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  1. JmaG

    JmaG Dutch Master

    can you smoke weed on them?

    friend told me you can because of international waters and no laws, but is that even true?
  2. Tr1pp1n420

    Tr1pp1n420 New Member

    Even though your in international waters im pretty sure that its still illegal to smoke weed on them. I went on a Princess cruise ship during spring break and I know they didnt enforce some laws like underage drinking but im still pretty sure they would enforce it against drugs. I know some of the people I met bought weed off the crew members and some snuck it abroad but I didnt do it because its still a big risk and if your caught you most likely will be kicked of the ship which would suck because it cost a lot of go on there. BTW which cruise ship are you taking?
  3. JmaG

    JmaG Dutch Master


    my girl wants me to go on a cruise with her but if im gonna be there not smoking for like a week im straight off that.
  4. Good-Time Slim

    Good-Time Slim New Member

    I don't think you cruise in international waters I went on a cruise and we were about two or three miles tops of the coast of Mexico... and I couldn't gamble plus all American laws apply on boats i don't think anyone would go on a cruise if you could murder someone with no consequences... I'm not even entirely sure international waters exist and your friend could have heard about that from that episode of the Simpsons
  5. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    uh. . . they're not gonna let you take weed on the cruise ship. i mean, you do have to pass through security to get on the boat of course.

    but as another thing, you'd seriously pass up a cruise just so you can stay home and get high? you're crazy man.
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Ok, its like this: No, just because you are in "international waters" doesn't mean laws are irrelavent. if you are flying under a US flag, all US laws and regulations apply. No. they won't OPENLY allow you to bring weed aboard. However, from what I've gathered, it isn't difficult at all to sneak a it of weed onto the ship. While you can't smoke openly as if it were legal, I'm sure there are places you could get high on the down low. Use common sense, and don't forget for a second that what you are doing is illegal and there could be harsh consequences if caught......but, thats a fact of life for most american potsmokers. Don't advertise what you're doing, and you should be fine. Just whatever you do, don't think ofr a second that you're somehow exempt from tyhe law just because you're on a cruise ship, because that is far from being the least bit accurate
  7. Tr1pp1n420

    Tr1pp1n420 New Member

    Its definately easy to sneak it in at a port not when initially boarding. Basically the only thing they do when your board is x-ray your bag and you have to walk through a metal detector. No drug dogs or anything it could probably just be put it in your pocket but I would double bag it to keep the smell down though.
  8. JmaG

    JmaG Dutch Master

    lol if i even did id probably so paranoid id like tape it to my balls or something
  9. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    Basically smoking on cruise ships is tricky bit of work. Note that doesn't mean IMPOSSIBLE. Please note, this only deals with 1 cruise line in the Caribbean.

    First: Getting it on board...Especially nowadays, ship do a little more detailed security checks than in the past (9/11 again) and it applies to bulk luggage. Personal inspections at checkpoints as of the LAST time i took a cruise (2004) was done only looking for weapons and no "drug dogs" or the like was in evidence. So expect metal detectors and xray machines. I would compare it to what you'd would go through going into a Courthouse.

    Second: unless you are REALLY lucky enough to get a cabin up near the top of the deck, you cant exactly open the window to blow smoke out of. Cruise ships have very VERY close quarters especially in the air circulation system, and smoking some sticky bud in a joint will defiantly go down the line of rooms.

    Third: You can walk around the deck at night and do some covert smoking, but you'd run the risk of running into ships crews, especially those on the security staff...and ALL ships carry security. And while some MAY turn their head with crew or passengers you cant always count on that.

    Fourth: VERY important; even though almost all cruise lines ships are registered in other countries, since those ships are owned by US corporations, and operate out of US ports, they are still subject to Maritime Law...which in this case, can be even WORSE if you were on land.

    To wit: A crime committed in international water can leave you subject to law of the ships country of registry, the passengers country of origin and the country of destination...SO if im caught with a 1/2 oz of dank going to Bermuda on a Dutch registered ship, in theory i can be charged as a US citizen, under US law, as a guest of the Bermudian Government (which is a territory of Great Britain) and under Dutch Law (ships home port of registration). More often than not, unless you are carrying MAJOR weight (pounds/kilos) you'll just eat the charges as a US citizen.

