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  1. cbuD

    cbuD New Member

    I keep hearing talk about crystals on their bud. And I did a search here for crystals and some people were saying to look for it when determining quality.

    So as I was looking through mine, I could sometimes spot a glimmer but nothing significant. My buds just look green, with lots of red hairs, covered in this white-ish yellow-ish fur. Where exactly do you see the crystals?

    Sorry to sound like such an idiot, I'm just trying to better educate myself as I normally just smoked other peoples' stuff, I'm new to buying it for myself.
  2. Ryan Fa Sho

    Ryan Fa Sho New Member

    some strains have it, some dont. also depends on how well you take care of it before cultivation.

    Lots of crystals generally can mean that its good shit
  3. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    The white-ish "fur" might be the crystals. It's hard to say without seeing it. Do they rub off?
  4. cbuD

    cbuD New Member

    I could get a few particles on my finger, but for the most part no they don't seem to rub off.
  5. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    The shimmering parts of the bud and pieces that you were able to simply rub off would be the 'crystals.'
  6. ilovealbertwalker

    ilovealbertwalker New Member

    its usually closest to the center unless its realy good then its all over, there trichromes. they get you high.hah
  7. cbuD

    cbuD New Member

    Ah, thanks folks for the lesson. Better to learn it and know what I'm looking for than to just pretend I know.
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  8. haskins69

    haskins69 New Member

    I would look at those white-ish hair's with a magnifying glass, those are most likely your crystals, and as other post said some strains have more some have less, but just a note " those crystal are what hash is made from" makes me all warm and fuzzy just to type that word. but I read a story [don't remember where I been high since then ] that Nepales temple balls were made by having naked girls run though the feilds then they would rub those sweat little crystal off the youg ladys bodys into little balls of hash, can't say if its true, but it sure is a beautiful picture to put in your mind when smoking you next ball of hash!!!!!!:D
  9. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Yes, they are trichromes.
    The 'orange hairs' are pistils.

    Trichomes are a great indicator of potency. The more you see, most likely the more potent your pot is. If you have a magnifying glass you can go a step further and identify your trichromes 'high', but it's unlikely you do so I won't go that far...

    Pistils on the other hand arent' generally indicative of a high quality plant. Although high grade marijuana often has plenty of pistils, so does the shitty stuff. Most likely once can easily tell through some research here on the board *cough* search feature *cough* what the difference between high, low and midgrade marijuana. :) Happy toking.
  10. kcbennie

    kcbennie New Member


    The "crystals" you are hearing about are tricombs. They are resin glands that are found on high grade buds. You won't see them on regular commercial weed, although sometimes you can see them king of pressed flat on mid-grade buds. If you have a silk screen or 150 micron screen, you can break your buds up on it and the tricombs will fall thru the screen and collect below. If you can collect enough of this dust, also called kif (pronounced keef), you can warm it and press it into hash, but that's a story for another thread. You can also smoke kif loose and powdery on top of a bowl for a nice kick. It's said that kif is something like 50 - 75% THC. The whiter the color of the kif, the better the quality.
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  11. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    I've had trichomes on shitty bud. They may not be as apparent but they are most assuredly there. If you have a magnifying glass, take a peek.

    I could be mistaken, but the trichomes have a lot of purposes besides just THC, for example marijuana not pollinated grows trichomes in abundance in attempt to 'catch' pollen to develop seeds. The resin glands are sticky so floating pollen is likely to get 'stuck'.

    Right before the marijuana plant is harvested growers sometimes leave them in absolute darkness and make it a little colder because the plant is tricked into thinking it's about to die, so in a hectic attempt to continue breeding/making off spring it enters 'resin gland production overdrive'. ;)

    Trichomes basically act as a shield, both for helping capture floating pollen, keeping the plant from drying out and assisting in taking in light.
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  12. the last 3 sacks ive had (from same dealer) have been really crystalized like totally white like smoking a cinnabon it was really good but ive had better that wasnt nearly as crystalized so idk what it means
  13. kcbennie

    kcbennie New Member

    Trichomes have many purposes that have to do with the health and growth of the plant. All plants have trichomes, you just don't see as many of them on comercial grade weed because of the way it's handled at harvest time. When you see alot of crystals on a bud, you know that that bud has been given special care to preserve those trichomes. Comercial weed is chopped down, hung upside down for a few days, clipped away from branches and pressed into bricks. Many trichomes are knocked off of the bud in this process. As far as the what they do for the strength of the bud, they can be deceiving. More doesn't always mean stronger, sometimes it means tastier, or more expansive smoke, or burn slower. You never know. I saw a video on you tube where Marijuana Man was talking about UV light when you grow and how the trichome catches light and focuses it on a cell that process sugars or protiens and the biprodect of this is THC. He was saying the more UV light causes a much higher level of THC. It was pretty heavy. You should check it out. Bottom line though is:

    Crystals = Trichomes = Good
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  14. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    crystals make the nug look that much danker :)
  15. schrodie

    schrodie New Member

    Mmmmm... crystals! Mmmm... kif!

  16. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist


    You can see some of the crystals on the buds and even the small bud leaves near them.

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  17. JBone

    JBone New Member

    those crystals arent always easy to notice, even though they could be there in abundance. best way to find out, it to take a macro picture of your bud with flash on. they reflect light amazingly, so everything will be revealed.

    ive had some of the best weed that looked like schwag simply because you couldnt see any trichromes on it, but after taking a picture with a good flash, you notice everything.

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