if anyone has info to share :)
  14. sendtonymail

    sendtonymail New Member

    5 Cruises - Succesful

    I have been on 5 cruises to Bermuda, Eastern Carribean, and Western Carribean, with another Bermuda coming up in a month. I have traveled on Royal Carribean, Norweigan and Princess. On each one of the trips, I have brought pot with me, never purchased on shore or from crew members. Before I knew better, I left it in an empty camcorder cassette tape box which was rubberbanded and took it on carry on in my backpack with my other electronics, no problems there. Coming back was different, we got caught (randomly selected) in customs. While they were searching my parents luggage, I had to sneak into my backpack and take it out and place it in my pocket. Very scary moment but worked out well. Since then, I have simply placed it in my underwear and lightly sprayed the zip lock bag with some cologne just incase. Everything always worked out, some of the pot smelt like CK sometimes but w/e. On a high note, I also brought x with me to Bermuda, kept it with the pot in my underwear and had an extra special sky deck experience under the Leonids meteor shower, uh hem, storm rather.

    Also, dont leave it in your checked bags as all the bags are placed in a holding area prior to be loaded onto the ship. At this holding area, they have dogs that walk around and try to pick up a smell. I dont think they would be able to find a small amount, and at the speed that the dogs walk, but you never know.

    Also, if you are leaving it in your checked bags, I always worry about the xray machine seeing something that resembles a zip lock baggy filled with a substance, or a few of them (baggies not substances). This worries me, I wouldnt do it, I recommend not to do it, unless someone out there knows more specifically what the screening process includes.

    Any updates that I can think of, I will post. Oh, not cruise related but, I've also managed to bring a 1/4 ounce of hydro, well everything I smoke is hydro, to Italy with me. Same method, went in at an airport bathroom, out on airplane bathroom.
  15. gotenough

    gotenough New Member

    Thanks for the info man. That helps a lot. How much did you bring? Still debating whether to break it up and put it in the dugout and keep it all on me or keep it separate.
  16. sendtonymail

    sendtonymail New Member

    I never brought more than 1/4 ounce each time. It was all bags separetly, with .5 gram bags. The x was in a tylenol bottle with tylenol in it. Smoked on a balcony and on the sky deck at nights. It was pretty fun. This time around, I will be trying to get it on the island though as I am curious to see what type of strand they have.
  17. shelly_medic

    shelly_medic New Member

    I went on a cruise to Jamaica last week. Bought some good weed (about 1 ounce), wrapped the buds in a balloon and then another balloon and crotched it. (yes I am a woman). Walked right onto the cruise ship and promptly locked it into the in-room safe. Then I took it out of the safe (yes, I could then smell it in the safe). So, I took it out of the original balloons and put it into a few new ones. Crotched it again and walked off the cruise ship, picked up my luggage and walked through customs in Florida. I went to the airport, boarded my plane and flew to Illinois and drove home. Not a second look, no sniffer machines, no dogs, I didn't set off the metal detectors on the cruise ship or in the airport (Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta to Illinois or get a search of anything. Just thought you would like to hear of my experience. (This was just last weekend)
  18. Viper420

    Viper420 Sr. Member

    That must have been some pretty dank weed.:woohoo:
  19. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Do NOT put it in your bag that you are carrying back on the ship. In my experience, that is the only thing they check. You have to tell them if you bought anything, cant think of the proper phrase. Tape it to your grundle in your boxers and youll be fine

    No, security isnt as tight as in airports, but the same precautions should be taken.
  20. batchplease

    batchplease New Member

    Im actually going to a carnival cruise out of ny in june/july, i assume it is no problem if i bring some in my underwear right? (since theres no dogs at the door and no body searching-from what everyone says in this thread). But where would you smoke if you had no balcony? not that i really care about getting caught, but i am going with A LOT of family lol.... which is probably the reason why i am bringing it in the first place..

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