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  1. newbud

    newbud New Member

    so ijust found out that a dab is like a small amount of some sort of weed wax could someone please fill me in on all the details? Pressed keif oil or wax for the best high?
  2. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Sounds like earwax hash to me..It's hash that looks like earwax...Probably pretty potent too..
  3. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    well i follow the CCC420 guys and sounds like FULL MELTS are the best. i only had this grren kush oil 1 time. high was crisp and clear. and u can feel lung expansion before you even exhale a dab. you can put oil in with ur weed and pack a bowl with it mixed in..(thats what i was doing). oil rigs are are made for dabs. u can also have T.I nails and heat them up. but never even seen a rig...but basically good as oil/hash/fullmelts will fuck you up. 1 dab is like takin 2/3 fat rips of dank bud. i know the oil i had could have DEF been better, but i could still tell a difference with it in my bowls.
  4. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    the world of concentrates is a wondrous one. a cannabis concentrate is any product of a chemical extraction being performed on cannabis. Isopropanyl and Butane are the most common solvents used for this process but there are many that will work.

    The solvent dissolves the THC, Cannabanoids, Terpenes and Waxes from the plant and it leaves behind the plant matter and some other shit I cant exactly remember right now.

    Oils made today have tested at potency rates of over 60% THC, meaning 1 gram of 60% oil would contain .6 grams of THC and .4 grams of other stuff (waxes, terpenes etc.) whereas a gram of the highest potency weed (30%) would be .3 grams of THC and .7grams of plant matter, waxes, terpenes etc.

    Oil and Full melt are the same product essentially, the longer you allow the oil to sit before scraping it into a ball, the more moisture evaporates off of it. oils can range from a maple syrup like consistency, to molasses, to corn syrup (that really thick shit)

    once they become dry to the point where you can actually handle them in your fingers without losing all of the product to it sticking to your kin, it crosses the barrier of oil and into the world of full melt.

    These concentrates are named solely based on their looks. There is no system to the naming process. Though im sure there's people out there would would argue there is.

    I've made oil alot, and came out with many varied results as I tweaked my methods. I've made stuff thats golden and waxy, and looks like earwax, but my favourite was the glass taffy. it was about as moist as it could be while still being what i would consider full melt, and it looked like a rootbeer flavoured lollipo, this beautiful, goldy bronze colour, that was translucent enough to let light into it like stained glass, but when you pulled it, it would stretch like taffy while still retaining that stain glass look.
    Hence why I named it glass taffy
  5. newbud

    newbud New Member

    So the oil or full melt have a better high than the pressed kief because they dissolve the cannabanoids leaving the plant matter? What about the health of smoking the oil or full melt if your using things like Isopropanyl and Butane compared to smoking the normal herb?
  6. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    i know you can make it with out butane. i believe u use a water extract method instead of dry ice?? not 100% but i know u can make concentrates without butane
  7. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    i know you can make concentrates without butane. i believe its the water extraction method?? idk but i know it can be done with no butane.
  8. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    i know you can make concentrates without butane. i believe its the water extraction method?? idk but i know it can be done with no butane.
  9. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    P.O.S fourm...yae post it 3 fuckin times. SWEET!!!!
  10. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    you cannot make concentrates without a solvent. otherwise they are not concentrates by definition. The method you described, using bubble bags and ice water makes a pressed hash.

    There is no extraction going on as THC does not dissolve into water.

    And with health and safety, thats the exact reason why butane and Isopropanyl alcohol are the two most commonly used solvents for making concentrates. They both evaporate completely clean and also don't do anything to chemically change the THC.

    Dissolution is a physical process not a chemical one. The alcohol or butane remains the same chemical, and the THC remains the same chemical. When making concentrates the final step is to let the THC rich solution sit out so the solvent can evaporate and leave behind the THC.

    It's basically the same thing as letting salt water sit out so the water seperate from the salt.

    Oil or Fullmelt can be much healthier or much worse for you. it really depends on how you look at it. The THC content is much higher in concentrates, and there is no plant matter to burn off. You smoke significantly less oil compared to weed to achieve the same effects.

    I believe there is still a good amount of tar in oil smoke, smoking enough oil actually leaves my throat feeling a little greasy, and I've only hacked up black mucus from smoking lots of oil or fullmelt or from mixing tobacco with my weed.

    The concentration of THC in oil smoke compared to the tar and other carcinogens is alot higher than in weed, meaning per every hit of oil or fullmelt you get THC and less tar and carbon monoxide than you do with weed.

    Oil will also fuck your face, I mean you literally feel it instantly. It doesn't ever creep up on you. The second the smoke touches your airways you can feel the bronchodilation effect. Your airways expand allowing you to take in more air, there's a bit of a headrush and a warm melty tingly feeling all over your body. And thats all from a little dab about the size of 5 pinheads, or maybe 1/4 the size of a pea. it's hard to make a comparison between the amount of oil it takes to fuck you up and anything else because there aren't really many things that small.

    After a while you don't think about it sometimes, you smoke mad oil and then your tolerance is through the roof. the oils gone so if you wanna get high its either t break (much recommended) or power smoke like you never have before.

    Basically oils and fullmelts should be more of a treat. SMOKING THEM IN MODERATION IN COMBINATION WITH WEED could actually be healthier than smoking weed alone, or oil alone, but thats if you consider net health benefits, and from right now it's just speculation. Really though it's like anything else, don't overdo it
  11. newbud

    newbud New Member

    Do you have a thread you posted with directions on how to make the oil or fullmelts?
  12. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    no, but this is like the third time someone has asked me to so I probably should make one soon
  13. newbud

    newbud New Member

    Yeah pm me letting me know case i dont see it
  14. hogsbreath

    hogsbreath New Member

    earwax and super potent
  15. Badlilmasochist

    Badlilmasochist New Member

    The wax works best! I have been smoking hash for a while but i jus recently got a nail and oil dome and the wax works wonderfully on that!
  16. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    If you have hash oil and a nail attachment then you can do "dabs".

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