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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by SuperTorch, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    I don't know if I can say the website but they have those INCREDIBLE glass blown custom pipes. I can't figure out where to buy these, I know on the site they say those are not for sale, but some where they have to be for sale. Is this where you contact the artist and ask him/her to make you a pipe for a fee. Check out BEARCLAW78 and FRO's pipes on the site.

    heres 2 pimps by bearclaw:
  2. iamskfan

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    I moved the thread into the Hand pipes section, I think it is better suited here.

    Those are some kick ass pipes! Man oh man, I wish I could get some of those...

    good luck getting yourself one!

    great find!
  3. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    i would be to scared to buy one that end up dropping it lol.
  4. Jack_Torrance

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    alot of those people will sell to you but some wont.. i know for a fact FRO will, one of my buddies contacted him and got this pipe made custom from him

    GP really is an incredible site tho, if checked the new editions every day for awhile now. im lucky enough to have pieces by many of those artists and they are very often seen in shops around here. awesome place. im weary about getting custom shit made myself because you can never tell exactly how a piece will feel in your hand or rip if until its done, and those are very big things for me.

    aqnd that pipe u posted is about alot more than pimps, theres lotsa drama behind it it seems like it was making fun of fro in a bad way (thats fros picture on the pimp pipe), the two of them arent exactly on good terms it seems, but i dont really know the whole story
  5. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    Wow! That really is an awesome pipe. I like different smoking pieces. :bong:
  6. Swabeky

    Swabeky Sr. Member

    My friends brother has a Bearclaw piece, it's amazing. too bad he won't let anyone smoke out of it yet, but he is a glass blower so he has a bigger connection to the piece i guess lol.
  7. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

  8. BenKrishman

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    Getting a custom piece can be nice, but make sure you do plenty of research first. Find a glassblower who has excellent consistent work. You want to be able to go through their gallery and not find pipes with imperfections or sloppy work. And if you're going to want a good sized headdie bub, be prepared to drop some serious change.
  9. Swabeky

    Swabeky Sr. Member

    and make sure you can find cracks in them, but my friend and his bro are good guys, the spoon I wanted made was probably 95% done(just had a little surface work to do) and bam, a tiny, almost invisible, crack was seen near the carb, he scrapped it and made me a new one, but let me keep the cracked one as something to smoke until he finished it lol.

    most good glass blowers won't sell you cracked pieces, but just always be weary.
  10. imported_BeeFree

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    Ordering a custom Bearclaw bub today! I'll show picks when I get it!
  11. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    Please Do Post those Pics. :cool:
  12. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Those pipes are simply amazing.

    Seems you have the same taste as me supertorch, I like dark colored ones like those, and the 3rd one u posted is simply amazing.

    Too many bright colors on a pipe turns me off from them..
  13. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    That site's been on my favourites for a while now. The artist who blew my most recent aquasition supposedly has some stuff on there, but I can't remember the name.:( The work on that site is amazing though; it's too bad we don't see more of that kind of stuff in the headshops.
  14. Shutterdragon

    Shutterdragon Subscriber

    i was tring to get in touch with one of the glass blowers on there. Still no reply but theres a ton of good, well reputable artists on there. Id like a cutom bong or handpipe instead of those bulky looknig bubblers, but thats just me :).
  15. DaDornta


    That site definatley is one of my all-time favorites! Thanks for spreading the word on this site guys, the blowers/artists definatley need some exposure.

    Ive often wanted to contact or try and contact some of the artists to contract out a piece for me. I want a GonG steamroller. The bowlpiece would be GonG, and so when you pulled it off as well as let the carb go....*WHOSH* jams that hit down into the lungs!
  16. dreamsurge

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