    Overall, you want to bring bud onto a cruise ship, limit the amount, because you sure as hell don't want to be caught with a serious stash. Do NOT smoke in your cabin, unless you can go out a window or balcony. If you do, I would use the shower/steam trick, which isn't much, but it'll help some. I'd be REALLY careful trying to buy off crew unless you come across them smoking, and even then avoid that area like the

    So what cruise line are you going on? and where are traveling to? That might give you a better idea of what you can get away with.
  10. JmaG

    JmaG Dutch Master

    lol this shit is sounding just like if you want to smoke out on the street.

    Im not to sure my girlfriend just said cruise. Ill ask her today and post.

    I think im just gonna buy a OZ of Herb and cook half into bud butter and make some brownies and then just take them on with me. not sure if that would work.
  11. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    Exactly like being on the street...But you can't expect to get away with EVERYTHING you want in life do ya?

    The best bet for now: Get an idea of where and what cruise line you and your GF want to go on...Once you do, post it here, and if anyone has had experience with that cruise line, then you'll have a better idea.

    I don't doubt the brownies would work, but you're not gonna be fooling anyone if they do use a drug dog and the Agents ask you why you have 2 dozen backed goods making the dog go
  12. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Just tell them to feed their dogs more often :p
  13. FitShaced

    FitShaced New Member

    I'd apply the same rules as boarding a plane with weed as i would a cruise first anyways. When I went on my cuise in '03, they had drug dogs as you first got on the ship. After that, you should be cool until the cruise ends, they had drug dogs at that point too. I could have easily brought an ounce or more on the boat after we stopped in Jamaica, but I didn't have the cash nor the need for it anyways. I only got like $10 of weed there, mainly cause that all the money I had, smoked it all in the taxi tour around montego, got lost trying to find my way to the ship and ended up walking into a broom closet thinking it was the security room then had some Jamaican's laughing their asses off at my stoned antics.

    Some dude I ran into after the cruise said some dudes got busted smoking. I forget if they got kicked off or not. It sucks extra bad if you get kicked off though, cause then you have to buy a plane ticket home as well.
  14. OpiaticSchism

    OpiaticSchism Jr. Member

    Don't risk it. If you can't go a week without smoking (and if you are seriously considering not going because you can't smoke weed there).. well, then you need to work on rearranging your priorities in life before doing anything else.
  15. Skunkbuds

    Skunkbuds New Member

    royal carribean I did bout four-five times a day, even made friends with a sweet jamaican who wouldnt smoke with us because that is like a high paying government job for them. Told me he would hook me up in when we were in JA, but ive had bad expierences bringing back from JA so I snagged sum in cozumel mexico from the jetski guy. Just be cool about things and be really laid back, all of the workers are and just say whats up to all of them. Also one last thing when I went on one back in 05, roayal carribean was this feb, a bartender told me to only smoke joints and to just carry a single joint when you go to blaze and throw it over the edge if anyone comes who looks like an informant.
  16. LunaLuv420

    LunaLuv420 New Member

    I'm going on a Carnival cruise to Mexico this summer- anyone have info as to security or drug dogs with this cruise line? I had seen in another thread people suggesting bringing bud on in your underpants or shoes- would this work if there are dogs? Thanks :)
  17. Killerchron

    Killerchron Get ya shine on

    I went on a carnival cruise in 2004, and here are a few things that I noticed.

    1. Easiest way to sneek anything drug related onto the ship should be carried on the person. Best place to hide it is in your crotch area. You will be asked to empty your pockets, and will walk through a metal detector.

    2. For smoking on the ship I found the best time to do it is at night on the top deck away from EVERYONE. Bring a few blunts with you, because joints get blown around, and they weed goes everywhere.

    3. IF you decide to buy bud in another country, make SURE that you have it well hidden. My friend got arrested while trying to bring bud back from Jamaica, stopping the cruise for 2 hours and costing the cruise line millions of dollars. I brought back an oz. from mexico the next stop, and didn't get serched at all.:D

    Good luck, hope I could help.
  18. Tobascobiteme

    Tobascobiteme New Member

    This next cruise the 19th for me. Even before 9/11, I was taking a 1/4lb all rolled up for the week, wrapped many times and tight in Saran Wrap ready to go and stuffed in a shoe or rolled up socks. That's just one way I have over the years.

    Is it just luck ? Who knows.

    Use your best judgement and Happy cruising !

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