Cultivation penalties in Canada

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by TokeNSmoke420, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. TokeNSmoke420

    TokeNSmoke420 New Member

    I was wondering what the penalty for marijuana growing is in canada. Is 1-4 plants enough to be jailed for? Could this also result in the seizure of a house or something like that? Thanks
  2. Larmer

    Larmer Seasoned Activist

    I hate to say this about my country, which supposedly has a uniform Federal justice system, but it depends on where you are.

    Lethbridge, AB, expect a different sentence than Moncton, Vancouver, or Toronto. At the current time, it's tough to predict exactly what the penalties would be. Some courts are handing out conditional sentences, others are giving jail time. I could point you towards the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, but honestly that's only going to tell you what's illegal at the current time. It might give you an indication of maximum penalties, but you can't use it as a guideline these days.

    A small grow of around 1-4 plants would most likely remain completely undetected in my opinion, providing you're paying for hydro and whatnot. Seizure is rare in Canada, and mainly applies only to large scale organized crime activity, not a closet grow. Your house won't disappear with your plants if you're caught.

    If you were to get caught in a lenient area with the grow you've described, I'd imagine you'd be handed a suspended sentence. That's providing that you have no previous record, and it was strictly a private grow, with no links to organized crime...
  3. TokeNSmoke420

    TokeNSmoke420 New Member

    I have no criminal record, and the police are pretty lenient around here. A good friend of mine got busted with 14 pre-rolled J's in a tin, and the cops didnt even give him a slap on the wrist, even though he's on probation. I should be fine with a 4 plant grow then right?
  4. Larmer

    Larmer Seasoned Activist

    I'm not going to say "yeah, go ahead", because there's still an inherent risk, regardless of where you are.

    However, I will say that given the extent of the grow you're discussing here, your chances of going undetected just shot up quite a bit. Watch who you tell about it, still take adequate security precautions, and use some common sense.

    Check out on the drop-down menu above, you can find some very useful information there.

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