Da Vinci - Pro Tips Needed!!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DougieTemple, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. DougieTemple

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    Hey all,

    I'm new to the forum and new to vaporisers, thought I'd try something new + obvious health advantages to a bong...

    So I bought and used the Da Vinci last night, i'd have to say it was a pretty average experience. But everyone raves about how awesome vapeing is so i'm convinced i was just doing it wrong, cause tbh i had no idea what i was doing.

    Can anyone who knows puh-lease share some first hand experience knowledge, specifically;
    how much green should i put in?
    how many draws should i be aiming to get out of said amount (aprox obviously)?
    should i use the green chopped, ground or just ram a bud in the little hole (probably not the last option im guessing)?
    if theres no visible smoke/vapor how do i know if im sucking in air or vapor ?
    should there even be visible smoke/vapor?
    whats the ideal temp for a da vinci to operate on (in Fahrenheit) + can i trust the temp reading on the da vinci?

    ok, so now that i'm reading over this i realize im a massive noob with vaporizers, but any suggestions would be awesome!

    PEACE! :D
  2. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Vaping will stretch your supply and give you options on being high you can't get with smoking-using different temps. But it is an adjustment from smoking, especially if you're used to going through a lot, using a bong. You're likely to have a high tolerance. To give vaping a fair shake, you should vape only (no smoke) for about a week.

    The DaVinci is a good portable. I've used a lot of models over the years, including some good walk around models, and the DV is my 'go to' portable now.

    Don't try to pack the bowl, just load it. Back the temp off to about 350 when you turn it on. You can hit it at 330-340 and get some good taste. You'll get some good hits at 350, then you can move it up to 360, 365, and get more. I stop at about 380-385 if I want to finish off the bowl. I've often had the vape shut off on me (10 min.) with hits left in it. And there is no ideal temp. I just gave you the range. Are the display numbers accurate? Probably not, but they're consistent, and that's all that matters.

    As many as you can get. How long can you hold your breath? How slow can you draw? How fast DO you draw? How big is a draw? it's apples and oranges, from one person to another. Speaking of draws, you do realize the draw speed affects your vaping temp? There's only one passive direct draw vape you can hit like a bong, and this one ain't it.

    Yes you grind your herb. No you won't always see your vapor on exhale. You need good lighting. And yes, this model can absolutely produce some big hits with lots of visible vapor. Lots of visible vapor also means you're wasting it, since your body isn't going to process a lung full in 2-3 seconds.

    If you want more tips on this model and vaping in general, try fuckcombustion.com. It's all about vapor.
  3. DougieTemple

    DougieTemple New Member


    Thanks so much for the detailed response! you've cleared a whole heap of questions for me so thats much appreciated! (especially ideal temp ranges from someone else's experience :D)

    I'll be checking out your link now - looks promising, so thanks again!

    If anyone else has any experience/advice or da vinci related tips pleeeeease feel free to add to this discussion :)
  4. greenmarleymon

    greenmarleymon New Member

    used it but didn't get too familiar. i think i was running it right around 200 degrees C (i don't know if you can switch to fahrenheit) and i'd load it all the way up and when it was done you could tell by the taste. dumping it out it always looked like it vaped really efficiently.

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